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  1. Those were terrible results. All 3 of them performed better than Arthur, Chayce, Hunter & especially Caleb. WHO IS VOTING FOR CALEB?!
  2. Cassandra and Casey have been my favorite so far tonight, but looking forward to Grace and Hunter.
  3. Wow Madison hasn’t been on my radar, but that was my favorite performance of the night.
  4. Anilee has been my favorite so far, followed by Cassandra and Wyatt. I wanted to like Alyssa more than I did - song choice was awful.
  5. I would’ve preferred Lauren over Jovin, but this a pretty solid list. Loveee that Sophia made it!
  6. Got it - sorry if it messed up the margins, just thought it would be cool to share!
  7. So the open call was really cool! And it was so fun to get to talk with other super fans! I actually feel confident with how my video went, but obviously there’s thousands of others applying! Thanks for the well wishes! Gonna see if I can upload the picture of my number for calling. Actually can anyone tell me how to upload a pic from a phone into here? Lol
  8. Not really relevant to the current season, but I’m going to an open casting call for survivor tomorrow!
  9. Honestly, DEAN has ruined this season with his not telling Kellee she was going to go, and not getting Tommy out tonight. Gross.
  10. I can’t remember the last time I was so upset over an elimination. I actually had to turn the second episode off.
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