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  1. Lee Ann Womack commented on Rachel's cover of IHYD. :thumbs:
    [image from Rachel's FB post]











    Detroit local TV station interviewed Rachel:













    The interviewer mentioned that Rachel is the first female one-chair turn finalist. I would add that she's also the first female teenage finalist since Chevel and Kennedy in S15.

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  2. 2 hours ago, Hamza Tufail said:

    This post was made after Cam's win and there were a lot of other posts as well about congratulating him so I think it got lost in the shuffle.


    @season1 add echoap!


    Thanks for letting me know.


    On 5/26/2021 at 11:48 AM, echoap said:

    Congrats to King Cam on his win and amazing run on the show! 🤩


    Btw, add me please 😊


    Added. :thumbs:


    Sorry I missed your request. There were a lot of comments that I quickly skimmed through that day and I didn't see the "add me".




    For all Cam fans., If you requested to be added and didn't see your name on the list in the OP, please post your request again, and tag me. Thanks.




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  3. 7 hours ago, QueenCami said:


    Darn, I'd been advocating for Joni all season, pretty much since her KO... I wish she got to sing Joni on the show, but hopefully she'll be willing to do a cover of River, A Case of You, or Both Sides Now? Any of those would be perfect for her! :wub:


    While waiting and working on her next steps, I'm hoping that Rachel would do a weekly cover on YT and some of them would be Joni Mitchell's songs. jaofSCz.gif

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    5 hours ago, Harmat said:


    Some recent Rachel interviews! 


    She wanted to sing her IS song (Long Long Time- Linda Ronstadt) as an actual performance because she loved it so much.
    There were lots of Joni Mitchell songs she wanted to sing, but she said they're hard to clear because they're such classics. 😔



    She talked about the welcome home parade she got in Romeo. It brought her to tears. 



    Rainbow was what she described as her standout/special performance because she connected with the message so much.


    Thanks for finding and posting these interviews. Great interviews, short and sweet. ^_^


    Rachel is very articulate for such a young age and she has such a sunny demeanor. Though you can hear a bit of disappointment in her voice when talking about songs she wished to sing. RE Joni songs being hard to clear, if this is a longer season [pre-S18], she probably would have a chance to get one cleared [like in past seasons]. 

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  5. 3 hours ago, Harmat said:

    Here are more Cam interviews! 👀


    Cam's Interview with Cary Chavis


    He was signed to Dr. Dre's label from age 12 to July 2020. He needed something new, so he left the label and got an email from the Voice that same night. He mentioned that he's very excited for the record deal with Republic... Eek, does that mean he's signing? If so, they better step the f*** up. 👀 :whut:


    He also said a Cam album will definitely contain soul and rnb, but he wants to explore new genres he did on the show, too, and break the boundaries of instrumentation in different genres.



    It sounds like Cam got to choose every one of his songs he performed starting from the Knockouts. So glad they let him do that because all of his performances were all so well-done and perfect in different ways. ⭐🤎




    Cam met Will Smith during one of his casting auditions for motown. :clap:He developed his falsetto and high chest mix by studying kulning, an Ancient Swedish herdingcall. 





    Thanks for posting these interviews. 


    It's amazing how much work Cam has put into his craft and he's not even 20! He'll continue to improve and will only get better in the years to come.


    I'm not surprised that they let him make the song choices, especially his KO and semis songs. I'm not sure about the Top 17 choice though.


    RE signing with Republic, hopefully it will work out for him and he'll get a better support and promotion from them, than what many The Voice winners received.

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  6. Updated after S20. 


    1. Danielle Bradbery
    2. Sawyer Fredericks
    3. Carter Rubin
    4. Cam Anthony
    5. Chevel Shepherd
    6. Brynn Cartelli


    I like all of them but Danielle would always be #1 for me. Her journey during her season showed tremendous growth, with more live performances (including non-competition group numbers) and more studio songs than anyone else in this group of winners.


    Cam is technically better than Carter, but I enjoyed Carter's tone and song selections more.

  7. 3 hours ago, VintageVoice said:

    I knew it had "Texas" in the name but I didn't remember the exact name 😅


    I remember the name because I was just updating the Spotify stats and I always note the group beside CWB name (the group has higher numbers).


    Oh and Casey James is my favorite in AI Season 9. Lee somebody (forgot the name) won, Crystal Bowersox is runner-up and Casey finished 3rd.

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  8. 5 hours ago, VintageVoice said:

    CWB, Adam W., and Casey are now part of a trio in courynt music (last I read) but I forget the group’s name - that’d explain why Casey’s there (he was on AI about a decade ago, I know he was on a season I watched but I forget which season off the top of my head).


    The group is called Texas Hill.




    The latest song is called "Neon Heart"






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  9. 1 hour ago, QueenCami said:

    So you think that it'll be an R&B man and a Country woman, but this time the Country woman will prevail?


    Yup, I predict a (pop) country young female finalist [late teens, early 20s] will defeat a pop-R&B male finalist.

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  10. 2 hours ago, QueenCami said:

    Did anyone end up listening through and seeing what happened lol


    If someone did, do share the interesting stuff. I stumbled upon the live while it was starting but I didn't have time to really watch/listen so I just posted the link on Cam's thread.

  11. 2 hours ago, Harmat said:

    I tracked Blake's Battle Steals from S11-S20 and it yielded a 3,2 pattern. 

    Karlee Metzger (F), Felicia Temple (F), Kathrina Feigh (F)

    Dylan Hartigan (M), Colton Smith (M)

    Karly Moreno (F), Lauren Hall (F), Cedrice (F)

    James Pyle (M), Andrew Marshall (M)



    Cool. So we gotta look for a female steal next season. :haha:

  12. 44 minutes ago, Drew1903 said:

     You have to wonder where Danielle's career would be if had been for us through all these years.  She should feel quite indebted 😉  I given lots of WOWs, we always 👏 when she sings... she should give us a shout-out


    I'm happy to support Danielle any which way I can. Not expecting anything in return from Danielle or anyone I support. Listening to great songs (original or covers) with her awesome voice is reward enough for me. If my streams and moral support help her to continue releasing new music, that's also great. If she ever releases a Christmas album, that would be super awesome. :thumbsup: :santahappy:

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