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    I love Elliott’s noms . I want every nomset to be controversial since Social Network got robbed
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    1. Kahlen - so animalistic it's crazy 2. Brittany - stunning 3. Christina - everything is perfect but the face lol 4. Michelle - weirdly like it 5. Keenyah - yikes 6. Tiffany - big yikes Also I can not express how happy I was that they chose South Africa as the international destination as I live in South Africa and Cape Town is just so beautiful!
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    at all of this. LMAOO this is why I love Deee write-ups sometimes.
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    All mentor selections have been submitted! Show tonight around 9pm EDT! @thevoiceisthetop @*Chris @Zoey @Leekleekington @*Wallace @1234567890 @Bk1234 @Elliott @Solaris @Archanium @IAN27TAY
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    I'm shocked you didn't instantly save top 50 survivor player Natalie Cole!
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    Save bisexual icon Li Shang! And enjoy Zootopia (and you're much deserved bottle glass of wine )
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    I need an extension until tomorrow evening I just moved today and I can feel every muscle in my body and they all hurt. I’m about to go to bed and I hope I don’t wake up until 5pm
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    If it will help, you can just copy off my post next round. I mean, that's what friends are for...right.
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    Omg this is in my top 5 pick too!
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    I’m so excited! Rooting for Aydan Calafiore, Cimorelli, and Madilyn Paige!
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    I'm only going to be counting the people we heard perform live. S13: Chloe/Addison/Janice/Brooke S14: Kyla/Jackie F/Kelsea/Britton S15: MaKenzie/Kennedy/Sarah/DeAndre S16: Maelyn/Rod/Domenic/Presley S17: I'm actually happy with the finale we got here. I thought Jake was deserving of the finale. (Not the win though) S18: Thunderstorm/Zan/Joanna/CammWess (Using old finale format)
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    I updated the main post with the contestants. I will edit the list as the competition progresses.
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    I fixed Elliott's post! And I agree with Wally, 11 and 12 >>>> 13 and 14. Cheryl's kind of annoying in 11 I can admit that but she's good with the groups in 12.
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    11’s alright, but only the top two are worth it IMO. 12 was dog sh*t with the most bland and overpraised winner possible.
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    I didn't vote for "Danny's Song" but NGL Fuzzy Swon sang that perfectly. Maelyn slayed though. #SupermanWearsMaelynPajamas FWIW: I blame Amber for blowing the lyrics to "I Remember You" and then biting off more than she could chew with "Firework" the following week for keeping her out of the finals. She had hiccups just when the Swon's hit their peak.
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    Amanda Brown - Dream On Jacquie Lee - I Put A Spell On You Matthew Schuler - Wrecking Ball Josh Kaufman - Stay With Me Kimberly Nichole - What’s Up Mia Z - Ain’t No Sunshine Jordan Smith - Halo Alisan Porter - Cry Baby Maelyn Jarmon - Mad World Thunderstorm Artis - Summertime
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    Saving Incendies cutting my life as a zucchini
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    Hello! Love me some JC reduxes! I will try to follow as much as I can! I am not really faimilar with people on the cast, but oh my gosh, the first post reminded me how Eli Lieb was robbed.
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    A Lifetime movie? But Life Is Not a Fairytale: The Fantasia Barrino Story was omitted?
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    Quentin - at thinking I ranked him too high (J/K ); at least you respect the opinion. Fair enough about everything else. It does seem ironic that the two most unique of the seasons were close friends. Another connection between them is Quentin is from New Orleans and I believe Joey lives there now (before she called it a second home to her). Pretty much agree with the thoughts about the conflict with Harry. We'll see about your prediction... OK, those two make sense. Seeing that Kat hasn't shown up yet and we're in my Top 10, I do indeed love her. The question now becomes how much... Yeah, we do mostly agree on A.J. I thought he should've lasted at least another week. Oh, I thought she was a contestant and not one of the singers ; it shows how little I was paying attention to the show! Well, I'm not blasting through the list like I normally do since we're in the Top 10. I'm taking my time here, so it should be pretty easy to stay current. 010. Fair enough. He's one of those contestants that others either connect with or don't. Yeah, RITD was certainly a peculiar song choice given the theme that week. Yes to the Dark Side love! Yeah, maybe I expected too much when I did that. No, it wasn't a clue; it was something I just came up with to introduce him. I'll try to do so for the remaining nine as well. It looks like another guess was just posted, so I'll look at that one. As mentioned, multiple guesses can be made until I announce I'm ready to post the next contestant. We'll see who shows up next; I have a feeling we'll be in contact tomorrow, so I won't wish a Happy Birthday just yet! Ugh, it sure is...
