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    They’re really catering to the older demographic with these first two contestants/song choices to keep them from changing it to the Weather Channel.
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    We're not worthy, but Queen just blessed us with her beautiful vocals
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    I think that the best auditions were Cyniah, Jonny, Jovin and Julia. Though Hannah and Sarah were also good.
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    I am about 45 sec away from the venue...at my hotel. Will try to get some decent photos and vids...from my fourth row seat.
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    MILK S6 I think I cut Milk AS3 so I'll just go ahead and cut this Milk too. Milk S6 is deservedly higher on this rankdown than Milk AS3. Milk S6 didn't seem to be as deluded. I thought Milk had a decent run and I liked a lot of what she brought to the runway. I think doing boy RuPaul was not so much a #choice as it was #nerve. And I generally liked the beard lily pad thing I guess (that inspired the bearded runway of Season 7 [allegedly]). Anyway, I don't have a lot of memories of Milk in the challenges, except the rap one where she was in the bottom 2 and went home. I thought Milk's rap dancing was kind of hilarious and didn't necessarily think it deserved bottom 2 over the iconic sturdy street rap. BUT as a Darienne fan I didn't mind lol. Milk was absolutely demolished in the lip sync by Trinity, so there was no question that Milk should go home after that. I kind of thought Milk would go farther in Season 6, but some queens that seemed like fodder when the season began (Joslyn, Darienne) ended up turning it out and staying longer. SAVE Miz Cracker S10
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    Kim as a contestant? Iconic. Kim as a model? Not so much. LOL.
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    somehow rei and i overlapped with only one gif. also dee's shortest write-up because rei and i put in work. lol.
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    I still watch riverdale no matter how messy it is for the shirtless scenes nd Queen Cheryl!
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    Whew can't believe how close we were to losing Fleabag, I Did That.
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    Me seeing @vee_ immediately post a write-up for the television show rankdown even though her two options have been up for 22 hours in this rankdown:
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    shock when he turned around, wasn't expecting this
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    Same! I was sad when she didn’t get to play in season 11. It would’ve been nice to see her play without the America’s Player twist.
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    Waiting to see Gigi. Hoping she gets a turn. Fellow South Plains College Alumni. Have to support a friend!
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    You can just edit a fanlist on the first post of this thread and add the names of the people who want to be added, like the one I made below. Fanlist: 1. Summer Overby 2. 3..... and so on. You can also add graphics, links to Todd's social media, and videos on the first post so we can have a place to easily access those links. Speaking of, here's Todd's trivia graphic from The Voice app.
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    This makes my heart so happy. Full playlist of Wild Blue, Wanted, Night and Day, My Song Too, and Dear God: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jw0YHI6oOr4&list=PLV6cD04QcriabWrqAJHEmds90v4RLgGz9&index=2&t=0s
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    I’ve listened a few more times. The more I listen the more I like. She so good, I feel obligated to like it. LOL. She can pretty much do whatever she wants with her voice.
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    i'm not gonna fall for another white girl in a a blazer, fool me once... (re marybeth)
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    you're so lucky you're only tuning in for the one performance that might be tolerable
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    She'll have a hard time channeling Joss Stone if Blake is in charge (he probably doesn't even know who Joss Stone is.)
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    Ooh yes this is so true about Mary - she's def getting overlooked and escaping the rage of lasting so long, because of Fr Ray, being much worse. It was def like that where Joe was getting most of the rage while Bobby ~escaped it more - until the finale and that win. And with Team Dances happening next week, apologies for whichever two that have to dance with Fr Ray. :fear: Lol I guess that they gave up on trying to get rid of Fr Ray, they're trying to get rid of Mary instead. Ughh I really do fear this. I was looking through some posts on Digital Spy regarding the public vote and they calculated that.... - Fr Ray was in one of the Top 3 spots. - Mary was in one of the Top 4 spots. I think Aidan was also in one of the Top 4 spots (or Top 5)? - Ryan and Grainne were in the Top 6, but likely only one was in the Top 4 (guessing that would Ryan, Grainne could have been 5th or 6th. Could be vice versa - with Grainne in Top 4 and Ryan 5th/6th) - Sinead was 5th/6th/7th in votes. - Lottie was 6th or 7th. So it is all worrisome.
