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  1. Can someone tell me who’s made it so far? Just tuning in
  2. Excellent. A lot of people are wondering why she chose Fearless first, but it’s obvious the nostalgia associated with this album would be HUGE and propel its success. I just can’t see any other album doing it like Fearless
  3. Not sure if this still exists but if not here’s a new one! I’ll start: Carrie Underwood has got to be THE most overrated contestant ever, followed closely by Pia.
  4. Packers/Bills better happen
  5. Aaron Rodgers deserves another ring ESPECIALLY this year. #gopackgo
  6. My absolute favorite bonus tracks from her are: Come in with the Rain The Other Side of the Door Ours If This Was a Movie New Romantics The Lakes Its Time To Go I like most of the other ones well enough except for Girl At Home which is absolute garbage and easily her worst song.
  7. Rodgers > Mahomes and that’s the tea.
  8. Hmm I think Folklore is probably better than evermore overall but my favorite song from either album is Tis the Damn Season (career highlight)
  9. She really does deserve AOTY and since both The Weeknd and Fiona are out, I think it’s definitely happening. I also think (and hope) Dua gets shut out.
  10. I still think it’s so funny that we were so scared that he was done with his music career when he left on his mission and yet he’s probably released more music since then than any other Idol
  11. I still think he should’ve won
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