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  1. i know their site shut down, but the mentality must have lived on :teehee: @NBCTheVoice ·6h @kellyclarkson and @johnlegend duet? Say no more. DlMP7FGYJmk
  2. I'll wait to see what itunes puts up, theirs are usually longer in the application
  3. :teehee: there should be more soon right, they need to put clips on itunes and amazon, it's almost here :w00t: omg sounds so cool!!
  4. no one else thinks he's getting through? he makes it every week :|
  5. CandiceFan, you already have this poll about Hoot, please do not spam anymore threads/polls about him, it's getting redundant :flowers: some of your threads have been removed I can't merged them without screwing up the poll
  6. if you haven't heard the album yet, what do you think of the snippets? :shifty:
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