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  1. 3h nbcthevoice QUEEEEEN. ***********************
  2. there's only one person being called safe that will make me
  3. by the way, if you remake a list, Add Me please :flowers:
  4. link link2 link3 good luck, I hope tonight is not a mess o:)
  5. :D happy she's doing something, she's been silent for too long
  6. that sucks being in the bottom, cool that they saved her though
  7. https://twitter.com/LMJUpdates/status/1196837342054625282 :w00t: Lauren Jauregui Updates @LMJUpdates #UPDATE | Lauren will be co-hosting the #AMAs Red Carpet this Sunday at 6pm ET/3pm PT on http://bit.ly/AMAs19
  8. :lol: OMG they need to make up their minds :roll: I guess she'll do Easy until Living Proof is on Radio? Or is Easy the single being pushed to the UK?
  9. https://twitter.com/CCUpdater/status/1196901878002601984 o:) Liar has been pulled, this should make way for Living Proof, will Senorita ever go recurrent though :lol: Camila Updater @CCUpdater ‘Liar’ has been pulled from Pop Radio, and ‘Living Proof’ is now the only song by @Camila_Cabello available to Pop Radio on the All Access website! (Note: ‘Living Proof’ does not currently have an impact date; it is just simply available for Radio)
  10. I thought the same, that she had improved, and had a chance of winning this season, but it's not looking good at this point
  11. With all of these possibilities -- who do you think should perform at the 2020 Grammys? Vote below! Thank you for voting! BTS 47.83% (10,657,184 votes) Blackpink 47.8% (10,649,782 votes) SuperM 1.67% (372,222 votes) Adam Lambert 0.66% (147,042 votes) Billie Eilish 0.31% (69,458 votes) Camila Cabello & Shawn Mendes 0.23% (52,286 votes) https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/awa...performers-poll
  12. Senorita is a beast, just like Havana was. :D I wish Liar had done better but maybe Living Proof can do it I love all those pics of her with the Romance shirt
  13. not too bad for itunes not counting as votes
  14. this is IDF what did you expect about the comments, good judgements?
  15. I think the expectations were high from the week before, but still he did great compared to a lot of others :whistling:
  16. https://crystalbowersox.com/ https://twitter.com/crystalbowersox https://www.facebook.com/crystalbowersox/ https://instagram.com/crystalbowersox https://vevo.com/crystalbowersox :'( all our history is lost with the forum malfunction, but we can still keep track of her in here with new threads :flowers: https://twitter.com/crystalbowersox/status/...602913419870214 Crystal Bowersox @crystalbowersox · 2h Hey Atlanta!! I’ll be at @CityWineryATL this Thursday with my talented friend Izzy J!! See you there!
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