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  1. Rachel won that battle. No, he wasn't robbed. All steals (Gean, Avery, Blake's steal) and Nick's save performed better than Bradley IMO.
  2. Awesome performance by Rachel. The standing ovation from all coaches is well-deserved. It's probably gonna be shown first in the 2nd hour on Monday.
  3. More videos from Danielle's April 3 Illinois show [thanks to Brian D'Angelo]: Break My Heart Again Girls in My Hometown
  4. Added! *** That's a good observation. I can see Lauren growing to be similar to Savanna when she gains years more of experience with her music. I like both of them and I created their fan threads based on spoilers and pre-show materials.
  5. Calling All Angels. The song went nowhere and it didn't suit anyone.
  6. Added! Check out her IG if you can take it.
  7. Zae did great during his battle. He clearly won that battle for me. His performance was somewhat understated but powerful nonetheless.
  8. Added! *** Savanna! Would you like to be added to her fans list? *** Looking forward to her KO. Y'all has to vote for Savanna in the 4WKO so we can hear more songs from her. *** Added! I think Savanna has a very good chance of winning the 4WKO.
  9. Savanna was so good in her battle. She should have won the battle; there's nobody like her this season, she has a great tone, and her voice has more dimensions. The app users were undecided [h/t Dany]:
  10. Congratulations to Cam for winning his battle and advancing to the Knockout Rounds. He won (with a huge margin) on the app too [h/t Dany]: Looking forward to his KO song.
  11. Or maybe she's not able to get together with the co-writers she usually works with to create new materials. She could go back to dozens of songs already written but their themes may not fit the direction they're leaning towards, in putting together the next album. They might still use some of the songs she already wrote but she's sampling the ones written by others this time.
  12. Danielle sang a cover of Martina McBride's "Broken Wing" during last night's show in Illinois [h/t Brian D'Angelo]: BTW, her "Broken Wing" cover before The Voice was one of the first videos shared on Danielle's first fan thread. Great cover then and now.
  13. NEW DANIELLE BRADBERY SONG!!! "Stop Draggin Your Boots" Thanks to Brian D'Angelo on YouTube.
  14. I am in awe that so many of you remember so many four-chair contestants. I can only remember a handful. The ones I remember and like are: (not ranked) Zae Romeo Ricky Duran Sawyer Fredricks Sarah Simmons Cassadee Pope
  15. I added his Spotify to the socials links near the top and the playlist above under the "Originals" section of the OP.
  16. Glad that Cam is one of the sneak peek for the battle round.
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