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  1. Sending much love. So proud of him and hope he finds peace abd happiness. Wonderful seeing the support of other idols as well.
  2. Still think he was robbed btw
  3. The artwork is low key tragic but the song is a bop. Not his best but still good. Postcards in the Sky is easily his best album by the way
  4. Lionel doesn’t want Graham is seems. I’m going with Beane and Alanis
  5. Ava better make music similar to folklore/evermore when she gets signed...
  6. Can someone tell me who’s made it so far? Just tuning in
  7. Excellent. A lot of people are wondering why she chose Fearless first, but it’s obvious the nostalgia associated with this album would be HUGE and propel its success. I just can’t see any other album doing it like Fearless
  8. Not sure if this still exists but if not here’s a new one! I’ll start: Carrie Underwood has got to be THE most overrated contestant ever, followed closely by Pia.
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