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    Surgery went well and I tested negative for COVID-19. The rest of my family gets tested tomorrow. Thanks for all the well wishes.
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    Well hello there. Was expecting the final jump this morning, but I can wait one more day. Hope everyone is doing well in this new world of ours. Miss seeing everyone on the road, but hopefully that will come back soon enough.
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    @IAN27TAY the #AllLivesMatter hashtag. Yikes. Sorry but that ain't it
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    I dont know why you feel the need to police her wording after she got raped... obviously she would be traumatized and using strong language has nothing to do with how seriously she should be taken. ANY rape victim should be taken seriously, and if you disagree, then there's a major problem
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    My fourth choice is one that I'm surprised hasn't been chosen. NOT ON MY WATCH! BOY BYE! BECKY WITH THE GOOD HAIR. I AIN'T SORRY.
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    Nah, Rose did THAT. Honestly one of the most underrated performances of the season imo.
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    He did it ... TOP 5!!!
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    Thank you all. I found out my results today or before the surgery so I'll know soon if there is need to worry. Your well wishes mean the world. And thanks for the laugh, @Zoey.
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    Is it too late to add your baby to this Rankdown? cause your baby has already better taste that some of the rankers in here
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    FINAL 6 OVER 25's Ali Caldwell Kymberli Joye Alisan Porter Angie Miller Amanda Brown Joshua Ledet
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    Tune in tomorrow night at 8 PM EST as the Final 8 of The Over 25's category, mentored by @jarmon, closes out the Judges House round! Goodnight IDF!
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    Petition to have more than 15 songs in the finals aka let everyone advance a song by themselves? Sign below!
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    I mean... The following day, Erica says, a co-worker took her to a local hospital to have a rape kit completed. "The following week is a blur," she recounts, but writes about a "controlled call" between herself and Wakefield, during which police listened and recorded the conversation. "He repeatedly said, 'I'm sorry I f--ked up,' while I cried and asked why he raped me," Erica says. "The following day the police went to his apartment and he told them he thought I was awake." The day after police visited Wakefield's apartment, Erica says, the assistant district attorney threw out her case. "My rape kit showed trauma, they had recordings of him saying he 'f--ked up,' but it wasn't enough since he 'thought I was awake,'" she writes via Twitter. Following the alleged assault, Erica says she sought therapy via the Nashville's Sexual Assault Center. She says she's stayed quiet about the incident "because I'm terrified of him, the power he has and the repercussions of speaking out." In a statement provided to Taste of Country, Wakefield says that Erica's accusation "was in connection with a relationship that took place three years ago." At the time, he says, he "gave a statement to detectives and fully cooperated with the investigating authorities." Assuming that all of this is true, then yeah... that's rape. Adam's statement doesn't deny any of this happening, so I see no reason why we shouldn't believe her. I understand the hesitancy to simply accept every accusation of sexual assault/misconduct/etc, but I find it important that each victim's voice is heard and acknowledged. If it didn't actually happen the way Erica said, then Adam's done an awful job defending himself and it seems that Erica's taken every proper route to address the situation and seek justice.
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    I’m requesting a rankdown of...
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    My next two picks. Naughty Girl Freakum Dress
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    My first choice is one of my MANYYY favorites from Bey. A single that I really loved and was obsessed with and know all of the words and music video to it by heart. And hoping some other actual big singles don’t get overlooked I fear this could be a song that might get overlooked and notchosen - and I will be upset if that happens. Adavancing: Déjà Vu
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    What the f? Anyone with two functioning brain cells could tell Mason wasn't rude but Guy just wanted attention and was rude. Horrible coach. Cheater. Arrogant and terrible arrangements and song choices for his artists.
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    Honestly, I really like Delta, I mean, even though her team wasn't the strongest at the start, she always manage to have a powerful finalists at the end. It would be good if Guy will be replaced next season, as much as I love him as a person, he really have a bad role as a coach
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    If he wants it, it's his. And then UMGN will rotate 2 of its artists into the #1 spot -- Bryan and Hunt. Speaking of UMGN, both 5MM and IB have now hit #1 after Scotty's former label refused to release either song. Karma babeee. Just sayin.
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    Cassadee Pope - Over You (Season 3)
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    Well now I know my refresh button on my phone works really well. #1 YES Now it has to stay there. 2 more days!
