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  1. Ellen is on for me right now, can't wait to see this on the bigger screen :w00t:
  2. Worldwide Apple Music Album Chart - 2019/12/05 | Pos P+ Artist and Title Days Pk (x?) Pts Pts+ TPts 20 +5 Camila Cabello - Romance 21 18 7262 +1123 0.124 Worldwide iTunes Album Chart - 2019/12/05 | Pos P+ Artist and Title Days Pk (x?) Pts Pts+ TPts 11 NEW Camila Cabello - Romance 1 11 6468 +6468 0.006
  3. :D watching her on Fallon on TV now, much better than the stream, she was so cute on there tonight VCAIyQ7ZV8I
  4. I don't know, the song rollout has been all over the place this time not getting my hopes up Album: Romance iTunes (28x #1): #1 United Kingdom #1 Argentina #1 Brazil #1 Cambodia #1 Chile #1 Grenada #1 Guatemala #1 Hong Kong #1 Hungary #1 Indonesia #1 Ireland #1 Israel #1 Malaysia #1 Mexico #1 Netherlands #1 Oman #1 Peru #1 Philippines #1 Poland #1 Portugal #1 Qatar #1 Romania #1 Saudi Arabia #1 Singapore #1 Sweden #1 Turkey #1 Ukraine #1 United Arab Emirates #2 United States
  5. Camila Cabello - Used to This (Audio) Camila Cabello - First Man (Audio) Camila Cabello - Feel It Twice (Audio) Camila Cabello - Bad Kind of Butterflies (Audio) Camila Cabello - This Love (Audio) Camila Cabello - Should've Said It (Audio) Camila Cabello - Dream of You (Audio)
  6. so they're only pushing MOM? are we gonna have to wait for summer to see her perform all these? :'(
  7. camila ✔ @Camila_Cabello · 29m Romance is finally out. this is all yours now. please tell me everything you think, I’m dying to know #RomanceOutNowhttp://CamilaCabello.lnk.to/Romance ************************** Kat McPhee ✔ @katharinemcphee Oh we absolutely STAN this. My Oh My for next single please. https://twitter.com/katharinemcphee/status/...819230875340801 tell us what you think about the songs :shifty:
  8. she's on performing Living Proof :D backup dancers are the roses :o that was so good
  9. :w00t: https://open.spotify.com/album/3Vsbl0diFGw8...TRx68Ea15IdJuMg :D UK iTunes Album Chart: #1(NEW) - #Romance Camila did an interview, then a Music skit with Jimmy, now will perform I assume o:) she's getting huge promo time from this, and the audience all got tickets to her tour
  10. Fallon Time Eastern Time https://ustvgo.tv/nbc/ Stream live jlo is on right now
  11. @AllyBrookeOn UPDATE • Ally, Emilio Estefan & Farruko will perform their new song "Reach for the Stars" at the 131st Rose Parade on Jan 1st The song was written and produced by Emilio Estefan exclusively for the Tournament of Roses. 191 7:54 AM - Dec 5, 2019 https://twitter.com/AllyBrookeOn/status/1202617265285255169
  12. she has a lot of fans, maybe some don't know it's out yet, if they got tired of checking her social media for news since she was so silent lately :ph34r:
  13. :lol: I hope not, we don't need a scandal, do we? :shifty: this song was such a great hit for her, even though some people act like she had nothing to do with making it :teehee:
  14. Global Digital Artist Ranking | 12/05 18:20 EST Pos P+ Artist Points 8 +4 Camila Cabello 2024 They Clarified this Headline Planet @headlineplanet ·1h Lineup for December 12 Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Interviews - @VancityReynolds, @NiallOfficial Performance - @Camila_Cabello & @DaBabyDaBaby *************************** https://twitter.com/KiddNation/status/1202663995251085312 https://twitter.com/kimcrossman/status/1202674182812684288 https://twitter.com/sunriseon7/status/1202371472762605568 https://twitter.co
  15. :teehee: I guess so, and on Ellen, and then Easy on the Big Show Sat., it'll be confusing for casual fans to figure out her main single but Im looking forward to all these great promo performances :D
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