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    Guys I got waitlisted for the September 3 Battle Taping and the 2 tapings on September 8. I hope I get the tickets!!!
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    It would probably be the other way around. Honestly, I hope that doesn’t happen, but like I said, nothing surprises me anymore.
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    So Taryn gets eliminated all the way back in the battles? If that's what you want. lololol
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    Adam has a “go for it” style. I actually miss him on the show because his coaching created moments..and the Cato strophes were kind of fun of it wasn’t your favorite contestant. Like, Chris Jamison’s “Magic Mike” songlist would have been hysterical had I not been a fan of Chris. For no Amber in the finale, I blame Blake. Giving the only male group “Danny’s Song.” He knew that would be a moment. Got greedy and wanted two finalists. I don’t think a bus was needed with anyone. The show wanted Danielle and Michelle. All indications were they were gonna get it, no problem. It was just Adam being Adam and overshooting..and Blake being Blake and knowing when to pull the trigger. Danielle/Michelle/Amber finale would have been the finale to end all finales.. also, since we’re throwing them up here..Season 4: Diamonds (featuring the non country part of the girl squad)
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    I left the room after Lauren... so in my reality it did. <quietly orders new book>
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    BATTLES Tonight, our top 40 will be pitted against each other in the anticipated BATTLE rounds! The coaches have paired up their teams to battle and duet with each other. But each pairing will only produce one winner, and the other may be eliminated. Each coach has only one steal and one save, so they will need to use these sparingly. Before we get to some EPIC battles, we need to announce this week's special alumni host. Tonight's host is... KARMIN!!! Cyber Idol's most successful group pop duo is back from Season 3 to host our battle rounds! Amy: Wooo, I am so excited to be back and hosting such a fabulous group! Everyone is so talented! Nick: Yes, I can't wait to see what the mentors and contestants have in store for us. Speaking of the mentors, let's welcome... Rita Ora! Stevie Wonder! Lauv! Demi Lovato! Lara Fabian! Amy: Woo, also why did we not get celeb mentors on our season??? I am shook by the star power on this show now! Nick: Looks like production have a lot more funds to work with now since our season! Without further ado, let's jump into our first battle from... TEAM RITA! CITIZEN QUEEN (O'G3NE) HALOCENE (Gabriella) Amy: Amazing performance to kick off the show! I got so many goosebumps! Next up, we have a battle from... TEAM STEVIE! VON SMITH SIGNE KROG Nick: Very interesting performance, you are both so talented. Next up, a battle from... TEAM DEMI! ALEX AIONO NI/CO Amy: I loved the flow and groove of that performance. As you all know, I love a good beat, and the Spanish was a great touch! Now it is time for... TEAM LAUV! JAMIE MILLER FARRAH CAMU Nick: Such beautiful vocals! Makes me excited for the holiday times, and hopefully this Christmas will bring our world some peace and happiness despite the recent crazy times. Finishing us up before the break from... TEAM LARA! ALICIA MOFFET AUSTIN PERCARIO Amy: Stellar performance to take us in to the break! You guys sounded amazing! After the break, more performances! @thevoiceisthetop @*Chris @Zoey @Leekleekington @*Wallace @1234567890 @Bk1234 @Elliott @Solaris @Archanium @IAN27TAY @Erestor @SwimmerStud87 @CimFam436 @DorisAnn
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    I mean, Blake is not the guy who just throws away frontrunners in the battles, he usually pits frontrunner vs fodder, which is why his battles end up being not the most exciting , but it benefits him on the lives. There´s no way he´s putting Jim and Taryn together, since they´re apparently strong assets for him. Watch me be wrong next week
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    Right on schedule. And it's my understanding that it's not going to be a song that we've already heard...[Warning: TT keeps changing the release date. 30:70 chance it'll be released this week. 70:30 chance it'll be released sometime during the next couple of weeks or maybe as late as October. Smh (and not to be reposted elsewhere).]
