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  1. I totally enjoyed Shadale's performance of "Life is a Highway." She rocked it. BTW, add me [I guess I forgot to ask before].
  2. What a powerful and compelling performance by Jershika. Please add me.
  3. If they're going back to S17 voting rules, maybe they will bring back the streaming bonus.
  4. Alright, #teamDanielle, SDYB is up for vote as viral song on Country Now Awards:
  5. Thanks for the link. I voted for Rachel. Also please vote for Danielle's "Stop Draggin' Your Boots" for viral song.
  6. Open: Shadale - uptempo Close: Jershika - maybe with a choir
  7. Shadale will advance to the Top 11.
  8. My Top 5 studio: 1. Jershika 2. Wendy 3. Gymani 4. GNT 5. Shadale
  9. Just like in the other Top 11 thread, I think Team Blake and Team Kelly are safe and will advance by public vote. Jershika and Holly are also safe. As to bottom 3, Ryleigh and Shadale will be there. The third one would either be Jim & Sasha or Joshua. Based on song choice, I'm leaning more towards Joshua being in the bottom 3. Instant save will be whoever performs last, hopefully Shadale.
  10. I think Team Blake and Team Kelly will all move on this week. Bottom 3 will come from John's and Ariana's teams. Bottom 3: Jim & Sasha - INSTANT SAVE Shadale Ryleigh
  11. Vote and discuss. Poll ends before Tuesday's results show.
  12. It's HHS so it's on Abbott. Looking at the guidelines for MN, I guess a healthy (no underlying conditions) under 65 white person will be at the back of the bus for monoclonal. They could have shortened the sentence re race/ethnicity by saying "non-white". I checked my state and the list is much shorter: All high-risk adults and high-risk youth ages 12-17 who weigh at least 88 pounds may be eligible for treatment. High-risk factors can include: Older age Obesity or being overweight Pregnancy Chronic kidney disease Diabetes A weakened immune system or taking medicine that weakens your immune system Heart disease including high blood pressure Lung disease such as COPD, asthma, or cystic fibrosis Sickle cell disease Cerebral palsy or other developmental conditions Regular use of a feeding tube or ventilator Other non-medical factors such as race or ethnicity may also put individuals at higher risk for severe COVID-19.
  13. This is in TX -- State Infusion Hotline call:
  14. https://twitter.com/BreakJoshua/status/1459571802334806019
  15. Nobody in that courtroom thinks he's a threat to anyone.
  16. I finally got around to reading the document. The 5th Circuit orders OSHA to take NO steps to implement the mandate until further court order. The court order also indirectly and subtly referred to Biden on page 18: "There is no clear expression of congressional intent in Β§ 655(c) to convey OSHA such broad authority, and this court will not infer one. Nor can the Article II executive breathe new power into OSHA’s authorityβ€”no matter how thin patience wears."
  17. The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals affirms hold on the vaccine mandate: From the tweets: Key points: "staggeringly overbroad" "raises serious constitutional concerns" "likely exceed the federal government's authority under the Commerce Clause" "regulates noneconomic inactivity that falls squarely within the States' police power"
  18. 1. Girl Named Tom 2. Paris/Wendy [song choices would make the difference on who will finish higher] 3. Wendy/Paris 4. Jeremy 5. Holly 6. Hailey 7. Jershika 8. Lana 9. Gymani 10. Joshua 11. Jim and Sasha 12. Shadale [if she's on any other team, I would rank her in the top 10]. 13. Ryleigh
  19. Girl Named Tom: Down to the River to Pray [Alison Krauss & Union Station] Gymani: Broken Clocks [SZA] Hailey Mia: Try [Colbie Callait] Jeremy Rosado: I'm Already There [Lonestar] Holly Forbes: The Story [Brandi Carlisle] Jim & Sasha: Danny's Song [Loggins and Messina] Ryleigh Plank: Nothing Compares to You [Sinead O'Connor] Lana Scott: My Church [Maren Morris] Paris Winningham: Try A Little Tenderness [Otis Redding] Wendy Moten: Jolene [Dolly Parton] Jershika Maple: You Say [Lauren Daigle] Joshua Vacanti: Make It Rain [Ed Sheeran] Shadale: At Last [Etta James]
  20. Here's another song suggestion. I think Bekah would sound phenomenal [to borrow Ariana's favorite adjective] on this song: "Down to the River to Pray" by Alison Krauss & Union Station Live Version Movie Soundtrack
  21. Keilah posted a new song she wrote on IG. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CWJdcOGPVJ8/
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