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    We're not worthy, but Queen just blessed us with her beautiful vocals
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    LGBTQ+ ally Hilary Duff strikes again.
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    Chaka Khan and Dionne Warwick already eliminated?! I call bullsh*t!
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    And when she finished, all the people of the land, the fishes of the sea, the birds in the air and the animals of the forests said:
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    Danielle Reyes UGH this cut really sucks, as Danielle and Cirie are two of the greatest contestants to come from the three CBS RTV shows, but I'm just feeling like a Cirie save is the way to go at the moment, so sadly Danielle is being cut which is awful because she deserves so much more but it's blatantly clear what the agenda of *certain* rankers is. I fully expect Cirie and all the others saved this round cut soon as a result. At least I can ensure that Danielle gets a good write-up instead of a "well, it's 100 words and paraphrased from the wiki LOL" write-up. Danielle first competed as a houseguest on Big Brother 3, where she cemented herself as a Big Brother legend. One of the greatest seasons ever, and Danielle is a HUGE reason why. Week 1, she already showed how great of a houseguest she would be by getting into the iconic hand washing fight with Lori when Jerry didn't wash his hands. Such a random thing to get into a fight over, but such a hilarious moment. Then, there was Danielle's confessionals. Ultimately the reason for her not winning because the jury got to see them and what caused the sequestered jury to be a thing from season 4 onwards, Danielle's confessionals where she made fun of the other contestants were hilarious and her "# down, # to go" confessionals were fantastic as well. Let's not forget about Danielle, the strategist. Her & Jason are one of my favorite big brother alliances and the way they ran the house was pretty incredible to watch. My favorite moment of Danielle's is when it was a split vote between Amy and Marcellas and Danielle chose to evict Marcellas, knowing he was a bigger threat than Amy. Everyone's reactions to that as well as the infamous refusal to use the veto by Marcellas just added to the iconic-ness of that moment. Danielle's feud with Roddy was a great part of the season as well. I was obviously Team Dani, but what would a good season be without a season-long feud? Sadly, Danielle lost her rightful win because the jury was allowed to see things they really shouldn't have. But that wouldn't be the end of Danielle, she returned for the show's all-stars season and was just as iconic. Here, she teamed up with Chilltown and eventually James to get rid of the Season 6 alliance, but specifically Janelle - who turned into a Com Queen that season, so Danielle's efforts to get rid of her were thwarted literally every time. Danielle won the spider web endurance comp. She hilariously commented how bad her alliance was at the first "how bad do you want it?" veto comp. Her and the Legion of Doom were great adversaries to Janelle during the season and made all-stars really good. Maybe not top-tier considering the ending, but a really good season overall. All in all, Danielle is a legend of CBS RTV which makes this cut so painful. Sadly, this is not her first time being nominated (nor is it Cirie's) so it's clear she's not long for this rankdown. Might as well send her out with a great write-up while I can instead of letting someone who doesn't care for her give her a horrible write-up somewhere down the road. I'm going to end with clips of Danielle's time on both of her seasons, as some clearly need a reminder of just how amazing she is. SAVING: Cirie Fields
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    @*Chris the weddings are up!!!
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    the potential of having both banana and taco make it through next week is making me ill
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    I figured I should be the one to start this thread. :giggle: Anyway, the queen of the 90s alternative female singer-songwriter movement is releasing her newest album, Such Pretty Forks in the Road, in May and has already put out two songs from it! The music video for first single, Reasons I Drink, came out today.
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    Most of Garth's spins are from the major radio corp.'s, "cumulus, iheart, entercom" ……. and of course the push for Garth bleeds spins from other artists down the chart. This song should have been gone weeks ago. It is the worst chart manipulation I have seen. There are very few independent stations anymore so these 3 control most of the airplay. The hourly spin deals for an A-lister don't help. Kenny Chesney got them last week and today and tomorrow Keith Urban will benefit.
