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    The Voice

    The Battles Part 3
    8:00 PM ON NBC 3 • TV-PG • STEREO • CC
    The battle rounds conclude as the coaches enlist music industry powerhouses Luis Fonsi, Dan + Shay, Brandy and Darren Criss to prepare their artists to go head-to-head in hopes of advancing to the knockouts; each coach has one steal and one save.


    No Spoilers Please! Keep those in the Spoiler threads, If it hasn't shown on the show yet it's a Spoiler
  2. 6 hours ago, anonymouskid_35 said:


    “I feel like they’re trying to cookie-cutter every person that comes out of The Voice cause they think they’re all the same,” said Sawyer. “I don’t think they put the time into figuring out what kind of artist I was.” - Sawyer



    Maybe they are doing that a little, but he should be grateful, from the show he got a Single, Music Video, EP, Full Album with a Pharrell remix, and a car. So many other winners got nothing. He still complains at every single gig about them making him have 1 song on his album he didn't write, he doesn't get how lucky he was at the time.  okay that's enough :teeheewave:





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