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  1. and something always goes wrong with technical stuff >.
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/B6_k6yrl2Q2 mattmcandrewmusic New album 2020. We poured our hearts and souls into this project, hope you dig it. I had a lot to say and it’s been healing for me. New single called “Bury A Lie” out Jan 31st Slaves current Members Colin Vieira Weston Richmond Felipe Sanchez Zachary Baker Matt McAndrew ZE_RKYe7vMU
  3. :w00t: sounds great NwO-TNhrC44 https://music.apple.com/us/album/cross-my-m...ngle/1492350036
  4. add please..... o:) save your OP data Y8hb0Phb93g
  5. Sammie, Chris and Shubham are my faves, Joey is funny :teehee:
  6. Camila Cabello - My Oh My (Lyric Video) ft. DaBaby 1,350,744 views•Jan 10, 2020 Camila Cabello - My Oh My (Audio) ft. DaBaby 30,228,948 views•Dec 5, 2019 :D
  7. I hope for some promo good news the posts from the last week will be saved o:) they sent a new data snapshot to invision
  8. great news about the posts from this week being saved o:) I'll be patient, those accounts are important,and probably include some active members thanks for the update :flowers: and since there are more costs, can we still use this to help out? I just put a little in
  9. well hopefully they work out the image errors, not sure if they mean old images from here or the new ones the forum will be using
  10. :D 24 hour playlist My Oh My Lyric Video nQNynY4A5m4&list=PLEUqHAxtEgVF4Szee7FTn5Piw6pvQyq8T&index=9
  11. :D POP: 35 29 CAMILA CABELLO My Oh My f/DaBaby 2054 1087 967 9.777 +263 Spins :o +198 Bullet +0.810 Audience HOT AC: 68 50 CAMILA CABELLO My Oh My f/DaBaby 92 21 71 0.491 +22 Spins +23 Bullet +0.008 Audience Rhythmic (all stations) lw TW Artist Title .............................................TW lw Move Aud 69 48 CAMILA CABELLO My Oh My f/DaBaby 424 206 218 0.724 **************************************** POP lw TW Artist Title .............................................TW lw Move Aud 21
  12. weird, I"m on a laptop, it happened to me while I was on here, i refreshed a page and a little glitch happened then they were gone
  13. oh thanks, I tried clearing data and it still doesn't show up for me I thought they might but wasn't sure
  14. yikes then I need to clear my cache or something, i'm missing music notes too
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