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    Hopefully Emma is the one with Johnny. She deserves a ringer after the countless bad partners. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Kaitlyn is my favorite. I know some people aren’t thrilled about another Bachelorette, but Kaitlyn is great and she righteously called out Mike Fleiss and the double standards surrounding the male leads vs. female leads of the franchise being given this opportunity immediately after their season ends.
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    Seconded and I'd also like to be excluded from the "public ranking her at #13" narrative because I ranked her at 1.
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    #PrayingForKeshaWinner omg who did this
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    An impromptu poolside singalong! Songlist: 1:20 - Todd & T-Storm - Take Me Home Country Roads (John Denver) 4:10 - Todd & T-Storm - Jolene (Dolly Parton) 8:36 - T-Storm - If I Ain't Got You (Alicia Keys) 12:18 - T-Storm - Blackbird (The Beatles) 16:48 - Todd & T-Storm - Amazing Grace (Traditional) 20:45 - T-Storm - Just Like an Angel (Original) 24:37 - T-Storm - I don't recognize the song, probably an original but I can't identify it. They also sang a snippet of Hey Jude, which sounds gorgeous, and if there is a song they could collaborate on, that would be a perfect choice!
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    Well, usually, I would be compassionate and understanding but Karma demands a somewhat different response.
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    I'm really happy with these results. But also pissed. I may be bipolar.
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    I'm mostly excited to see what Artem can do with a ringer. Lea, Nikki and Nancy were all pretty good, but Kaitlyn really has potential... she was a dance instructor when she went on The Bachelor! Idk what style of dance she taught but I'm sure she'll do great. She's maybe one who I'm a little nervous about when it comes to fan support, but if Bachelor Nation gets behind her like they have proven to in the last couple of seasons that may not be a problem. Looking at this cast, there's a lot of dance potential! I feel like we're in for a competitive season in terms of ability.
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    Yeah, what Wally said. James (and Rashad) were great, but overall, her partners have been awful outside of those two obvious exceptions. Emma deserves a ringer when her partner list includes Billy Dee Williams, Michael Waltrip, Redfoo, Rick Perry, and Johnny Damon.
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    Sign ups for Janet: 1. Derek 2. Wally
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    Carole Baskins was done so dirty by Tiger King that I can see why she'd want to do DWTS to help her image. Because Tiger didn't show that she actually does really good work. Her Big Cat Rescue sanctuary is highly accredited and very respected around the world and with experts on well-being of Big Cats who are unable to go to the wild because they were bred in the US. She also has done a lot of really good activist work in trying to prevent exotic animal adoptions/breeding here in the US.
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    Yeah, Jim leaving this early would be so devastating
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    I mean...it just seems unlikely that Blake would do that to one of his employees! Plus, he respects those who’ve “paid their dues” in Nashville. She’s certainly has done that. Yes, stranger things have happened, but if you’re a contestant on Blake’s team, you do not want to be paired with her. Plus, he’s no dummy. He knows how good she is.
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    Together again for the first time since KOs were filmed prepandemic! Crazy! Interesting that they met in Meridian instead of Pigeon Forge. Are they planning on doing something before the concert? Something music-related perhaps? One can hope.
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    When Britt makes final three and y'all are fuming >>>>>>>>>>>
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    There's a tech rehearsal for Battles scheduled for this Thursday. There's a picture of a $50 amazon gift card for that taping, not sure if everyone would get a gift card or if they'll give it away in a random drawing or something. I participated in a rehearsal taping for Kelly's talk show last week and 1iota sent me a promo code to use on a taping for a real episode of the show this month. I doubt the coaches will be at the tech rehearsal for The Voice since Kelly will be taping her talk show. https://1iota.com/show/1120/the-voice---s19
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    This song by Lauren Duski, from about 9-10 years ago is one of my favorites from her. There used to be a music video with hundreds of thousands of views, but she had it taken down. A lyric video isn’t quite the same, but it will have to do. I’m actually surprised I found this. She probably doesn’t know about it. Every time we posted an unauthorized video in her thread, it was gone within a day. Enjoy it before it’s gone.
