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    That's it you guys! I've gotta admit, I didn't expect to enjoy this redux because I was hesitant at first if anyone would support me in this redux, but man y'all exceeded my expectations. Thank you especially to @QueenMae16, @IAN27TAY, @jarmon, @Archanium, @RickyCoben, @taylorkat, @kenboy123, and many more for voting, tuning in everyday as I conduct my redux. I know that you favorites didn't won/placed higher but yeah you still supported me. Love you guys! Hope you can support me in my next redux: The Voice Season 13 Redux!
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    SAVE THEM Mia Thermopolis (The Princess Diaries) Sharpay Evans (High School Musical) Anna Montgomery (The Big Green) Queen Clarisse Renaldi (The Princess Diaries)
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    I looved jesse but I may be a little bias since he was a favorite of mine from last season, and lmao at team delta being all my favs and bukhu... was not my cup of tea
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    Got Wes in this game and Probst in the Survivor game? Why am I getting all these straight white males?!
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    The Voice Season 17 A-Kid's Redux Voting Results LIVE PLAYOFFS (Results) TEAM BLAKE Gracee Shriver- 24.79% Kat Hammock- 23.08% Brooke Stephenson- 22.22% (Instant Save) Marybeth Byrd- 19.66% (Coach's Save) Ricky Duran- 5.13% (Eliminated) James Violet- 4.27% (Eliminated) Jake Hoot- 0.85% (Eliminated) TEAM GWEN Rose Short- 32.48% Hello Sunday- 23.93% Kyndal Inskeep- 12.82% (Instant Save) Joana Martinez- 11.97% (Coach's Save) Destiny Rayne- 9.40% (Eliminated) Mendeleyev- 5.98% (Eliminated) Cali Wilson- 3.42% (Eliminated) TEAM KELLY Myracle Holloway- 28.95% Injoy Fountain- 27.19% Katie Kadan- 23.68% (Coach's Save) Brennan Lassiter- 7.89% (Instant Save) Marina Chello- 7.02% (Eliminated) Lauren Hall- 4.39% (Eliminated) Calvin Lockett- 0.88% (Eliminated) TEAM LEGEND Khalea Lynee- 31.90% Zoe Upkins- 27.59% Dane & Stephanie- 19.83% (Instant Save) Max Boyle- 10.34% (Eliminated) Jake HaldenVang- 5.17% (Eliminated) Will Breman- 2.59% (Coach's Save) Alex Guthrie- 2.59% (Eliminated) ---------------------------------------------------------------- Kyndal Inskeep- 50% (Instantly Saved) Brennan Lassiter- 33.33% (Eliminated) Brooke Stephenson- 16.67% (Eliminated) Dane & Stephanie- 0% (Eliminated) LIVE SHOWS (Top 13 Results) Rose Short- 21.62% Khalea Lynee- 13.51% Injoy Fountain- 12.61% Zoe Upkins- 10.81% Katie Kadan- 9.01% Myracle Holloway- 8.11% Marybeth Byrd- 6.31% Kat Hammock- 4.50% Will Breman- 3.60% Gracee Shriver- 3.60% Kyndal Inskeep- 2.70% (Bottom 3) Joana Martinez- 1.80% (Bottom 3) Hello Sunday- 1.80% (Bottom 3) -------------------------------------------------------------- Kyndal Inskeep- 57.14% (Instantly Saved) Joana Martinez- 42.86% (Eliminated) Hello Sunday- 0% (Eliminated) LIVE SHOWS (Top 11 Results) Rose Short- 19.05% Khalea Lynee- 14.29% Injoy Fountain- 13.33% Zoe Upkins- 13.33% Myracle Holloway- 12.38% Katie Kadan- 8.57% Kyndal Inskeep- 6.67% Marybeth Byrd- 4.76% Gracee Shriver- 4.76% Kat Hammock- 2.86% (Bottom 2) Will Breman- 0% (Bottom 2) --------------------------------------------------------------- Kat Hammock- 78.57% (Instantly Saved) Will Breman- 21.43% (Eliminated) LIVE SHOWS (Quarterfinals Results) SOLO ROUNDS Khalea Lynee- 24.24% (Received the 2x multiplier) Myracle Holloway- 20.61% (Received the 2x multiplier) Rose Short- 16.97% Marybeth Byrd- 8.48% Kyndal Inskeep- 7.88% Zoe Upkins- 7.27% Kat Hammock- 6.06% Injoy Fountain- 5.45% (Bottom 3) Gracee Shriver- 1.82% (Bottom 3) Katie Kadan- 1.21% (Bottom 3) DUET ROUNDS Myracle and Khalea- 46.83% (Received the 2x multiplier) Zoe and Injoy- 39.68% Rose and Katie- 7.14% Kyndal and Kat- 4.76% Gracee and Marybeth- 1.59% -------------------------------------------------------------- Gracee Shriver- 50% (Instantly Saved) Katie Kadan- 40.91% (Eliminated) Injoy Fountain- 9.09% (Eliminated) LIVE SHOWS (Semi-Finals Results) SOLO ROUNDS Marybeth Byrd- 37.55% (Received the 2x multiplier) Rose Short- 18.78% Myracle Holloway- 13.97% Kyndal Inskeep- 9.61% (Middle 3) (Received the 2x multiplier) Khalea Lynee- 8.73% (Middle 3) Zoe Upkins- 5.24% (Middle 3) Gracee Shriver- 3.49% (Eliminated) Kat Hammock- 2.62% (Eliminated) DUET ROUNDS Kyndal and Marybeth- 42.42% (Received the 2x multiplier) Rose and Khalea- 40.61% Zoe and Myracle- 8.48% Kat and Gracee- 8.48% ----------------------------------------------------------------- Khalea Lynee- 56.25% (Instantly Saved) Kyndal Inskeep- 31.25% (Eliminated) Zoe Upkins- 12.50% (Eliminated) LIVE SHOWS (Wildcard Show Results) Katie Kadan- 25.53% (Wildcard Winner) Kyndal Inskeep- 23.40% (Eliminated) Injoy Fountain- 21.28% (Eliminated) Gracee Shriver- 10.64% (Eliminated) Kat Hammock- 6.38% (Eliminated) Will Breman- 4.26% (Eliminated) Joana Martinez- 4.26% (Eliminated) Zoe Upkins- 2.13% (Eliminated) Hello Sunday- 2.13% (Eliminated) LIVE SHOWS (Grand Finals Results) ROUND 1 (Audition Song) Marybeth Byrd- 33.87% Rose Short- 29.03% Khalea Lynee- 22.58% Katie Kadan- 9.68% Myracle Holloway- 4.84% ROUND 2 (Duet with Coach) Marybeth Byrd- 33.87% Rose Short- 32.26% Myracle Holloway- 16.13% Khalea Lynee- 12.90% Katie Kadan- 4.84% ROUND 3 (Winning Song) Rose Short- 40.32% Marybeth Byrd- 32.26% Myracle Holloway- 12.90% Katie Kadan- 9.68% Khalea Lynee- 4.84% -------------------------------------------- Rose Short- 33.87% (WINNER) Marybeth Byrd- 33.33% (RUNNER-UP) Khalea Lynee- 13.44% (3RD PLACE) Myracle Holloway- 11.29% (4TH PLACE) Katie Kadan- 8.07% (5TH PLACE)
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    I thought I had seen guy's chair lit up but you're right my bad
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    Ella Monnery - Higher Love and she pick kelly (3 chairs) Jesse Teinaki - When the party's over he pick Delta (4 chairs) Sebastian Coe - Sucker only George turn Bukhu Ganburged - Mother and Father he pick Guys (4 chairs) Luke Biscan - Resolution kelly and guys turn but he pick guy (2 chairs) Phoebe Jay - man! i fell like a woman! (no chairs turn) Olivia Kelly - Video Game (no chairs turn)
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    From what I've heard, 1 coach gets blocked a lot!! My guess is Kelly, but I've also seen ads where both Guy and Delta are blocked for the same contestant, and also Delta is blocked from pitching to a contestant who is singing and playing the piano. Hahaha George will definitely be finding a way to get revenge
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    New name for tonight: Bukhu Ganburged: https://www.instagram.com/bukhu_ganburged/ Also fun fact: Jesse's audition will be airing exactly 1 year after his first!
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    I'll put this at the beginning of the redux and I'll credit you
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    OMG THANKS A LOT!! You guys better check this out! Thank you for the time and effort
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    Episode 2 rundown: 1. Janie Gordon: it’s true there were shaky moments, but her tone is just to die for. 2. Chris Sebastian: it was solid, but he might have done a tad too much with it for my taste. 3. Timothy Bowen: another solid performance, but I wasn’t as captivated. Maybe because I’ve heard that song done that way dozens of times before. 4. Jimi the Kween: his voice sounds not fully controlled? Also I kinda expected more theatrics from a drag queen on a song like this. 5. Charlie McFarlane: he’s ok I guess, not a disaster but not very exciting either. 6. Stephanie Cole: soooo yelly, she’s gonna have to rein all that in.
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    I voted for both Thunderstorm and Todd, so i am thrilled that Todd won, he deserved it. I loved both signals too but Todd's were slightly better.
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    Elliott liking this post like he didn't go rogue on his first set of nominations.