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    As Rei requested to have someone do his write-up, notably someone who is fan of the show, I will be doing it! Let's start off with a quick overview of the series: The Mindy Project started to air in 2012 on Fox where it stars Mindy Kaling, whom is also the executive producer, creator, and writer. Other actors features in the show are Chris Messina - eye candy alert, Adam Pally, Ed Weeks, Anna Camp, Ike Barinholtz, Fortune Feimster, Xosha Roquemore, Beth Grant,and Stephen Tobolowsky. After a successful run on Fox where they ended up getting cancelled, Hulu came to rescue where the show continued until its 6th season - if I am not mistaken, this was one of the first "hulu original". What is the show about? The show is inspired by Mindy's mom. Anyway, the series follows Mindy Lahiri, a obstetrician and gynecologist, as she tries her best to balance her professional & personal life. She works in a small medical practice in NYC where she works with the likes of Danny Castallano who becomes a friend and love interest, Jeremy Reed whom is handsome and he knows it, Morgan Tooker whom is an ex-con who ends up as a nurse, Tamra Webb whom is a nurse and is not shy to say what's on her mind, and Beverley whom is the hilarious and old receptionist. The first season of the series started off strong - the pilot was brilliantly made and Mindy's portrayal is amazing. In the first season, Mindy and Danny develops a friendship while she is getting into a relationship with Casey after breaking up with a long-term boyfriend - she is making the decision to move to Haiti with Casey for a whole year. How did that work out? At the start of the second season, Mindy has to return to NYC for an emergency surgery where she has to make a crucial decision - to go back to Haiti or stay in NYC. She decides to stay in NYC where she is returning to work at the practice. Throughout the 2nd season, we are starting to notice a spark between Danny & Mindy - all of this is happening while she broke up with Casey to find an interest in a guy named Cliff to only realize she has feeling for Danny which she decides to act on during the finale of the season. In its 3rd season and its final season on FOX, Danny & Mindy struggles to keep their relationship a secret from everyone at work. And Mindy tries to win approval of Danny's mom while Danny is trying to teach life skills to Mindy; Mindy has a troubling relationship with Danny's mom whom is hovering too much in their relationship. Mindy & Danny are excited to start their own family which will come with a price... And this is why the fan were rooting for the show to get picked up by another network! Now that the show is on Hulu, the 4th season starts with Danny finally meeting Mindy's parents while her and Danny have disagreement on the birth of their child - their son arrives into this world when they were least expecting him. For most of the season, Mindy is struggling while being on maternity leave until she challenges Danny to be a stay at home dad until his dad suffers a heart attack - Annette must step in as a nanny much to Mindy's delight. While all of this is happening, Mindy's clinic is struggling financially and she must start planning her wedding which does not happen, as they end their relationship. Now that Mindy is single, again, she is ready to mingle while trying to stay in touch with her heritage which she is struggling with. At the end of this season, Danny & Mindy reconnect in an elevator which makes us believe that there's still a connection between the two of them. In its 5th season, Mindy is still struggling with her love life - she is unsure if she should pursue Jody as she still have feeling for Danny which many of us audience believe that they are the OTP. And in her business venture, she is faced with a nurse strikes at her clinic which is taking a toll on the doctors at the clinic. The second part of the season focuses on Mindy's new found love, Ben whom have a daughter of his own - the season end where Mindy believes that Ben is planning to propose as she finally come to term that she does not want to get married. And now in its final season, Mindy & Ben are finally married which is short lived as they decide to get divorced, early on in the season. This forces Mindy to turn to one of her ex, Cliff whom is a lawyer, to help her with her divorce - all of this is happening while Jeremy is struggling with a breakup of his own until he found love, again. The season ends with Mindy finding that Annette has a serious health problem which forces her to tell Danny where they can't agree on the best care for Annette. And the series ends with a hint that there's a reconciliation between Mindy & Danny in the near future! As a whole, I really enjoyed the series - I am not the biggest fan of sitcom in general but Mindy made me fall in love with her and the entire cast. The characters are hilarious - Mindy, Tamra, Bev and Morgan all gave us iconic quotes. And while the show lost its appeal towards the end, I was pleased with the final season - it concluded on a good note. Overall, the show was good for what it had to offer but not too sad that it is cut, now. REI SAVED: ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT
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    Bummer ... Of course, prayers up for you, your family and your mother-in-law!