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    At least @*Chris did my job right. @*Wallace on the other hand.
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    Shouldn’t you be trying to justify your dislike for Crystal Methyd?
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    Hoping to either do results tomorrow evening or early Friday! In the meantime just waiting on votes from: @~*8Kay8*~ @*Chris @YeahRite @totes4totes @Kier @.Rei @jarmon @IAN27TAY @*Wallace @sublymonal @DorisAnn
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    IDK either Just going off what I've read. I think the Bachelor subreddit is pretty harsh anyway going by their treatment of Ally last season, just thought it was an interesting perspective since so many of the comments were about it, so I didn't know if it was a widely-known thing. Guess not though! I still like her so I'm not gonna hold her to that, obviously.
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    To be fair, it isn’t another Bachelorette I mind considering the amount of terrible male bachelors they’ve had on that makes me nervous. I’m just worried after B*bby/Hannah’s wins that they’re just going to keep bringing on people from ABC’s properties and push them for cross-promotional purposes. (Not that I think they necessarily “pimped” Hannah, so-to-speak.)
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    Leona Lewis Alexandra Burke Diana Vickers Stacey Solomon Cher Lloyd Little Mix Amelia Lily James Arthur Fleur East Samantha Jade
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    So yeah, if you’re part of the tech test you get a $50 amazing gc. I mean I like the voice, but I like money better
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    Hmmm... I voted for Chris Blue's Rhythm Nation because I remembered it being good but... I listened to it again and I am finding that - despite him being my season favorite - I am not so impressed. I prefer many of Lauren's performances to this.
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    I only just found this out reading his Wiki! I saw it said he had dance experience so I was gonna say he’s maybe a ringer and then I got to that part...big yikes
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    For the people criticizing Natasha being ranked last by some people, we are here to rank the photos in front of us, not future photos...
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    Aubrey Privett (@aubs.lin) Kayla Elisabeth (@Kaylastruckxo) Mikey McCabe (@Drmike65) Dorothy aka Dottie Ferguson (@Dottie_Ferguson) Luke Baker (@_imlukebaker_) Maddie Palmer (@Pickle_Palmer) Kaitlyn Ferry- @kait_farry Laila Li- @LailaLiMccleery Ryan Poquis- no social media identified Camila Chavez @camilachavez (twitter)... can't find music) Elsie Gedde @Elsie_Rae8 Kiara Mullins @Kiaramullins_ Emily Wheeley (FB found but not instagram) Gianna Mae Smyth (Musicality member) @giannamaesmyth Akoda Ocean @akoda_ocean Sadie Jane Philpot @sadiephilpot Dillon Pence @dillon_pence19 Trey Jackson (can't find his instagram... think he may have tried out for Season 3) not yet confirmed/ good chance/ returners who tried out ( a lot of them were never shown) hannah prestridge @treble.soul (Season 3) Heaven Lee @Heaven_Lee_Sings (Season 3) Nathan Walton @nathanwaltonlive (Season 3) Bree @breeathelove (Season 3) Vivie @Vivie_Myrick (Season 3) Christiaan Padavan @cpadavan (crooner whose GF also sang in the audition in Season 2) Brianna Collichio @Briannacollichio (Suffers from Cystic Fibrosis. Had surgery/recovering the day she was supposed to audition... support for her was somewhat viral)
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    You guys finally got to THAT infamous moment.
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    I checked and it's already up to $8,300 with 7 days left to bid, so I can't wait to see how high the bids get by next Tuesday.
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    Well of course you can....that was the Amber/Holly duet I posted.
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    From the recent seasons, Kennedy Holmes and her 3 live show pimp spots tell all you need to know. Not to mention her sneak peak of her BA a week before the season's premiere.
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    I just realised - Nadine used to date Jesse Metcalfe too. So she has exes on both SCD and DWTS this year.
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    I know you are referring the most to S12 , here's a thing every one have their own way of judging and have their own point of view. I said what I felt I don't know what's wrong with this. You have your favs I have mine If you like something that I don't like and dislike something that I like then it's not my fault
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