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    you cut Zendaya with a Kardashian right there, we have beef already.
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    I wish the Coronavirus curve was as flat as their notes.
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    Fortunately for NBC, people are basically locked in their homes right now.
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    This was the last thing I read before turning off my phone and falling asleep last night, but I woke up sick and had to call out of work so I'm gonna just assume there's some correlation there and thank you for the laugh and getting me out of work for the day.
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    "It's a rankdown, I get it. Like, I respect it. But at the same time, like, even if everybody's favorite gets cut, like, yeah, people are gonna be petty, which is terrible but, like, inevitable?" - Vanessa Hudgens Diana
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    this is just a game, coming from someone who has literal none of her top favorite shows remaining outside of one or two, it's not real life? with everything going on why do we need to be rude to people? IT! IS! A! GAME! Also Survior making it this far is far enough, same with shows like Idol and DWTS.
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    Also this top 5 consisting entirely of women of color?
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    Imagine having her in your house singing like that every night. Two or three days tops.... I'd be found dead with a smile on my face...cause even those cells that make you breath automatically....would stop to listen.
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    CONGRATS TO THE TOP 50! American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace American Horror Story: Asylum American Idol Avatar: The Last Airbender Big Little Lies Black Mirror Black-ish BoJack Horseman Boy Meets World Breaking Bad Broadchurch Buffy The Vampire Slayer Dancing With The Stars Dark Matter Élite Fargo Firefly Fleabag Friday Night Lights House, M.D. How To Get Away With Murder Jane The Virgin Killing Eve Las chicas del cable Lost Mad Men Modern Family Orphan Black Please Like Me Pose Pretty Little Liars Schitt's Creek Sense8 Six Feet Under SMASH South of Nowhere Southland Survivor That's So Raven The Americans The Comeback The Crown The Man in the High Castle The OC The Office (US) The Sopranos This Is Us Veronica Mars Waking The Dead Weeds
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    this is so boring and unsexy, so i guess they did a good job replication shawn and camila
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    You can point out the whole Jersey Shore cast
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    The simple solution is for everyone to stop nominating the same shows over and over again.
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    Congratulations to American Idol for being the last Reality TV show standing in the rankdown!
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    This game is supposed to be fun, so I would like to know what’s going on behind the scenes. Anyone can message me privately if they wish. If there’s any behavior that’s crossing the line, then I’ll remove that person (or persons) from the game.
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    Tom getting no blame for his noms A mastermind!
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    Original found in a ditch somewhere...this is Queen's song now and from this moment on only she is allowed to perform it.
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    LIKE WTF! SHE JUST SLAYS AND WE CRY LIKE I- Maelyn please hold me with that angelic voice I just-
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    That cover of Circles is incredible, there's nothing like her voice.
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    this is amazing maelynmusic Circles Sending love from living room to yours (anyone else have sync probs with insta? )
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    Nick really is building a team of mostly garbage.
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    Well that was definitely... two people performing.
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    This site is not suitable for Voice contestants
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    They're still tryna get us to win tickets to a live show with COVID huh...
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    My international pick being the highest ranking international in the rankdown?!?!
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    It's only been an hour. SETTLE DOWN.
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    We're all just gonna wait each other out I guess
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    Me @ this rankdown if Jersey Shore survives this list of nominations:
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    This was something that the Team Blake members came up by themselves. The show did not push them to do this. Besides. zoomers don't even vote on the show.
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    ^ Blake did a Countryfry mind trick on Nick....it's kinda like a Jedi mind trick...except it comes with a helpin' of cornbread.
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    I'm a simple man with simple values: God, family and Team Waffle!
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    Who would've thought the messiest thing Vanessa Hudgens did this week wouldn't be her thoughts on the Coronavirus.
