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  1. Don't think there will be any meltdowns, were all expecting it lol.
  2. Why does this song reminds me of Drake Bell's Happy. LMAO.
  3. Would've been like the performance of the season.
  4. Come on Grace!! I wanna hear Natural Woman on the big stage.
  5. i think there pushing for Grace/Willie honestly lol.
  6. The arrangements aren't doing Willie any favors tonight.. IMO.
  7. is that Fix You instrumental in the background? lol
  8. Matt Giraud's version >>>>> wth is this arrangenment?
  9. Have you seen her tik tok of 'I Have Nothing' its pretty great.
  10. Top 3 Song Choices From Billboard https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/idol-worship/9575646/american-idol-2021-finale-song-list/ Grace - I Have Nothing/Natural Woman/All By Myself Willie - A Change Is Gonna Come/Stand Up/Georgia On My Mind Chayce - Fire Away/Afterglow/Blackbird
  11. Here's a video of her hometown performance Singing 'To Make You Feel My Love" there was a camera Crew around that performance. Wonder if she'll sing that for the finale?
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