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    Thank you for all the well wishes! I am now totes4totes,PhD!!!
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    I am advancing this song;
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    CONGRATULATIONS TO MEGAN Words cannot express how absolutely proud I am of Megan on completing her PhD!!!! She already knows how proud I am of her, but it only felt right to celebrate her on IDF, the birthplace of our wonderful friendship. I am so very grateful to have had a friend in Megan for so many years. She always understands my craziness, my dramatic antics, and often shares in all of that with me. LOL. We share the same brain as some of you like to joke, but it really is nice to have a friend that you share so much in common with! She has been there for me for so many years, and her consistent and continued presence in something I greatly value. As I deal with so many mental health struggles, she never fails to check in on me and make sure I am okay. She is the true definition of a friend! And nothing feels better than celebrating a friend who has accomplished a lifelong goal. @totes4totes I am so proud of you! I love you a ton, and I know your IDF family does as well. So glad to have you in my life! Now hurry up and finish postdoc so you can move to California and make great money and watch me suffer as I get my PhD. Your platonic soulmate, Dee
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    Being a Gwen Stan again...... Cami Clune is Fantastic and will be IDF Favorite.. But this girl Lauren is one of those indie rock girls that kinda goes under the radar that IDF won't take too much notice, but will surprise everyone. Kind of like a Megan Danielle Most of her videos are rocker chick and sang a rock song for her blind...but this cover of Valerie is lovely, reminds me of Lennon Stella a bit. Looking forward to what she brings.
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    This is a hard choice and the lack of Loud until @miss denise and @#jeah represented was disturbing. I went between 4 songs and those 4 songs were Rude Boy, We Found Love, Umbrella and... DIAMONDS! Which is the song I ultimately chose to advance. Sia wrote this Rihanna classic and Rihanna showed she can blow despite the haters. SHE SHINED BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND ON THIS TRACK!
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    I was stuck on MANY songs of course… I have a ton of options in mind. Andy mentioned that there hasn’t been any Loud representation yet and that’s my one of my favorite Rihanna eras. So I gotta change that. But I have decided……. Advancing: “S&M”
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    I was debating choosing something less popular to make sure it advances but it would be tragedy if this song didn’t advance to the final round so I’m advancing... B*tch Better Have My Money
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    Advance Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
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    Moving on “We Found Love”
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    I am now Dr totes4totes so in celebration Dee should let me advance two songs!!!!!
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    Nobody has picked either of my favorites, and there's probably a 0% chance a group of four will, so I'm just going to have to choose. I will go with this. California King Bed
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    Sorry, fell asleep last night I will be advancing “Hard”.
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    Saving because this MUST be included in the final ranking: Not sure I will be around in time tomorrow, but someone better save California King Bed!!!
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    Justice For Cruel Summer and Miss American & the Heartbreak Prince
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    And before @Deeee gets any flack for this; I suggested it to him and as this being my artist round whatever I say goes. AND THAT'S THAT ON THAT.
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    No confirmation about KO's yet. We know they plan on battles having the virtual audience, but that's the extent of what's been told.
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    Just the steal, so it sounds like a 4-way KO isn't happening this time.
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    It's the way @FrogLenzen is prolonging his Wart write-up to get him a higher spot for me.
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    Lol normally I’d cut but I’m tired so save Eve
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    Gross . Her photo's not even bad...?
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    Omg my girls, Amanda and Fifth Harmony , what happened! anyway i will still vote them.
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    In this format, there is really no time for a weak beginning unfortunately...
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    Season 4 Voting is Now OPEN! Survey Heart Poll Link: https://surveyheart.com/form/5f33dde97693da10a21d0d9b Google Forms Link: https://forms.gle/4Hht9KyoFEU5sdkB6 PM Voting Is OPEN: Contestant Numbers: Lindsey Cardinale- 401 Constantine Maroulis- 402 Anwar Robinson- 403 Mikalah Gordon- 404 Anthony Fedorov- 405 Vonzell Solomon- 406 Nadia Turner- 407 Bo Bice- 408 Carrie Underwood- 409 Scott Savol- 410 Jessica Sierra- 411 Nikko Smith- 412 All Season 4 Voting Will Close TOMORROW at 9pm EST! @JC @anonymouskid_35 @thevoiceisthetop @IAN27TAY @taylorkat @Crisis @kenboy123 @Leekleekington @randomgirl @DorisAnn
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    Kicking things off for tonight is one of the finalists from The Over 25's category, she impressed many on her last performance after singing an emotional Katy Perry song, garnering her one of the highest voters for that week. Tonight, she will take on a Celine Dion hit and will try to add her own flavor to the famous hit. 1. Angie Miller - Song: My Heart Will Go On (Celine Dion)
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    I still LOVE Lover
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    The fact that we finished a whole round in like under an hour:
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    30 MINUTES WARNING Tune in at 8 PM EST as we start the Live Shows Week 1 and we reveal the Wildcard Winner from the Wildcard Show last time.
