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  1. subject can can be anything haven't been doing a lot lately but made this of Crystal last week original photo used from this
  2. I missed it, been streaming a lot of shows and movies lately made this last week
  3. https://open.spotify.com/album/3hZxl3aLMAUBcbXmXKfXof
  4. oh, was hoping she has one coming out
  5. did she already shoot a video for it?
  6. I missed the first half, it was so light out I didn't notice the time these Legos
  7. You can stop complaining now - this is a fan thread, looks, music, all of it pertains to an artist. Stop Hijacking this thread and trying to start something, your posts were deleted. If you have a problem with images she puts out there of herself, take that up with her on sm.
  8. assumed this would happen, for sure health is most important
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