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    As this was the version I included on my application, I will give it a quick write-up as QK's write-up focused more on the original also know as Queer Eye but for many of us, it's simply known as Queer Eye for the Straight Guy... Anyway, this version premiered on Netflix in 2018 - it is a reboot from the original "Queer Eye". In this series, the Fab Five does essentially the same thing as the original cast - they each specialize in a specific field and they give a life makeover to a straight guy. However in this version, they do not only focus on homosexual guy - it's way more diverse where they give makeovers to people with different backgrounds. And now let's meet the Fab Five; Antoni is the the food and wine extraordinaire - having worked in restaurants as a busboy, waiter, sommelier, and a personal chef for Ted Allen whom appeared on the original Queer Eye. Antoni helps the individual cook a meal to impress the people in their live - people often make fun of the meal he makes because it's so simple like hot dogs, grilled cheese, and guacamole. But at the end of the day, he is showing people that barely cook how to make food so he must start with baby steps. Due to his success on the show, Antoni released his own cookbook. And Antoni is obviously the eye candy of the cast! Tan is the fashion guru of the Fab Five - he hails from England. Tan made history by being the first openly gay South Asian man on television, and we ll as the only out gay Muslim man on Western television, according to Wikipedia. Tan essentially gives the individual a brand new wardrobe and give them fashion type such as the french tuck which I often utilize. Anyway, Tan has lots of opinion when it comes to fashion especially on capri pants. Since the show, Tan has had his own series where he dresses celebrities as well as the host of Netflix's "Next In Fashion", as well as his own book. Karamo is best known for his appearance on "Real World: Philadelphia" in 2004 where he was the first openly gay black man on a reality show, as well as the host of "Are You the One: Second Chances". On the show, he is the lifestyle & culture guru where he often bond with the individual to help them with different aspect of their lives. He is probably the one that create the closest bond with the individuals who appear on the show. Since the show, he published his memoir as well as publishing a children's book. And last but not least, he was on the most recent season of Dancing With The Stars. Bobby Berk is an interior designer - he launched his own online store in 2006 to later opening his first store in 2007. Bobby is the design extraordinaire - he is the one that is underrated on the show. We do not see enough of Bobby and how he is able to transform the space in such a limited time frame, which is impressive. Since the show, he has been able to launch his own line of wallpaper, furniture, and art - the show probably help him to bring his brand to another level. Jonathan Van Ness, also known as JVN, is the fabulous grooming extraordinaire! Prior to the show, JVN appeared on the Gay of Thrones web series for which he was nominated for an Emmy. And you may know him for his podcast known as Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness which really took off, following the start of the Queer Eye franchise. On the show, he gives the individual tips when it comes to skin care routines as well as giving them a full on makeover - he also grow a bond with each of the individual. Jonathan is known for being himself and a favorite of many fan of the shows - his popularity allowed him to release his own memoir in 2019. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I absolutely love the show and the cast especially JVN who gives us a bunch of memorable quotes & one-liner. I've seen each episodes on multiple occasions and here's quick list of my favourite episodes; "You Can't Fix Ugly": Tom is the hero - Tom has lupus which JVN helps him with his skin care. Tom eventually go on a date with an old flame which was a success. They eventually got married, and since then divorced. "Dega Don't": Cory and Karamo have an open discussion on the state of black people and police, which was very eye opening for Cory. "To Gay or Not Too Gay": The Fab Five give a makeup to AJ who is a gay civil engineer, and they help him to come out to his stepmother. "God Bless Gay": One of the most emotional episode for me - it features Tammye, recently diagnosed with cancer, is involved in her church and community. The Fab Five renovated the community center for the homecoming event, where Tammye's openly gay son attend the event. The episode shine a light on acceptance where Tammy share a powerful message regarding her son's coming out story. "Sky's the Limit": Skyler, a trans man, needs to have his legal identity reflect his true gender which the Fab 5 helps him with. Another emotional episode! "Jones Bar-B-Q": Fab 5 help the owners of Jones Bar-B-Q - Little and Shorty - to improve their self confidence and their business. This episode was filled with emotions and good laughs. "Black Girl Magic": The team help Jess who was kicked out her house by her adoptive parents when she was 16 after they found out her sexual orientation. And at the end of the show, she is reunited with her sister, Jenise. As wekkm she decided to wear her natural curls to embrace her identity which Karamo helped her with. "Without Further Ado": Returning to JVN's high school to give the music director a makeover - she had the same hairstyle since the 1980s. In this episode, JVN shared his experience at the school with Kathi. Disabled but Not really": The Fab Five help Wesley, a 30 year single father, who founded a nonprofit organization called "Disabled but not Really". In the episode, we find out that he became paralyze after being shot when he was 24. This episode shine a light on accessibility where Bobby ensure that the house is accesible for Wesley. And Karamo set up a meeting for Wesley with the man who shot him so he can have closure and move forward with his life. "Stoner Skates By": MICHELLE KWAN. That's all.
