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    Blake Shelton Gwen Stefani Miranda Lambert Gavin Rossdale
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    And even with all that you mentioned, Micah still came in 5th.
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    America and PraiseJesus Artis would be perfect. They already had the perfect names to attract the votes.
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    Either way, she is the first AA female to actually be onscreen when Carson announced the winner.
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    James Arthur??? You mean James Taylor right?
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    We celebrate this win with smiles and loud cheers! Bowing to The Queen's vocals and rightfully taking her throne after gracing us with her magic. Iconic divine Goddess, we(saying for the 1000th time) are never gonna be worthy, but we still cherish The Queen.
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    Maelyn's MasterCard commercial, Kelly Clarkson's "I Dare You"
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    I've been trying to find a way to summarize this journey we had supporting Todd, and I think the best way to put it is: I am grateful. I am grateful that Todd took the plunge and went for the open call to audition for this show. I am grateful for the producers for greenlighting Todd for the show, and for treating him the best way they can throughout this whole process. I am grateful for everyone behind the scenes for taking such good care of Todd when he was still in Hollywood, and even when he's filming his own live shows. I am grateful to the four coaches for giving Todd that four-chair turn and for boosting his confidence in himself as an artist. I am grateful for Blake for believing in Todd's talent and for bringing him all the way to the finale. I am grateful to every single one of the artists Todd met while on the show, for rekindling his passion for music, and for challenging him to be a better artist. I am grateful for the state of Mississippi for showing up for one of their own, and for supporting Todd's family however way they can as they went through this challenging phase of their lives. I am grateful for the Team Todd FB group for being such a badass support system for Todd and for his family. I am grateful to the critics and the haters, because they gave Todd a reason to push even harder and be better. I am grateful to this fan thread and all the IDF people who showed love and support for Todd, y'all made IDF a much more bearable place to be amidst all the negativity. I am grateful to Todd's entire family for helping Todd throughout this bizarre at-home live shows, and for encouraging him to just be himself and reach for the stars. And most of all, thank you Todd, for showing us your talent and passion, for being unapologetically you, for giving us a reason to endure this trial of a Voice season, and for making it all worthwhile! I can't wait to see the next phase of your musical journey!
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    Todd is the very first winner of The Voice who also auditioned the FIRST in a season.
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    this song is bad...he needs to visit songland
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    She held back vocally and avoided the screamer label.
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    Toneisha is the only AA woman to get 2nd place!
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    @TeamAudra, I believe this is what you would characterize as a "flex".
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    A friendly reminder that may or may not be the anger in me over the last two seasons talking to all: We didn't deserve Maelyn. The show didn't deserve Maelyn. But I thank her anyway for auditioning, because of the fact that she singlehandedly proved there's always a chance, albeit a very SLIGHT chance but still a chance nonetheless, that the truly best contestant can actually win.
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    he's also the oldest winner in the history of the show! such a refreshing and unique winner. Hopefully this inspires them to put more older people on the show next season. If Toneisha was really second place then that means the ages of the top 2 were 42 and 44! Such a cool first! It's nice to see the older peeps finally getting some love after the streak of teenagers/early-20's that normally win this show.
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    Would've never guessed the white coutnry male that sings gospel would've won
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    Toneisha wins the battle round against her coach!
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    All of this! Thanks to everyone who posted on this thread for making this a safe haven for Todd. I will be at peace with whatever happens tonight.
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    I'm back. Thank you Wally for helping me out yesterday.
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    Brendon urie!!!! He has the personality and the skills
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    tbh the only thing clear is that the top 3 is Todd, Toneisha, and Thunderstorm (a top 3 I'm very satisfied with). It wasn't Todd's strongest night while Toneisha and Thunderstorm gave two strong performances. I'd argue it's very close. Personally still rooting for Todd, but a Thunderstorm win wouldn't be disappointing. A Toneisha win would be a pleasant/welcome surprise - although it's the least likely of all.
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    No Todd fan by any means here but implying they pimped him heavily is just delusional, he was liked by the general audience and also worked hard to rally his fanbase and instructed them how to vote. That's why he won. He got one pimp spot in an episode that mattered less than the ones in which Camm and TStorm got it and they placed below him. Pimped more than Micah? Sure. But more than TStorm, Toneisha or even CammWess? Absolutely not
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    Imagine thinking that when Chris got 2 pimp spots and a god song lol.
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    Consistency (save for Stronger, which was still not bad at all, just underwhelming given it was the song immediately following her KO), choosing Team Blake, her backstory, and knowing how to make her voice work for her while adding the emotional punches at all the right moments. Mostly those last three given other "diva" types (Kyla, Kymberli, Rose, etc.) were also very consistent.
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    Plot twist: They're actually related
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    I appreciate that. Truly. Shoutout to @Summer Overby for actually creating this thread because I didn't know if I had time to manage one (before the pandemic happened).
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    Oldest winner as well And an bonus: Blake´s first winner in 5 seasons lol
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    I honestly don't know if I'm more happy for Todd or for MJ. Either way it's most deserved. Congrats y'all!
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    Nick should write daily thank you notes to whoever invented autotune.
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    carson couldn't find micah's best friend or what?
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    I wouldn't be mad if Kelly was just representing herself in the finales. Then her awful finalists can sit on the sidelines and be shown how its done.
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    Lol at the people ranking Jeana so low
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    guessing it could be because its not on facebook yet.. so all the facebook ppl went to YT to see him
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