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    IN BETWEEN ... 6.17.20 1 1 CARLY PEARCE & LEE BRICE I Hope You're Happy Now 7465 8337 -872 47.69 ... -590 spins/ -2.421 AI -- at this pace will def drop below Scotty by Sunday! 4 2 Up this week KENNY CHESNEY Here And Now 6926 6416 510 41.375 ... +59 spins/ +.677 AI 5 3 Up this week SCOTTY MCCREERY In Between 6994 6165 829 42.454 ... jumped Combs/ +271 spins and +1.553 AI 3 4 LUKE COMBS Does To Me f/Eric Church 6616 7366 -750 42.089 ... dropping toward recurrency on Sunday! 8 5 Up this week LUKE BRYAN One Margarita 6462 5561 901 37.663 ... +117 spins/ +.860 AI 6 6 Up this week MIRANDA LAMBERT Bluebird 6057 5763 294 33.402 ... +55 spins/ +.084 AI 7 7 Up this week SAM HUNT Hard To Forget 6111 5843 268 34.478 ... -11 spins/ +.255 AI 2 8 TRAVIS DENNING After A Few 5662 8112 -2450 40.125 ... dropping toward recurrency 9 9 Up this week LOCASH One Big Country Song 5299 4983 316 29.728 ... +69 spins/ +.508 AI 11 10 Up this week FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE I Love My Country 4727 4593 134 27.35 ... +42 spins/ +.335 AI ---------------------- 10 11 CARRIE UNDERWOOD Drinking Alone 4666 4770 -104 25.445 ... +43 spins/ -.162 AI --- perhaps she hasn't given up after all!!! 13 12 Up this week KEITH URBAN God Whispered Your Name 4797 4627 170 27.27 12 13 Up this week JUSTIN MOORE Why We Drink 4453 4423 30 26.603 15 14 Up this week THOMAS RHETT Be A Light f/McEntire, Scott.. 4568 4213 355 24.961 16 15 Up this week MADDIE & TAE Die From A Broken Heart 4669 4323 346 25.123 14 16 Up this week CHRIS JANSON Done 4431 4222 209 25.873 17 17 Up this week ASHLEY MCBRYDE One Night Standards 3519 3328 191 17.937 18 18 Up this week KANE BROWN Cool Again 3433 3098 335 17.679 19 19 Up this week TIM MCGRAW I Called Mama 3098 2899 199 16.611 20 20 Up this week CHASE RICE Lonely If You Are 3073 2914 159 15.966 OK Scotty, we need 4 more days of this: +271 spins/ +1.553 AI... Currently #3 with more spins and a higher AI than Kenny -- let's gooooo! This week at Mediabase: Scotty will move UP to #3 after Luke Combs goes recurrent on Sunday. After that, it's all about Carly/Brice (will they drop fast enough?) and Chesney (can Scotty jump him?). Fasten your seat-belts! Note: We only need look at the recent climbs of 2 A-listers to understand just how brutal this chart is. Carrie Underwood has peaked at #10 (or maybe not) and Chris Young recently peaked at #25! SPINCREASE chart SCOTTY MCCREERY In Between . . . 1226 move (+457) // 300 stations (--) ... This Week's Comparatives: Mon ... -5 Tues ... +18 Wed ... +39 Thurs ... +9 Fri ... +36 Sat ... +49 Sun: ... +68 Recurrencies June 21: Luke Combs June 27: Travis Denning --------------------------------------------------- Music Video Total video streams (music video, acoustic video, audio): 5,547,631 --regular ... 3,009,512 ... 3M babeee --audio ... 2,235,872 --acoustic ... 302,247 Spotify Total streams (regular and acoustic): 32,426,636 ... -- regular ... 31,749,516 (+205,486) -- acoustic ... 885,380 Pandora June 8 - 14, 2020 1,465,793 streams (+.7%) // Total: 43,871,538 ... almost 44M babeee! iTunes Country Songs: #42 Today's Country: #22... ---------------------------------------------------- Just in case you missed it . . . Gabi posted a lot of great photos here:
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    Poor men . What a rough go they have. Ranked lower than women on online rankings, how ever will we ever achieve to equality again?!