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    Yeah that lunch never happened, and the last few days have been crazy... I’m off tomorrow, it will happen then, for sure.
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    Yes. I figured I brought her back so I could take her out.
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    @*Wallace, I stole for you.
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    Quentin is a sad example of how not to follow the rule of avoiding any arguments with the judges, no matter what. While the producers and Harry certainly weren’t blameless in the matter, Quentin could have resisted falling into the trap that the producers laid out for him; or at least resisted a whole lot better than he did. The moment that he got into that argument with Harry, I knew that Quentin was doomed.
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    Denise after these last two rounds of noms and cuts
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    It looks like only one poster decided to guess the order of my Top 10. I'll change the game some; since I'm about to post #10, anyone can guess who they think will come next. Multiple guesses can be made until I post the finalist, in which the last guess will be the final one. I'll let everyone know ahead of time when I'm ready to post said finalist. Whoever gets it right first will get a trophy. Let's see who comes in at #10 (hey, that rhymes ) : A singer who's first performance put many in a trance Who later on that season decided to take a stance 10. Quentin Alexander: Season 14 (6th Place) Hopefully everyone’s in a festive mood because we’re all heading down to the home of Mardi Gras to kick off the Top 10! With Quentin’s appearance, S14 is officially in the books. From his eccentric fashion sense to his intense, brooding, and atmospheric song interpretations, Quentin was certainly one of the more stylistic and intriguing contestants Idol has ever had, in more ways than one. While there were some that may not have been as good as others, I don’t think there was a single performance of his I did not enjoy in some form or another. With that said, there were two main criticisms regarding Quentin. One was he had his fair share of pitch issues, though I didn’t think they were near as anywhere bad as Harry made them out to be, especially compared to some of the some of the other singers from that season (I believe Harry even suggested auto-tune for him at one point ; of course this wouldn’t be the worst exchange Quentin would have with Harry); with the way he constantly talked about them, you’d think Quentin was as bad as CJ Harris (who I like, but his were so flagrant they were impossible to ignore). The second criticism is that it felt most, if not all, of his performances were of the same variety and as a result, they all blended together. I could see how they could come off that way, though it didn’t bother me all that much; besides, this certainly didn’t hurt the winner from that season, just saying. He certainly got off to a great start with his first semifinals performance I Put A Spell On You, which I felt was the best of the night, for the song certainly lent itself to the dark treatment Quentin placed on it. He followed that up with Master Blaster (Jammin’), which was one of the few times he moved around on stage; it looked like he really had fun with that number, and I enjoyed it as well. Despite this, he wouldn’t be voted into the finals; however, the judges used one of their two WC picks to advance him, which I was happy to see. From there, he would reprise his audition of Royals, in which I felt his slowed down interpretation of it was one of the best of the night despite him choking up a bit and being unable to finish in the end. Rolling In The Deep was one of his weaker performances, not to mention an interesting song choice because it’s not one that comes to mind when thinking about party starters; however, I still liked the bouncy flavor he brought to it. The following week he did the Lo-Fang version of You’re The One That I Want, which fit his intense brooding style to a T, though it would’ve been interesting if he did the original version. In The Air Tonight was another strong performance of his which once again tailored to his strengths the best, plus that jacket was all sorts of awesome, and I wanted to know where I could find one like it. He would follow that up with Dark Side, which I felt was the best Kelly Clarkson song for him, plus it didn’t hurt it’s my favorite song off of the Stronger album; it was my second favorite performance of the night behind only Clark’s The Trouble With Love Is. He would then go up-tempo with Latch the following week, which would be the first time I ever enjoyed a song with Sam Smith singing on it. Next, he would rock out with Are You Gonna Go My Way, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Of course, it was after this performance when he had his infamous exchange with Harry, and I definitely have some thoughts on that, which I’ll come back to later. He would follow that by returning to his intense brooding ways with The Sound Of Silence, which was another solid effort from him. Quentin would then go on to give two more performances the following week. The first one, Light My Fire, would be my favorite of the two; I especially liked the bouncy jazz-like arrangement it had. The second one, Shake It Out, was Quentin simply in his element, though to be honest, I felt he was capable of doing more. These would be his last two performances of the season because he would go on to lose the head-to-head Twitter Save