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  1. it's either with the producer who made I Like It with Cardi B or her "I Used To Know Boys Like You" snippet. @ 4:09 wgsjc6vck7w 9IP0fQVyHtM
  2. OMG Impact date!! :w00t: SOTB Pop taking off Spincrease Pop
  3. Ellen Show on Album Release Day Camila Cabello Scheduled To Perform On December 6 “Ellen DeGeneres Show” She will support “Romance” with an “Ellen” performance. by Brian Cantor about 4 hours ago Camila Cabello’s sophomore solo album “Romance” arrives on Friday, December 6. That day, she will support the album with a high-profile television appearance. Cabello will perform on the December 6 “Ellen DeGeneres Show.” That day’s broadcast will also feature a chat with “Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker” cast member Oscar Isaac. Other upcoming “Ellen” performers i
  4. (IMG:http://images.idolforums.com/style_emoticons/idf/w00t.gif) just got these and they're really cool https://www.google.com/nikcollection/ -------------------- &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& Video tutorials http://digitalphenom.deviantart.com/galler...;section=browse - -The Quick Selection tool with the Refine edge- Here is a video http://photoshopnews.com/stories/downloads...ckselect-sm.mov
  5. To Optimize.....In Photoshop To optimize a JPeg---File- save for web, the adjust the quality to make it fit the number you need. Gifs--all animated files must be gifs, jpgs cannot move. simple blinkies are usually very small. In ImageReady--to optimize your image lower, you can change the number of colors that are used and the quality by adjusting numbers in the optimize window. Try all the different options---When you get it down to the right size--Save optimized as in ImageReady. Attached image(s) --------------------Gradients PSP http://www.nansons-pl
  6. istersay

    Ignore this

    :lol: I'm just saving some links from the blender forum, because I don't think we will have one, when the forums comes back, and I know the Voice forum will be made. it will just be Idol, Voice, SYTYCD, DWTS, and Off Topic, maybe and Entertainment forum. If they can save new threads then you can post stuff you find in here also to save it, even if it's not from this forum. just in case o:) ************************************************* (IMG:http://images.idolforums.com/style_emotico...df/original.gif) Some other font Places http://www.fontgarden.com/ http://www.f
  7. she might come for the finals and sing her Christmas song o:)
  8. :flowers: thanks, I wish more people would make graphics, the old blender forum used to be huge
  9. Kelly and Blake for finals, Legend semi-finals, Gwen top 13 Blake would win, because he's popular with country voters
  10. starting over use if you want- no credit necessary
  11. I agree, maybe they're related :teehee: ******************************** NBC’S ‘CHRISTMAS IN ROCKEFELLER CENTER’ SPECIAL RETURNS DEC. 4 TO CELEBRATE AND REVEL IN THE FESTIVE HOLIDAY SEASON – Just before the lighting of the iconic tree in Rockefeller Plaza, audiences will be treated to festive performances by Chicago, Brett Eldredge, Derek & Julianne Hough, John Legend, Idina Menzel, Lea Michele, NE-YO, Gwen Stefani, Straight No Chaser, Skylar Astin & Alex Newell from NBC’s midseason drama, “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist,” and appearances by Miss America 2019 Nia Frank
  12. I liked "Neon Moon" the best, thought they all were great together
  13. :flowers: use if you want, some ones I had posted in the past
  14. nice timing, take advantage of the exposure on DWTS I like the Title
  15. :| that show is not that good, and she does all those games on her Day show anyway. I've been over Ellen since she was a judge on Idol :teehee:
  16. why didn't I notice that :o
  17. :w00t: glad you like chloe too, she's so cool, and i love her style and voice
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