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  1. is the banner missing for everyone, or just me? I have it saved if they are keeping it
  2. not sure what season it is, but anyone else been watching, I have been, and enjoying it o:) I'll remake the thread after the update :sorcerer: on now link
  3. so it's image errors that are messing it up now? Wally how many pics you got in your Messages? :lol:
  4. thanks for the update, hope they work it out, and hope you get better :flowers:
  5. :w00t: Pop Crave @PopCrave #BirdsOfPrey soundtrack is set to be released on February 7. It features appearances by @Normani, @TheeStallion, @LaurenJauregui, @Halsey, @IamSummerWalker, @CharlotteLawr, @DojaCat, @Saweetie, @GALXARA + more!
  6. I got excited too, but I give up, going to bed :sleep:
  7. images missing at the top of the page and musical notes under names? is formatting going on?
  8. Taking Off POP HAC Rhythmic Pop MOM 30 (+1) My Oh My : 1.791 (+207) | 8.967 (+0.939) Pop Radio 20. South Of The Border : 4.455 (+129) | 18.663 (+0.360)
  9. :lol: :o I think it's the first time ever I've been the only member here
  10. :o they're showing her commercial a lot tonight, I think I've seen it 4 or 5 times
  11. it's almost thurs ET now :teehee: so I like to check every 15 or 20 minutes
  12. watched some episodes, crazy show :lol:
  13. :o my personal photo in profile disappeared, so I put it back
  14. Country Adds 9 MORGAN WALLEN Chasin' You Big Loud Country chart 32 28 Up this week MORGAN WALLEN Chasin' You 1839 1382 457 10.188
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