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  1. you probably still have the most posts even now I like the Hover Feature
  2. better to delay it for tour probably
  3. 50 44 ALLY BROOKE No Good 464 330 134 0.901+12 Spins-1 Bullet+0.022 Audience
  4. Pop18 16 Up this week ED SHEERAN South Of The Border 6201 5429 772 25.862HAC22 16 Up this week ED SHEERAN South Of The Border 1728 1253 475 6.713
  5. POP:22 17 CAMILA CABELLO My Oh My f/DaBaby 5271 3753 1518 21.701+143 Spins-172 Bullet+0.664 AudienceHOT AC:39 32 CAMILA CABELLO My Oh My f/DaBaby 395 230 165 0.957+15 Spins-13 Bullet+0.014 AudienceRHYTHMIC:37 27 CAMILA CABELLO My Oh My f/DaBaby 994 609 385 2.766+40 Spins-11 Bullet+0.071 Audience
  6. its not hard to put 5 icons on the same image, I'll shut up now
  7. yes, that's small but the file size limit is really dinky now it's hard to make a gif file fit that
  8. OMG what happened? after all that time trying to preserve our accounts, we might as well have made new ones
  9. he's talented, I haven't listened to any of his stuff for a long time. I'll have to check out more newer music
  10. they should, Clay and Ruben do shows together too, it's fun for fans to see
  11. yay , pretty so glad you guys got your sigs in. Thanks Tom, hope soon board issues are all worked out and we won't have to bother you all day long anymore
  12. oh that should be fun to see, I bet there will be some creative ones
  13. the posts were moved, this is the general discussion there are gonna be differing opinions on talent, as long as it's kept civil that's okay. Remember there is an ignore feature, easy to use, just in case
  14. Yes, Please post in the appropriate forums, there is an AGT thread in the Entertainment forum, or you can start threads for other artists there. Please keep this thread on the topic of Danielle
  15. That was happening to me last night, it's also happening to @Riza-Smithson I hope that @Tom can look into it and change it so it will work. Also wondering if Mods will be able to edit Signatures in the future if possible in order to help out when there are problems.
  16. I think because that was the only individual contestant forum that was active in discussions on a daily basis, it's up to the Admin though
  17. some posts are being moved to the General Discussion Thread please use that to discuss past contestants/seasons to keep this for the upcoming season as much as possible
  18. thanks for posting all the adds, I was just gonna go look for them
  19. good for rhythmic charts [Rhythmic147 47 Up this week MEGAN THEE STALLION & NORMANI Diamonds 394 36 358 0.76 Rhythmic 96 46 Up this week MEGAN THEE STALLION & NORMANI Diamonds 432 82 350 0.797
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