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  1. 5 hours ago, TeamAudra said:

    I won’t mention names, but for some female contestants, boyfriends are as big a drag on post-show careers as anything. Especially when they are front and center, and don’t have matching talent, which is almost always the case. They just end up being boat anchors. :P There are two that immediately come to mind for me. 


    On the flip side, (ex) boyfriends can give her tons of materials for emotional songs.


    I don't know who you're referring to, BTW. (you can PM me if you wanna name names) ;)


  2. 13 hours ago, Jyn Mycle said:

    After her Battle, I was like, I like her. Add me. Thanks!


    Added! jaofSCz.gif




    13 hours ago, FloorWax said:

    Savanna reminds me of a matured Lauren Frihauf. She has mastered the raucous rock belting as well as the angelic head voice. She's one of the most interesting contestants of the past couple seasons.


    That's a good observation. :thumbs: I can see Lauren growing to be similar to Savanna when she gains years more of experience with her music. I like both of them and I created their fan threads based on spoilers and pre-show materials. ^_^


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  3. 45 minutes ago, KimberlyxKyla said:

    add me please! this woman is absolutely INCREDIBLE! she’s definitely one of my favorite contestants this year, and i’m rooting for her!💖


    Added! :thumbs:




    35 minutes ago, SNI2 said:

    Guess who has my vote for the 4-way knockout 🥰


    Savanna! Would you like to be added to her fans list? SAOyO1H.gif




    34 minutes ago, FloorWax said:

    She absolutely slayed AGAIN. She HAS to win the 4-Way KO, no doubt!


    Looking forward to her KO. Y'all has to vote for Savanna in the 4WKO so we can hear more songs from her. jaofSCz.gif




    13 minutes ago, Dany said:

    Add me. I'm on board.:wub: She has to win the 4W but I'm always worried when one of my snowflake goes into the 4W KO.😨


    Added! :thumbs:  I think Savanna has a very good chance of winning the 4WKO. 

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  4. 46 minutes ago, BogoGog24 said:

    I find it interesting that on her last album she was very adamant about writing her own material but for this album it seems like the majority of songs she's cutting are from outside writers. Obviously whatever the better song is, whether she wrote it or not, is what should go on the album, but I just think it's interesting. I think every song she has previewed thus far aside from NHIE has been written by other writers. I know she has said during the pandemic she has struggled to stay motivated and inspired, perhaps she struggled to find something to write about since there's nothing going on. Even NHIE was technically written before she actually met her current boyfriend.


    Or maybe she's not able to get together with the co-writers she usually works with to create new materials.


    She could go back to dozens of songs already written but their themes may not fit the direction they're leaning towards, in putting together the next album. They might still use some of the songs she already wrote but she's sampling the ones written by others this time.



  5. 7 hours ago, David68 said:


      Reveal hidden contents

    I actually think he will get the leak for ep. 2 of KOs; For episode 2 of KOs for S18 it was Allegra Miles vs Jacob Miller. For S19 it was Jim Ranger vs JusJon. These are IMO, very lopsided KOs with the winner doing very good. This could easily apply to Cam vs Connor, where Cam was cited as doing extraordinary while Connor got a terrible song choice for himself and was in his head about it.



    I hope you're right about Cam KO leak. I am still bummed that Blake paired off two of my favorites, Cam vs Connor. Blake often does that to my favorites since season 4 KO (Danielle Bradbery vs Taylor Beckham). :(

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  6. 30 minutes ago, anonymouskid_35 said:

    Y'all should follow and listen to Andrew's songs, bunch of GREAT songs. I personally LOVED run away, fate, and hurt someone



    @season1  if you can, kindly add this to the main post, thanks ❤️✨




    I added his Spotify to the socials links near the top and the playlist above under the "Originals" section of the OP. jaofSCz.gif

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