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  1. the post you quoted was from a month ago, before we really knew what was going on, now we know the old data was all lost, all there is backup for is from Nov 7 and onward. The Reboot will have whatever was posted after that we all lost tons of posts and memories here
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  3. Yac0XMA0UgU M1tek8MKxPM U9Sj-ZTLwqI 9Nj1pcFIxSo
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  5. o:) 'My Oh My' Tik Tok's has reached 8 million views.? :o :o https://twitter.com/japankarla/status/1204207639107756032
  6. I'm really ready now, any good contestants to root for yet?
  7. Apple Music From Monday, November 18, 2019, vote via Apple Music by streaming artists’ Eligible Song(s) during applicable voting windows. Limit ten (10) streams per Eligible Song per Apple ID.
  8. the Hoot is way ahead in sales, all depends on streaming now though
  9. who cares, hoot'll win but then probably go the way of most voice winners
  10. unfortunately, he's not bad or anything but :|
  11. if Hoot didn't sing country where would the numbers be? :teehee:
  12. #4 now :D :lol: we have so little to get excited about anymore
  13. 6 NEW Ricky Duran - Let It Be (The Voice Performance) 32 NEW Katie Kadan - Lady Marmalade (The Voice Performance) 38 NEW Rose Short - I Want To Know What Love Is (The Voice Performance) 56 NEW Jake Hoot - Desperado (The Voice Performance) 72 NEW Kat Hammock - Somewhere Only We Know (The Voice Performance) 99 NEW Marybeth Byrd - Before He Cheats (The Voice Performance) 104 NEW Hello Sunday - Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing (The Voice Performance) just the new ones
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