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  1. :w00t: Easy on the Big Show, Pre-Recorded her dress, OMG :o https://twitter.com/dailycamilabra/status/1...997178352455685 https://twitter.com/bridgesxhavana/status/1...927256913944577 https://twitter.com/CCPolskaMedia/status/1197065520593481729 https://twitter.com/CCabelloUyMedia/status/...961893807796224
  2. Pop Add 1 CAMILA CABELLO Living Proof Syco/Epic Stations: WNKI-FM https://twitter.com/Camila_Cabello/status/1...721536000camila @Camila_Cabello listen to #LivingProof on Today’s Top Hits !! thank u @Spotify
  3. got some of this one too, the videos need to be embedded :flowers:
  4. found what I could with google cache, :wave: the rest can be filled in, most of the videos were not working anymore
  5. :flowers: glad you made the thread that sounds good, country is not my thing, but I appreciate good voices with talent :)
  6. nope, it hasn't been for real, since itunes is not used for votes anymore it's even less of a factor
  7. Camila Updater @CCUpdater · 47m ‘Easy’ by @Camila_Cabello has now surpassed 35 Million streams on Spotify!
  8. I guess she's promoting all the songs for the album and the album itself, now maybe ready to push a single
  9. I should be used to that by now :lol:
  10. :lol: ugh at Shane, I won't be as surprised if HS makes it I'm hoping Ricky can hang in there
  11. :D Senorita :36 Havana 1:32 wait, is this the same corner Liar was filmed?
  12. Congrats to Ricky, look forward to next week, did they say Fan Week?
  13. https://tvline.com/2019/11/19/the-voice-rec...top-13-results/ Bottom Three Cali Wilson (Team Blake), “The Chain” — Grade: C Max Boyle (Team Kelly), “Thinking Out Loud” — Grade: D Joana Martinez (Team Gwen), “Superwoman” — Grade: B- :lol:
  14. Bye Max, you will be missed :'(
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