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    That high note at 58 seconds reminds me sooo much of Kymberli Joye.
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    Janelle votes to evict Alex from the proverbial big brother house.
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    Sounds fresher than the average Diva but still not my thing.
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    out of the 10 artist, this is the best!
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    she def has potential, I think Blake could help her, her voice is a little shaky but she could do really good JK her live version is better
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    I voted for season 2 before the deadline hopefully you saw it! I will send my PM votes later tonight! Great shows!
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    He's also won with multiple artists in the finale - Cassadee, Danielle, Chloe, and Todd were all in the finale with a second Blake act and ended up winning. It does make it trickier but not impossible.
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    AI is my life at this point... Now if only I could sing! lol
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    Yeah. I said what I said... lol I'm just going to be brief... 1. Carly Smithson's solo career... Her pre-AI album is WAY more my speed than her album with the band We Are The Fallen... 2. Allison Iraheta's solo career 3. Melinda Doolittle's debut! 4. Hollie Cavanagh and the album I'm still waiting for... WHAT SAY YOU IDF?
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    #5 will be posted within an hour, so be ready!
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    I'm going to need some results soon....URGH!!!...
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    Just leaving these GIFs here
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    "Most people had a cordial relationship with their battle partners...CeeLo put us with someone totally different from us..." Lord, to be a fly on the wall for those rehearsals
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    We just did the audios to try something a bit different to spice things up. We're not targeting anyone or insinuating that the community as a whole is shallow, nor or we saying that that's the reason why we did the audios. Tons of users have their own personal biases towards/against certain contestants anyways... mj and I would be the biggest hypocrites of all if we tried to call anyone's taste shallow here. Y'all might know my taste, and y'all likely understand mj's taste. We simply picked the contestants based on the few people that we had available at the time and tried to make that list as diverse as possible in hopes that it would get some hype/conversation going on. That's literally it. Clearly y'all weren't as responsive to it as we hoped, and that's fine. Trial and error, and maybe this was one big error lol. But none of this was done to judge any user for their taste. With that being said, the names will drop in a few days.
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    Season 2 Voting is Now CLOSED! Season 3 Voting is Now OPEN! Survey Heart Poll Link: https://surveyheart.com/form/5f2d4a9289672f100afadd5c Google Forms Link: https://forms.gle/cKBr9ytd3PwtL9Ck8 PM Voting Is OPEN: Contestant Numbers: Jon Peter Lewis- 301 Diana DeGarmo- 302 LaToya London- 303 John Stevens- 304 Matthew Rogers- 305 Fantasia Barrino- 306 Leah LaBelle- 307 Jasmine Trias- 308 Camile Velasco- 309 George Huff- 310 Amy Adams- 311 Jennifer Hudson- 312 @JC @anonymouskid_35 @thevoiceisthetop @IAN27TAY @taylorkat @Crisis @kenboy123 @Leekleekington @randomgirl @DorisAnn
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    Everyone on Christina's Season 10 Playoff Team that wasn't Nick Hagelin. I need her reaction gif again.
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    @Deeee can i change my round to the most important musical artist of our time?
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    I voted Rose but I was in the audience when Rose sang her instant save so I'm biased. Sisaundra held the crown before Rose though for me
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    Erin Martin, the Queen of Queens, Maelyn could never
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    006. David Cook: I finally got him. Oh, I wonder why you put "worthy" in quotes about him as a "worthy" winner? Am I missing something? But he is a worthy winner, even if I disagree with that season's outcome. He was also among my favorites and really grew on me throughout the season. I loved his creativity and the way he'd completely change up some songs. Hello and Always Be My Baby are the big standouts to me on that front. I also enjoyed him singing songs straight like The Music Of the Night and The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (so, I guess longer song titles ) But actually, I'm not familiar with All I Really Need Is You, so I don't know if he changed that one much or at all, but that's an underrated favorite of mine. I wasn't crazy about any of his performances in the final, actually... The coronation song was fine enough, but I don't think suited him, although he made it work. I absolutely loved Archie's. Oh well. I love the David/David friendship as well and it was so funny to have a Top 2 with the same first name. I also bought this David's first album and enjoyed it as well. Overall, he ranks somewhere among my favorites, although I couldn't give a number. I'm going to agree on LaToya for the next clue... for the same reasons as everyone else. @Crisis
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    I want to thank @miss denise for filling for me and @Alex95 for working something out with me during this difficult time. I thank and appreciate you both.
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    @Crisis When a group comes to mind This one's often left behind got a feeling this clue is about latoya london.. she was a choir group and broadway.. one of the divas of season 3 that was kind of forgotten behind fantasia and jennifer..
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    @Crisis This is probably La Toya London. Of the three divas of Season 3, she is the least talked about now. This is my official guess.
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    @Crisis My guess for the clue is LaToya London.
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    So many facts. It's a little overwhelming tbh.
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    Imagine thinking Lauren only got sales. There were over 100k purchases only of her original if I'm not mistaken, most of those people voted as well. No logical explanation as to how she didn't win tbh
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    This was so amazing to listen to! I could really feel the connection that Archie had with the song. So beautiful, will definitely listen again 10 more times. Is it just me, or does he look tanned in some parts of this?
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    I think the only way she would have won in BB6 is if Ivette took her to the Final 2 and betrayed The Friendship.
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    Honestly? Janice Freeman (RIP) I really thought she would atleast make it into the Semis, she had decent performances than the country dudes on that season.
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