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    Oh sorry wait! There ya have it! heheheh
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    I am sure everything is valid, and if not, I would honor everybody's decisions...as well as recycle your write-ups. LOL.
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    Like a true stan. We all repeat her performances tbh, or else we would be flops But its only fitting to repeat her performances AT LEAST one time or it just wouldn't feel right.
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    Happy to support you! Excited for Season 13, oh my idk what's gonna happen! Excited for it though!
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    THE RADIOACTIVE RANKERS DEE @Deeee QK @QueenKalie ALEX @Alex95 WALLY @*Wallace VICTORIA @1234567890 Who will ensure their favorite becomes REALITY ROYALTY and become our rankdown CHALLENGE CHAMPION? WILL IT BE... @Deeee, the sassy veteran with the perfect resume and perpetual desire for blood? @QueenKalie, Dee's Challenge veteran rival who is ALWAYS ready for a verbal AND physical smackdown? @Alex95, a popular reality juggernaut who will not hesitate to cut these veterans down to size and sweet talk you into submission? @*Wallace, the rookie of the bunch, but the IDF king and sweetest betch you will ever meet? But watch out, what if he "accidentally" stabs you in the back? @1234567890, gif and rankdown queen who could be your best friend and closest ally, unless she decides you deserve a lashing? Hella excited for these five fabulous rankers. They are now inducted into The Challenge Hall of Ranker Royalty! I am excited for this ALL-STAR cast of rankers to THROW IT DOWN in this rankdown. Based on this casting, I am expecting some Challenge fireworks for sure. Tomorrow, I will reveal CYCLE I: ALL-STARS!
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    I was listening to Maelyn's performance of "The Scientist" on YouTube, and saw an apt comment. Since her performance ends on the line "I'm going back to the start," someone commented this: maelyn's performance ends me: i'm going back to the start honestly just thought it was fitting
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    Episode 2 Rankings 1. Timothy Bowen 2. Chris Sebastian 3. Charlie McFarlane 4. Janie Gordon 5. Jimi the Kween 6. Stephanie Cole 7. Megan Vuilleman
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    That name's familiar but not on the OP. Seems like he's an X Factor alumni but I'm not sure where else I've seen that name before....
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    Matt Gresham is up on Sunday, as well.
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    Tonight: Ella Monnery Jesse Teinaki Luke Biscan Olivia Kelly (per her Instagram post) Sebastian Coe And likely at least one more? Emmagen Rain, Matt Gresham, and Siala confirmed that they're up on Sunday night.
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    If you use a VPN you can probably access through the main website: https://9now.nine.com.au/the-voice Otherwise, OZTalent has been posting the full auditions + coach commentary a couple hours after the show airs (sometimes delayed, sometimes they delete and reupload - but they're reliable and have been doing really well for the past few seasons) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHvl7-1_5kQgM0wqif9aASA And here's the official Youtube channel - they just have the blinds alone posted/no coach commentary, but they have a lot of extras, etc. https://www.youtube.com/user/TheVoiceAustralia
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    Omg S13 is going to be very interesting, one of the most talented seasons for sure!
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    Season 13 is gonna SLAY! So many worthy winners, but yall know who I'm going for don't @me lmao.
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    Lmao, she better. No one could compete with her that season... or any season regardless.... Jordan/Alisan/Tessanne would be the closest, but fail lol.
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    I loved the the voice Australia this year can’t wait to see Jesse audition tomorrow I really hope he gets4 chairs
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    Oh wow never thought I'd see a topic about the voice australia here, it's definitely my favorite franchise and I usually watch it by myself lol Stellar and Janie are my favs so far, and looking foward to Jesse coming back tomorrow
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    This is why anyone that wants to be leader of the free world has to be careful with their words and I've said it from the beginning. The media is most complicit when it comes to pointing out every single "falsehood" with regard to Trump, so when something genuinely worth condemning pops up, a sizable portion of the public doesn't always believe them. Shock.
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    I remember living this one as well! But honestly...with a voice like hers...I feel like she could sing the instruction manuel to a dishwasher and it would bring life to my otherwise cold and dead soul.
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    James Arthur??? You mean James Taylor right?
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    She held back vocally and avoided the screamer label.
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    Consistency (save for Stronger, which was still not bad at all, just underwhelming given it was the song immediately following her KO), choosing Team Blake, her backstory, and knowing how to make her voice work for her while adding the emotional punches at all the right moments. Mostly those last three given other "diva" types (Kyla, Kymberli, Rose, etc.) were also very consistent.
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    Add me. Loved her, sadly she was bussed for CammWess even though they didn´t have to. She did the best she could with that Camila song. Robbed periodt.
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    well, at least her run ended with a great performance. i'm proud of her for making it this far and i'm going to keep an eye out for her post-show.
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