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    ThisiswhyweshouldhavedumpedJaylasooner. At least we don't have to worry about Kim 1. Lisa 2. Bre 3. Nik 4. Nicole - love her, but bug-eyed here 5. Jayla - Body is great, but looks sleepy in the profile and the face forward one is bad
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    I don't know if its the ACMs or the CMAs but one criteria is something about 3 albums. Russell certainly fits that. I bet Jordan also fits that. They may have to change that rule, since with the single driven atmosphere now,, there are many many that fit into that category.
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    So you think you can dance So you think you can dance is an American reality tv dancing show that has been on the air since 2005 with 296 episodes and 16 seasons. To the people that doesn't know the show, it revolves around the search of America's best dancer. Professional dances would audition in front of "dance experts" doing a dance solo in their style where they will be picked or not to advance to the Academy along all the dancers picked in the audition process. At the academy, the dances will be challenged in 4~5 dance rounds in different dance genres, where then the judges will then decide which 20~10 dancers (depending of the season) will move on to the live shows. During the live shows, the dancers will perform duets in different dance styles like Contemporary, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Ballet/Pas de Deux, Hip hop, Lyrical Hip hop, Breaking, Krump, Steeping, Waacking, Vogue, Foxtrot, Tango, Argentine Tango, Quickstep, Waltz, Smooth waltz, Slow waltz, American slow waltz, Viennese waltz, Cha-cha, Jive, American Jive, Mambo, Paso Doble, Rumba, Salsa, Samba, Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Modern Jazz, Lyrical Jazz, African jazz, Jazz-Funk, Latin Jazz, Pop Jazz, Broadway, Can-can, Tap, Charleston, Country Western Two-Step, Disco, Hustle, Lindy Hop, Rock n' Roll, Swing, West Coast Swing, Bollywood, Kalinka, Trepak, Tahitian and many more. During those 16 seasons we have had legendary seasons (3,4,5,6,10 and 14), good seasons (1,12 and 15), terrible seasons (2,7,8,9,11 and 13) and seasons that shall not be named (16), so there's plenty of greatness to see in the show. But the only thing you need to know is that Kayla Radomski and Benji Schwimmer are the only dancers that you should care about :). I'm now leaving you with the best routine of every season so you can see my flawless taste. Saving Queer Eye
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    "Sing to me, Paolo" was a top-tier moment in gay plot twist cinema.
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    ugh, Nicolette Sheridan was done so dirty on the show. Though Felicity was the one who was taking responsibility for the bribery and took the plea bargain (RIP Lori Laughlin's reputation), so she's coming out of this ordeal looking good to the public.
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    Saving Queer Eye Cutting SYTYCD
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    Mad at Felicity Huffman for her criminal activity mostly because it'll probably taint the chances of a Desperate Housewives reunion (which you can't do without Lynette ). Also the entire cast hating Teri Hatcher is iconic tbh (once again you can't do the reunion without Susan, and Edie definitely isn't coming back so I guess my dreams remain crushed).
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    I did momentarily consider cutting SYTYCD so I could drag Nigel Lythgoe but I'll hold off on it for now.
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    They were so nasty to Nick (well mostly Lionel tbh) and not to the ones who actually have attitude
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    Best gif choice. Thank you. Oh.
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    I still watch riverdale no matter how messy it is for the shirtless scenes nd Queen Cheryl!
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    Only because it's going to be cut anyway. But thank you.
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    His undeserved presence on the season is a crime against humanity.
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    It's been a while since I saw a Voice artist being supported so vocally by their hometown the way Meridian is supporting Todd right now. Even the Meridian mayor and Mississippi governor shared his audition on their profiles. Hopefully this will translate into votes when the time comes.
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    Just a few more sigs I made... Couldn't decide which for Margie I liked more so figured I'd post both...
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    *takes deep breathe* Season one champion, all stars underdog, season 20 returnee, celebrity trio participant, 2017 DWTS rankdown first official being back contestant, soap opera icon, gay rights activist and IDF Redo Underdog Kellegend Monaco
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    Thank you. Thanks. I know. And thank you.
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