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  1. Reposting on a new page, because Savanna needs our votes y'all.
  2. Good to see you. Glad you love Savanna's performance. For me, it feels like we were watching a Savanna Woods concert and the other three singers were the opening acts. I hope she wins the 4WKO and we get at least one more rocking performance from Savanna. [btw I didn't see your name on the list... ]
  3. Added! [and don't forget to vote for Savanna ]
  4. More good news for Ian: he has joined Reviver Music. https://www.facebook.com/ianflaniganmusic/posts/128917155908876
  5. Ian will be releasing a new song on May 14 featuring Blake Shelton. [h/t seak05] I added this announcement and the pre-order/pre-save link to the OP:
  6. Added! I haven't watched the show yet (we wait till 9 pm EST then zoom through the DVR) and I am excited to watch Rachel's performance after reading all the positive comments from y'all.
  7. I forgot about that. I remembered a couple ones on the old IDF. Anyway, I have no problems with topics about contestant's looks, male or female. If it's entirely about the voice and not personality or looks or it factor or other appealing characteristics, this show should be on radio.
  8. In the old server, there were several "appreciation" threads dedicated to "hot" female contestants. Lots of pictures. That was years ago, arguably different times.
  9. Season 4 was stacked so he kinda got lost in the shuffle. He was on Team Usher and he went home in the Top 10.
  10. season1

    S15 Poll

    It was a good season. My favorites are the young "presidents".
  11. When they first introduced Coach "bring back", he/she can be anyone from their team, eliminated in battles or KOs. Then it was changed to anyone eliminated, regardless of team.
  12. Jordan, Ryleigh, Zae and Andrew will get the PV. Devan will win the 4WKO. Coaches will bring back eliminated contestants to make the Playoffs a Top 21. Blake: Ethan Lively John: Ciana Pelekai Kelly: Gean Garcia Nick: Keegan Ferrell
  13. Definitely a dream scenario Blake: PV - Cam CS - Pete WC - Jordan John: PV - Pia CS - Victor WC - Ryleigh Kelly: PV - Kenzie CS - Zae WC - Corey Nick: PV - Rachel CS - Andrew WC - Dana WC Winner - Dana Top 9: Cam Pete Pia Victor Kenzie Zae Rachel Andrew Dana
  14. ^ Thanks for posting that. I wish IG posts embed automatically like it used to. Anyway, I love Rachel's dimples in that picture.
  15. Andrew's post made me tear up. It's good that he met his brother during his difficult times. I hope it all works out for them. Thanks for sharing the IG post, @sydneysam
  16. That would be awesome. BTW I guess you're no longer "anonymous" (or no longer a kid?) Nice to meet ya, sydneysam. EDIT: I updated your name on the fan list (both old and new name).
  17. Added! About time you signed up. --- That's a great gif. He's such a happy person. Nick stealing him back just feels right. It is Nick's redemption after his boneheaded decision to let go of Andrew in the battles. Lucky for them, big brother Blake was looking out for Nick and allowed him to have this second chance to work with Andrew, the honorary Jonas brother. I hope Andrew (and Rachel) will have great songs in the playoffs. 2 of my Top 4 favorites are on Team Nick. What could go wrong?
  18. Maybe Taryn would show up when they perform at Ole Red in Nashville next week. Taryn performed there often, before The Voice.
  19. This recent cover, I think, is a throwback cover to when she was a teen singing "A Broken Wing" in front of a dresser in the bedroom. It was impressive back then, when I first heard the cover 8 years ago. And it is impressive today, hearing Danielle sing the song again in a similar setting.
  20. Danielle should record her version of "A Broken Wing" and release it to radio. Here's another stellar vocals by Danielle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skEQDsa8CE8
  21. I updated the OP with this schedule of WTW shows -- For those in TN, they have several shows in Dollywood today until Monday. They'll be in Nashville Ole Red next week. Looking forward to their album release next month.
  22. Another pic of Carter, Mia and Jacy [h/t Bk1234]. WTW has shows in Dollywood starting today.
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