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  1. Click on the Smiley Face -- go to Categories--then scroll down to Emoticons
  2. just post the URL of the Youtube and it will embed, or post the letters/numbers after the equal sign = in the url, NO TAGS NEEDED, and voila the video should pop in, works either way example text below, then vid c0350tpXN-Q
  3. Promo and some screen caps of auditioners https://instagram.com/p/B7ay2rplodG
  4. I liked the cast too, wondering what it would have been like with a bunch of cutthroat players though, everyone was so nice
  5. I liked Jack Ryan series on there, any other good series you've seen ?
  6. it's been cold for here lately, about 60 in the day, I feel bad for people who are in bad winter storms
  7. :lol: it'll be a different format/template though won't it?
  8. POP: 30 21 CAMILA CABELLO My Oh My f/DaBaby 3990 1793 2197 16.213 +237 Spins -18 Bullet +0.892 Audience HOT AC: 50 37 CAMILA CABELLO My Oh My f/DaBaby 258 70 188 0.689 +28 Spins +4 Bullet -0.023 Audience RHYTHMIC: 57 36 CAMILA CABELLO My Oh My f/DaBaby 664 279 385 1.807 +58 Spins +3 Bullet +0.173 Audience
  9. this is one of my fave shows, I watch the Korean one the most if it'slike the Korean one, There is a new Celebrity Guest each week, plus other panelists to help them guess who is a real singer, or a tone deaf person, all new contestants each week There are usually 6 contestants, they tell the guest two identities for each contestant, like they are a singing Banker or a tone deaf school teacher. They vote out all the ones they think are tone deaf, one by one, the contestant sings after being voted off, to see if the celeb guest was right. The contestants can bring
  10. on ep 10 I love this show :roll:
  11. true, any song will be good promo for the album and tour. This Love They could do My Oh My with a really good stage set/concept though
  12. 55 50 ALLY BROOKE No Good 330 257 73 0.473 +13 Spins +8 Bullet -0.020 Audience
  13. :w00t: thanks, thank goodness the accounts were saved :D excited :bounce: the board will stay working through the process still I'm assuming o:)
  14. even if it's a medley of her new songs with some of mom in it would be better but the Grammys chooses the song, we'll see POP: 31 22 CAMILA CABELLO My Oh My f/DaBaby 3753 1538 2215 15.321 +316 Spins +242 Bullet +1.102 Audience HOT AC: 54 39 CAMILA CABELLO My Oh My f/DaBaby 230 46 184 0.712 +28 Spins +14 Bullet +0.020 Audience RHYTHMIC: 62 37 CAMILA CABELLO My Oh My f/DaBaby 606 224 382 1.634 +49 Spins +17 Bullet +0.165 Audience
  15. pretty good HAC adds Adds Artist Title Label Stations 32 ALICIA KEYS Underdog RCA Stations 20 JUSTIN BIEBER Yummy Def Jam Stations 12 LEWIS CAPALDI Before You Go Vertigo/Capitol Stations 9 ED SHEERAN South Of The Border Atlantic
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