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    They’re really catering to the older demographic with these first two contestants/song choices to keep them from changing it to the Weather Channel.
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    I would think these personality changes with iHeart will decrease their audience even more. Mobile, WKSJ-FM, has lost a 20+ year DJ, one who the community has identified with as the voice of 95KSJ.
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    We're not worthy, but Queen just blessed us with her beautiful vocals
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    I think that the best auditions were Cyniah, Jonny, Jovin and Julia. Though Hannah and Sarah were also good.
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    I am about 45 sec away from the venue...at my hotel. Will try to get some decent photos and vids...from my fourth row seat.
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    MILK S6 I think I cut Milk AS3 so I'll just go ahead and cut this Milk too. Milk S6 is deservedly higher on this rankdown than Milk AS3. Milk S6 didn't seem to be as deluded. I thought Milk had a decent run and I liked a lot of what she brought to the runway. I think doing boy RuPaul was not so much a #choice as it was #nerve. And I generally liked the beard lily pad thing I guess (that inspired the bearded runway of Season 7 [allegedly]). Anyway, I don't have a lot of memories of Milk in the challenges, except the rap one where she was in the bottom 2 and went home. I thought Milk's rap dancing was kind of hilarious and didn't necessarily think it deserved bottom 2 over the iconic sturdy street rap. BUT as a Darienne fan I didn't mind lol. Milk was absolutely demolished in the lip sync by Trinity, so there was no question that Milk should go home after that. I kind of thought Milk would go farther in Season 6, but some queens that seemed like fodder when the season began (Joslyn, Darienne) ended up turning it out and staying longer. SAVE Miz Cracker S10
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    Kim as a contestant? Iconic. Kim as a model? Not so much. LOL.
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    somehow rei and i overlapped with only one gif. also dee's shortest write-up because rei and i put in work. lol.
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    Ben talking down to these LEGENDS saying they don't know what's going on someone collect this man.
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    Must be nice to do the bare minimum for a write-up with the majority of it not being about the show... And that woman's voice annoying? It's her trademark. And you will never reach her level of iconic
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    Tiffany “New York” Pollard is iconique on every single reality show she’s in. She could appear for five seconds and make it noteworthy.
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    I dislike all of these people to varying extents at this point (not just because of this mess). I don't really think what Cade said was all that bad tbh, considering he's hyping his wife up. Imo, Maddie is overreacting. However, Cade should have been more sympathetic with her reaction and issued an apology clarifying that he didn't mean to shade her. And his Jesus nonsense has no place here. Gabby's dad is the worst though. An absolute dumpster fire.
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    A Ben first boot would be an actual dream come true.
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    There is a difference between a show so terrible it's cut after only 6 episodes and a mini series that was designed to be 6 episodes. Lots of shows would benefit from having a concrete plan on where to go.
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    Lol. This is a spoiler thread. Determining someone's location when they post something goes a long way in proving whether they are in or out...which is exactly the point here. You're reaching.
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    If it is not him, I will have my own identity crisis.
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    both were amazing!!
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    No surprise that Rankdowns is the subforum with the most posts.
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    For those who are desperate for spoilers I will let someone648 post the rest TEAM BLAKE Cedrice Webber (Love on the brain by Rihanna) vs Toneisha Harris (Diamonds by Rihanna) TEAM KELLY Cam Wesley (Say Something by A Great Big World ) vs Megan Danielle (Piece by Piece by Kelly Clarkson) TEAM NICK Allegra Miles (Chandelier by Sia) vs Jacob TBA TEAM JOHN Thunderstorm Artis (Preach by John) vs Mandi Castillo (Stand by Me Ben E. King) TEAM JOHN Joanna Serenko (Angel From Montgomery by Bonnie Raitt) vs Zan Fiskum (The story by Brandi Carlile) TEAM BLAKE Joei Fulco (TBA) vs Levi Watkins (TBA) TEAM KELLY Micah Iverson (Graveyard by Halsey vs Taylor Green (Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper)
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    She's such a sweetheart and a very genuine person! I wish her more success on her next album!
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    wow exposing everybody's votes. love it.
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    shock when he turned around, wasn't expecting this
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    You can just edit a fanlist on the first post of this thread and add the names of the people who want to be added, like the one I made below. Fanlist: 1. Summer Overby 2. 3..... and so on. You can also add graphics, links to Todd's social media, and videos on the first post so we can have a place to easily access those links. Speaking of, here's Todd's trivia graphic from The Voice app.
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    I’ve listened a few more times. The more I listen the more I like. She so good, I feel obligated to like it. LOL. She can pretty much do whatever she wants with her voice.
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    i'm not gonna fall for another white girl in a a blazer, fool me once... (re marybeth)
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    Translation: Trump wants to face Bernie so he can throw everything at the kitchen sink at him, especially the commie label.
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    Shannon Elizabeth is best known for her work as a model, acting notably in American Pie & That's 70's show, and poker. And what about her dancing? That's one thing that she is not known for. She appeared on the 6th season of Dancing With The Stars where she was partnered with a baby Derek Hough - can we talk about his hair for a moment? Because his hairstyle was never cool. Anyway, back onto Shannon, her journey can be best described as Meh! I really never cared for her on the show - I just rewatched some of her routines and they were mediocre at best - she always seemed stiff during most of them. And truly, finishing in 6th place was quite generous but that season didn't really have anyone that was spectacular beside the front runners. And at this point, she's fodder so she deserves to be cut from this rankdown. SAVING: KELLIE PICKLER
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    Since Alex recently mentioned that he loves blondes girls I thought I would do him a favor and bring one back for him! So everyone please welcome back this Queen to the game!
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    As long as Scotty is scratching his belly ..Moose is assured Dad is not leaving,so to make sure hes going to lay on him as well !! Think Moose is glad to have his dad home ...
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    If only Hits Daily Double (HDD) were in charge of Mediabase:
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    Lol stop blaming others for things you do. You cut Will & Grace initially even if it was a troll move.
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    I could still create a list even if I only did the seasons I did see (But of course I will gladly take suggestions from Diana, Wally, Rei, and Derek )
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    I heard Made You Miss Me at a pharmacy near me today.
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    @QueenKalie #TeamPlayer
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    My deal with Victoria making this happen.
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    Arthur gunn, bilaal, Rob Taylor and eliujah Renée. The boys are soo much better.
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    Cassadee Pope is still immersed in the world of her 2019 studio album Stages, but when she is ready to move on to her next musical chapter, the singer says she'll be shooting for revealing, vulnerable songwriting. "I'm writing some of the most revealing songs about my family and about my relationship, and some of the struggles we've had in our relationship," Pope told The Boot at the 2019 ASCAP Awards, referencing her long-term romance with actor Sam Palladio. "I'm just baring it all, which has been a conscious decision. Read More: Cassadee Pope Wants to Be 'Revealing and Bold and Take Risks' more here | https://theboot.com/cassadee-pope-new-music-2020/?utm_source=tsmclip
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    So was I. Send me your immunity request!
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    Oooh ok well true. But Alex popularized the Rankdowns in the first place, so he gets some credit there.
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    Why did you have to do that to our beloved cyster from Season 11?
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