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    From what I found Gwen's residency ended in February of this year. And Nick's movie will start filming late this year and considering everything most likely won't finish until mid to late of 2021. And yes, spring seasons usually film blinds of the previous year and then film the other rounds the following year, with Nick's schedule I do not think he can do both, and with Gwen being done with her residency and doing Season 19, she might do Season 20 along with the others, but that is just speculation and too hard to tell this early.
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    Just a friendly reminder that this choice was amazeballs and that Where Have You Been needs it's bis sister, We Found Love.
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    Never thought id hear a version of this song that I didn't detest...but here we are. Please tho...none of this on the show.
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    That’s better. She sounds good there. 3rd party videos are ideal. In the one I found last night that I can no longer find, she was going for some big notes, and it didn’t sound very good. (EDIT: To clarify, she was belting) She’ll need to keep that in mind with her song choices. I’ll always tell you exactly what I think whether it’s your snowflake or mine. I think she has potential for sure.
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    Yay, loved reading this list (even though I lurked sometimes). Disagree with Kat at the top but I can sense your love in the writeup. LOL She is definitely one of the Idol greats though. I saw Waitress on Broadway (with Jordin, of course) and I wish I could've seen Kat in it too. I have her version of "She Used to Be Mine" saved on my Spotify and I LOVE IT.
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    I’m not the biggest Billie Eilish fan, but I still enjoyed her cover. I just LOVE that airy quality to her voice. It is so soothing and perfect for these types of songs. I hope she sings it on the show and SLAYS, like she did in this cover.
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    Season 4 Show ANNOUNCEMENT The first Season 4 show will begin on Wednesday, August 12, at 4pm EST. Details: All 12 Season 4 finalists will perform for your votes. All voting methods for Season 4 will open at 9pm EST. Your votes will decide the four Season 4 finalists that will automatically advance to the next round (Top 76). If your favorite isn't one of the top four vote-getters, don't worry, they still have the chance to be one of the judges' wildcard picks. @JC @anonymouskid_35 @thevoiceisthetop @IAN27TAY @Crisis @kenboy123 @randomgirl @taylorkat @Leekleekington @DorisAnn
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    There's no reason to believe that she can't sing live and there's plenty of live videos on her YouTube channel. She uses some voice effects, but so do most singers nowadays, specially on SM. Not saying she's an unbussable beast or the best vocalist of the season, but she can clearly hold her own.
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    These are some of my fav IS performances 1- All Along The Watchtower _ Laith Al Saadi 2- Simple Man _ Andrew Sevener 3- Lovin You _ Toneisha Harris 4- Make It Rain _ Jeffery Austin 5- Natural Woman _ Sisaundra Lewis 6- Georgia On My Mind _ Chris Jamison 7- Natural Woman _ Rose Short
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    Yaaas thought no one would say it Even Adam stood up for him on that performance
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    Since my Katharine McPhee write-up was pretty lengthy, I’ll create a separate post for this. I want to thank everyone who followed and commented in this thread as I ranked all of the finalists from S1-S17 as well as the Top 21 from S18. I have a confession to make: this thread was completely accidental. I had the opening post typed up but had zero intention of actually posting it. However, as I was planning on going back, I accidentally hit the Submit Topic button. I was planning on contacting a mod to lock or delete the topic but decided to wait overnight to see what would happen. When I woke up the following morning, I was a nervous wreck because for some reason I was expecting the worst; it mainly had to do with me still being relatively new and not really knowing anyone despite being a long time lurker at IDF. However, when I finally worked up the courage to open the thread, I saw that the first post had someone wish me luck and the poster stated he/she would follow the thread (though I haven’t seen said poster since…). That was enough for me to decide to push forward. After that, others wished me luck and planned on following the thread and I knew right then and there I planned on finishing this thing, though admittedly as I mentioned before, I thought about quitting. I guess my biggest fear was being ridiculed or flamed for not ranking certain contestants to the liking of some posters; however, for the most part mostly everyone has been respectful of my opinions, which is what they only are, even if there were some disagreements, and that’s all I could really ask for. Once again, I want to thank everyone who supported me as I took on this endeavor, and I had an absolute blast doing it although I won’t be doing another finalist rankings list in the near future ; maybe when Idol is off the airwaves for good. With all of that said, though this ranking is complete, I would still like to see this thread active though it’s understandable if it isn’t. I would like to see some rankings of other posters, something like their Top 10 or 20 so we could compare. Also, I’m willing to be open to any Q & A about this thread. Finally, for anyone who didn’t comment or want to catch up, I’ll do my best to read and reply. I don't know where I'll go from here; I have some other ideas in mind, but I'm still working them out and deciding what to do from there.
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    @miss denise plz fix this now I can't live like this
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