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    These are my definition of QUEENS. Maelyn Jarmon (Fields of Gold)- I mean DUH. I knew from this moment on that she would slay her performances in this show. The storytelling part of her voice is the best part for me and I freakin' love it in this performance. She's also got range for days, SLAY ME QUEEN! Alisan Porter (Blue Bayou)- pretty old song that I don't like that much but this cover made me rewatch it a lot of times, the control and range of her voice is just so good. Sandyredd (River)- the energy, the FREAKIN' DRESS, the angst, range, and many more took out my freakin' soul. Kennedy Holmes (Turning Tables)- the maturity of her voice and the way how she sang this song man, I never payed attention this song until this cover. Sarah Simmons (One of Us)- this got me tearing up the first 5 times I've watched it, no joke. MaKenzie Thomas (Big White Room)- seriously super underrated, her runs are so EFFORTLESS, this deserved more than one chair turn. Wé McDonald (Feeling Good)- her voice and age reveal at the end OMG. She's got that deep and soulful alto that I really want in singers. Ali Caldwell (Dangerous Woman)- I know from this moment on that she would be one of my queens. She's just so effortless and mind you, her attitude in this is so perfect! PS. She actually did a cover again of this song posted on her IG Account, I think she performed for a school event or something, you should definitely check it out! Brooke Simpson (Stone Cold)- she changed up the delivery of the song, which made me admire her because it really showed her range and capabilities as an artist.
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    Now it's time for me to reveal on which IDF member will mentor the GIRLS Category. The mentor/coach of The Girls for this series is...
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    Jeana and Khrystyana having a stranglehold on FCO for most of the season
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    I just realized that this is my first ever month in IDF. So for all of the supporters of my reduxes. A HUGE THANK YOU
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    Bad idea for many reasons.
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    For my 3rd choice, I am advancing a song from her flawless self-titled album. (One of her most powerful music video, and also one of my favourite MV)
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    Glad to see Jessica there!
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    Some of these choices left and United States of Tara gone...
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    The Queen thanks her Pop for her music I see.... He's not getting the full credit though haha, its pretty much all Maelyn's natural voice lmao. Jk, love him though. Anyways, Queen is just SLAYING lol. Sorry John, RIP but its her song now.
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    As a promised sneak peek, here are some of the performances for tomorrow night! Hunter Plake - Song: All I Want (Kodaline) Sheldon Riley - Song: 7 Rings (Ariana Grande) Tune in tomorrow night at 8 PM EST as I, A-Kid, and my category The Boys takes on the 8-Chair Challenge!
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    The Alexis and Yara love I don’t understand the intense dislike for them, they are fierce queens and did wonders for Puerto Rican representation on that show. BAM!
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    Maelyn's gravitational pull does that in a host of different ways. She has several gateways...her voice, her personality, her stunning beauty...TBH I don't know how anyone has not already been sucked in to her orbit. About the pup: For most people, that would be an extraordinary act of humanity....for the goddess Queen...it's almost expected. "Unworthy" is one of this thread's favorite tropes, but it it also a fact.
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    Congrats to Scotty and his team....he really deserves this #1!!!! A Great Day for McCreerians!!!!
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    Amanda Brown (The voice 2012) Dream on All of her performance are the best but this one is in another level.
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    Now that you have met The Underdogs . It is now time for them to BATTLE tonight at 8 PM EST. It will be an UNDERDOG VS. UNDERDOG. Tune in, as we also reveal our 5th mentor for this series! Tonight's battle round commentaries will be consisted ONLY of myself, A-Kid, and the 5th mentor.
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    THE OVER 25's Chriddy Black (The Voice Australia Season Eight) - eliminated in Battle Rounds. Rizzi Myers (The Voice US Season 16) - eliminated in Battle Rounds. Kelsea Johnson (The Voice US Season 14) - eliminated in Playoffs.
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    jarmon: I paired these gals because both are my edgy girls, they've just got that edge and passion when they sing. I know that both of this girls wants to do well and aim high, and I can't wait to see them leaving it all on stage. Amanda Brown vs. Ali Caldwell - Song: Best Part (Daniel Caesar ft. HER)
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    Now, I will announce on which IDF member will be the mentor/coach of The Over 25's Category for this series. The mentor/coach for this category is none other than...
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    I won’t be on much today. I’m having surgery today.
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    Hellooo! So yeah, since as you know I'm really active in making reduxes here in IDF, I am planning to rest for a while and do something new, a game! So the game I'm going to do actually needs judges, and I've already got 3 of them, I only need one more. So I've prepared a survey for those who wanna be a judge for my next game and you can all answer as long as you REALLY WANT to be a judge, I'm gonna pick one from the person who answered. The game's title and mechanics will be announced SOON. I gotta prepare first . https://surveyheart.com/form/5ede373f49b51a3dc51a13fc Answer the link above if ONLY you want to be a judge. The three judges that I've already picked (you know who you are) don't need to answer this. This will close TONIGHT at 8 PM EST.
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    Bye noah Now I hope Brooke will split the vote so my ultimate favorite will win
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