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    I am going with some of my jams. I have so many...I want to save them all! Disturbia - advance to penultimate round Rude Boy Cold Case Love Talk That Talk Only Girl (In the World)
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    Advancing Love on the Brain to the penultimate round.
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    Advancing Kelly Brianne Clarkson so @Steven_ can't magically cut her again!
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    Might have missed it getting posted, but team size is ten, and they’re aiming for an Oct 19th premiere
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    I know that Queen has embraced the Ombre....but NGL this look....I can only imagine the contrast with her eyes and dark dark hair. I'm just melted.
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    Thank you everyone for their patience. It's been a rough week and I appreciate everyone's kind words and thoughts during this awful tragedy. I miss my bb every single day. My spirits have been lifted a little lately so I am ready to come back and fulfill my duties here. I will remember my bb and think of the love they gave me. Animals are such joys and precious bb's. Thank you ALL for being patient and understanding! I'm back officially. I love you all. #IDFFamily4Life
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    Did the virtual taping today.... Few Things Kelly was very picky as her team is filling up Gwen made it very clear that she is looking for unique voices for team.
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    For my third song, I am advancing "Unfaithful" - this is also the song that I am advancing to the penultimate round.
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    While not necessarily the only "even" KO, Amy Vachal/Madi Davis is the only KO pairing in all seasons where I would give both contestants a 10/10. Both were just stunning.
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    Confirming based on what the sources have told me: -10 per team -premiere is October 19th. -1 steal -And apparently the block is still there, but we been knew. So yes, this is all correct. For what it's worth, if The Voice can take just one extra hour timeslot from the week, then it's possible to pull this off.
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    Hey guys! Since @Someone648 has finally given me the green light, we will now be sharing some "blind" spoilers for y'all! For the next couple of days, I will be posting a Soundcloud link to artists that we suspect will be part of the upcoming Season 19 of The Voice. Each link contains two songs, one live (or as close to live as possible) cover and one studio-recorded original track. Each track is 1.5 minutes long, just like a typical blind audition nowadays. And no, we will not be giving out names just yet, y'all can figure their identities out by yourselves till we are ready to release the actual spoiler lists. Some notes: 1.) These names have all shown evidence that they were at the hotel/in LA during the weeks leading up to the blind auditions taping, but they are NOT confirmed names, so please adjust your expectations accordingly. 2.) If you managed to figure out their names, please do NOT contact them directly on social media to confirm if they did audition. You will run the risk of the artist completely shutting down from social media and cutting off potential spoiler sources for us. 3.) You guys are free to discuss speculations of the identities of these artists, but please keep them limited to this thread. Don't spread the information here around social media, especially on YT/IG comments. Discretion is heavily advised. Without further ado, here is the first artist! If you have trouble accessing this, PM me so I can send them to you directly. Make sure you are logged in to Soundcloud when opening this link.
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    I'm sorry no one has mentioned Reagan James Fancy? I considered shoving my chop sticks in my ears to make it stop
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    Off the top of my head, I don't think there's a teenage boy ala Braiden Sunshine/Levi Watkins that turned a chair. Everything else seems represented.
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    Kelly clarkson, did i get it correct?
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    I’ve been doing a lot of reasearch with finding acts and I’ve found at least 30 acts competing. Let me just say, there is gonna be some killer acts this season.
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    And the song I'm advancing to the later round is Hate That I Love You.
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    Advancing This Is What You Came For as my third pick since numerous people mentioned it.
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    Alright I need to go to sleep so just gonna send through this song even though I really wanted to advance This Is What You Came For too #hopefullythereareotheredmhoz
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    My 2nd choice to advance is Stay.
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    Have to advance this one because I have always been obsessed
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    Advancing another underrated song, Breakin' Dishes
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    My first pick: Gonna start off with the obvious but an ICONIC CLASSIC that deserves end game. Advancing: "Umbrella" to the penultimate round.
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    I understand being petty when someone cuts your favorite, but why be petty when someone ranks a song they love high? That doesn’t make any sense. Lmaooooooooo whoops I definitely don’t think the message is cute, I must have meant that comment for a different song
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    There’s an Alisan Porter type singer in this bunch...huge power and range, similar age. Seems to be able to sing very well live. I’m trying to figure out if #4 is her, but those are more laid back than what I’ve listened to. She could even be a ringer brought in for Gwen. I’m not sure she’s minivan friendly, though. I’ll just let Someone648 reveal her when he’s ready. These song choices for the previews are boring. I only made it through 10 seconds of #5. EDIT: No, I don’t think #4 is the one I was thinking of. Like I said, she sings like Alisan did before she switched to country, constantly going after the big notes.
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    I'll gladly take it. As long as we're back to live studio performances I don't care what the format is. I can't take anymore recorded performances from people's homes.
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    Hi IDF! Been so busy these past few days, I actually forgot to post the mechanics for the Live Shows. There will be a different format and ways on how you can vote. I will be announcing the mechanics and schedule for the Live Shows TONIGHT at 8 PM EST. Watch out for it! EDIT: I've had a mistake, I will be announcing it on Thursday Night, after I close the voting line for the Wildcard Show.
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    Alicia Vikander won her award for Ex Machina! That's my story and I am sticking with it.
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    Everyone on Christina's Season 10 Playoff Team that wasn't Nick Hagelin. I need her reaction gif again.
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    For my second song choice, I want to advance one of my many favorite Rihanna collaborations. It's with the very talented T.I. and this was one of the many Rihanna songs I was obsessed with. You all know it..... Advancing: "Live Your Life"
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    For my third song, I am praying the prayer to end all prayers that this will somehow sneak its way into the finals....regardless, I am advancing one of Rihanna's best songs of all time: here's to hoping R9 is that reggae album RiRi promised us Man Down
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    I always called Something in the Water winning. My #2 song winning? Not bad. Happy for @*Chris and @Steven_!
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    See....you have a subjective opinion that Kennedy had the best finals performance (I agree) and was robbed. Lauren had objectively the best two finals performances (#1 AND # 2 on iTunes) but was not robbed. Lauren also had a 350k to 500k lead in accumulated iTune bonus' before the first vote was cast in the finals. Was that 1% to 5% of the total filan vote? I don't know the percentage but it's a big head start for a popular Team Blake member. Blake went onstage in Nashville a few days after the finals and said the Vote was "Bull Sh*T". Yep he said that about the show he works for. With his contract...he couldn't say that....unless it was true.
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