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  1. She went from 3.4 million in pure sales alone to 839k SPS. A huge number for anyone else. But this is ADELE. The expectations were justifiably big and yet she couldn’t top 1 million total units. The label (who estimated 1.3 to 1.75 million SPS) must be disappointed. For the record, Folklore outsold SPS first week, RED sold more vinyls last week, and a ten minute version of a nine year old song was able to knock Adele’s 1st song in 6 years off the charts.

  2. I’ve spent the past few days listening to her discography all over again abd have decided this is my personal ranking of her albums:


    1. folklore

    2. Red

    3. Speak Now

    4. Evermore 

    5. Lover

    6. 1989

    7. Fearless

    8. reputation 

    9. debut 

  3. Excellent. A lot of people are wondering why she  chose Fearless first, but it’s obvious the nostalgia associated with this album would be HUGE and propel its success. I just can’t see any other album doing it like Fearless 

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