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  1. same lol I'm so surprised, thought that would never happen
  2. they must have an alternative for it
  3. I'm sure the kinks will get worked out here one by one, for now it's worth any hassels to have all the new features
  4. yes the avatar limit is very small, hopefully they can up it to what it used to be 400KB
  5. https://userstyles.org/styles/23516/midnight-surfing-global-dark-style I'm trying out the Midnight Surfing Global theme on Stylish Chrome browser extension
  6. I will resize your avatars or signatures if you need me too, post @istersay in here and it will notify me also there are sites where you can edit them to the right sizes 500x175 pixels for Signatures, Avatars 100 pixels, not sure of the file size yet, but it's way smaller than it used to be on https://ezgif.com/ you can make animated gifs from youtube, or resize and optimize file size and they have effects, it's free on https://resizeimage.net/ you can resize, crop, rotate jpg/png images, it's free on https://pixlr.com/ you can create, edit, resi
  7. or using the same codes from before I think
  8. Welcome to posting on IDF just ask if you need any help with anything, you can @ or message any of the mods
  9. @jstxanothrxstory great thread thanks for doing this.
  10. the videos embedded, try posting one by one, letting it load in before posting another link and that should work. and if you have other questions or problems you can just post @istersay in a thread and I'll be notified, and there are discussion threads in the questions forum about the new features
  11. wonder why they don't update this song anymore on pulse until the next day, maybe they got tired of waiting for it go up the charts
  12. sheesh here we go again, probably one of the finalists
  13. it's heavenly, been hoping for this for a long time
  14. remember to check your own signatures pixel size to make sure they are 500x175 px or under
  15. whoa I missed that, cool for them getting on the charts in time for the movie release
  16. I saw one that is oversized, I can try to edit it for them if needed
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