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    Everyone likes to talk about the generic male county singers, but it applies to the male R&B singers, as well. He didn’t show us anything different.
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    Why not just put both through lol They are clearly better than some of the others
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    Since we're already mentioning whatever name we like, I'm just gonna say that Vin Diesel has the best male version of "Stay". Everything else is trash .
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    Kameron is pulling a herself in this rankdown and making it through all of these endgame nominations.
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    Alejandro being the first person eliminated from this Rankdown means my work is here is done. Y’all can pack up and go home cuz it’s only gonna go down hill from here.
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    Saving When They See Us
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    I agree with what you said, except I am a zoomer lmao
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    Allegra and Joanna were the best tonight imo
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    Probably the same people who didn't want to steal Joanna
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    I always thought Coco did better than Detox in their lip sync, but Coco had no chance of surviving that lip sync anyway considering her storyline with Alyssa was done, and they needed Jinkx vs Rolaskatox for the top four.
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    Honorary Write Up for Jessica Jones This won't be a novel like some write ups, but I have to give this show something. To anybody paying attention to the actors (where I saved Krysten Ritter a few times), Marvel (where I gave the character immunity) or this rankdown (me giving this show immunity), you would know I really like this show. This show is perfect for depiction vs endorsement. The main character, Jessica Jones, is a mostly functioning alcoholic. It not played for laughs. It is not a cute little character trait. It is because of various circumstances. The main villian during Season 1, Killgrave (and yes, they did mock the name) forced people to do whatever he wanted. If he said something to you, you just do it. There is no choice. They played with the idea that it could be used for good. They even played with the idea of he does not have any normal conversation. He always has to watch what he says and how he says it. Despite all this, he is mostly just a terrible human being with it. He forces women into a "relationship." He rapes them. Yes, the show does not hide away from calling it rape. The first season has a very strong theme of women being told they need to smile. I guess for some women are only around to look aesthetically pleasing. I need to get into the most infuriating and yet fascinating character Trish. In season 1, she is a do gooder. She might be a little aggressive in getting what she wants, but she always had good intentions. With having a super powered sister, she always had this helpless feeling. (that's in addition to being a recovering drug addict and having an abusive mother.) You just see the signs of what she will eventually become in Season 3. It is all there. It is more obvious in Season 2. A bunch of circumstances come together for her to completely lose control. In season 2, all she does is make absolutely terrible choices. You can make an argument that she is not likeable. Not every character exists to be liked, but that is not the point. She is under absolutely no circumstance, boring. I guess I should talk about characters besides Jessica, Trish and Killgrave. Malcom, much like Trish, makes a lot of bad decisions. Luke Cage got his start on this show before moving onto his own. (such a shame the writing for him and Jessica was awful because the actors worked damn well together). Sampson was the worst. Luckily he didn't have a large role after season 1. Jeri Hogarth is such a delightfully self serving terrible human being. They don't move away from that at all. Too bad Disney and Netflix are selfish, because this show could have done so much more.
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    Wally getting all the credit for this when it was me.
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    Alex if Mya's at the top of the list:
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