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    I don't think there's much left that can save this season. It has been frustrating beyond belief. Just what will it take for Fr. Ray to go? Maybe much lower judges' scores. We need those 1's and 2's to come out more than ever now.
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    I also really like Danni, but Stephme was Guatamala
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    This concert is now SOLD OUT...… Tickets are sold out now. Check back soon.
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    Save Friends Cut The League ??
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    Translation: Trump wants to face Bernie so he can throw everything at the kitchen sink at him, especially the commie label.
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    Would I be correct in assuming that Elliott, who cared so much about sync issues with Ally Brooke, voted for Rachel to win over Kelly's messy Freestyle?
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    Lowkey bored so I threw the Oscar noms into a brantsteele survivor season and lol........
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    Shannon Elizabeth is best known for her work as a model, acting notably in American Pie & That's 70's show, and poker. And what about her dancing? That's one thing that she is not known for. She appeared on the 6th season of Dancing With The Stars where she was partnered with a baby Derek Hough - can we talk about his hair for a moment? Because his hairstyle was never cool. Anyway, back onto Shannon, her journey can be best described as Meh! I really never cared for her on the show - I just rewatched some of her routines and they were mediocre at best - she always seemed stiff during most of them. And truly, finishing in 6th place was quite generous but that season didn't really have anyone that was spectacular beside the front runners. And at this point, she's fodder so she deserves to be cut from this rankdown. SAVING: KELLIE PICKLER
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    Nikki Glaser So glad I can finally cut her LOL. She's first boot fodder who always seems to last way too long in this rankdown. Nikki is a comedian who appeared on season 27, partnered with Gleb Savchenko. For her week 1 dance, she performed a Salsa to "YES" that scored 17 points. Due to the twist this season where they announced the bottom 5 couples of week 1 and had them dance again, she danced a Salsa to "Tres Desos" and improved her score by 1 whole point, scoring 18 points. I remember the IDF meltdown when 5 girls ended up in the bottom group and that should've been a sign that season would have tragic results throughout LOL. Anyway, everyone realized that the writing was on the wall and Nikki was the first boot of the season. I think this leaves Erika as Gleb's last remaining partner? I just checked and it does. Congrats to Erika. I'm glad that I could prevent that title from going to Nikki and continue to actually cut the fodder unlike some of y'all. SAVING: Courtney Act
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    Hey everyone, so a while back (before reveal day, etc.), I spoke with a source and they gave me a list of the 10 people who ended up on John's team. They asked me not to make the list public, but now with Nelson's audition just being released, I asked them again if it would be fine to share the list and they said it would be. Obviously with such a strong claim, I wasn't immediately sure to trust it or not, but this person was the source that gave me Brittney Allen and Mike Jerel - both of whom ended up revealing soon after - so I decided to trust it. Anyways, these are the 10 names that, according to the source, - make up John's post-blinds team: Brittney Allen Cam Wesley Cedrice Webber (1 chair - final chair turn of season) Darious Lyles Mandi Castillo (4 chair) Mike Jerel Nelson Cade III (4 chair) Thunderstorm Artis (4 chair) Zach Day Zan Fiskum
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    Thank you for coming back @Tiger_8! I love both Arthur Gunn sigs. Do you mind if I take the all green one with his name on it?
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