against Rayvon at the end of the night, which I sadly saw coming. This one burned not only because it meant that I lost my favorite contestant of the season, it also meant that Quentin wouldn’t be able to participate in the summer tour since only the Top 5 could do so, and I bet Quentin would’ve been something to experience live. The season became a lot less interesting after his departure (though there was still Clark to root for, as he was my second favorite that season). At the end of the day, Quentin is one of the most captivating contestants Idol’s ever had and is one of my all-time favorites. Before I end this write-up, as mentioned, I want to share my opinions regarding his spat with Harry. I know earlier in the thread I placed the majority of the blame on Harry; however, after re-watching the exchange and thinking about it for a while, I’ve come to the conclusion everyone involved was at fault. First, there was the producers who I’m sure instructed Ryan to ask Quentin about his feelings and to keep prodding until Quentin finally caved in, for I think they knew the whole situation had the potential to be watercooler talk regarding the show, which in this case happened to be true since it was all over the news and all. Next, there was Quentin himself, who first of all should’ve pulled a Didi Benami and double down in not answering the questions no matter how many times Ryan asked him. Furthermore, in hindsight he could’ve expressed his thoughts more clearly so there wouldn’t be any confusion as to what he was talking about, though I knew what exactly he was referring to the first time; however, I understood he was highly emotional and probably wasn’t thinking clearly. Finally, he could’ve addressed Harry in a better way rather than walking to the judges’ table looking like he was going to slug him, though I knew he wouldn’t do it. All of this made Quentin look bad. Lastly, there was Harry’s role. Though I said Quentin could’ve done a better job articulating what he meant, I thought it was clear he was upset over one of his friends leaving the competition. I’m sure Harry thought Quentin was disrespecting the show in general; however, I thought he went about it the wrong way. First, there was him ensuring the show wouldn’t go to commercial because he wanted to scold Quentin for his perceived disrespect on live television, as if he was thinking “let me dress down this disrespectful little punk on national TV”. Moreover, instead of immediately jumping on him, he could’ve asked Quentin what he meant by his comments, which I’m sure Quentin would’ve clarified if given the chance; I think that could’ve gone a long way to prevent the scenario that eventually happened. Overall, the whole thing was a shame because I thought it severely hurt Quentin’s chances to go farther into the competition. I knew he was screwed once he was in the B2 with Rayvon because of it, not to mention Rayvon winning every Twitter save up to that point. I’m pretty sure Quentin understood how the show ran and that there could only be one winner, which meant someone would be leaving every week; still it doesn’t mean it wasn’t painful or disappointing to see contestants he developed friendships with potentially leaving any given week. He obviously wore his heart on his sleeve, which in this case severely hurt him. Hopefully, he was able to take something away from whole thing and use it as an educational experience moving forward. 010. Quentin Alexander The updated list of my season's favorites: S01: S02: Kimberley Locke S03: LaToya London S04: Bo Bice S05: S06: Haley Scarnato S07: David Cook S08: Allison Iraheta S09: Crystal Bowersox S10: Pia Toscano S11: Elise Testone S12: Candice Glover S13: Jessica Meuse S14: Quentin Alexander S15: La'Porsha Renae S16: Jurnee S17: Laci Kaye Booth S18: Jovin Webb Who's remaining: Kelly Clarkson Tamyra Gray Kimberley Locke LaToya London Katharine McPhee Elliott Yamin David Cook Crystal Bowersox Elise Testone I'll try to have #9 in later on this evening, as I have yet to start on it. If not, it should definitely be up tomorrow. Until then, any guesses can be made. @Bk1234 got the first one right! We'll see how the rest goes...
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    @Crisis I’ll go with Quentin Alexander then!
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    YAY, thank you! I was hoping you would see (and love) it.
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    Oh no, I did not. I had no idea she would rank this high. From the rest of the semi-finalists, my favorites are A.J., Sabrina, Alexandrea, Felicia, Ricky, Katelyn, Julie, Baylie, Layla. Ugh, and I was furious at most of them missing out on the finals. I think I was especially upset about A.J., Sabrina, Ricky, and Katelyn. I would say Baylie too, but I understand based on the performance. I also loved her from S6 and had seen her on another show too (The Singing Bee).
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    So, we just blew a game that we once lead 8-2... Yay! We should take our entire bullpen... And put them all in the Alternate Training Site...
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    Even if I still have a game doing, I would love to be a judge! Since my show now is a weekly one, I can absolutely have time for this
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    Guys, just a reminder that if you're going to edit your vote, please quote yourself and explain what you edited. I often count votes as they come in, so if you change without letting me know, I might not notice the change.
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    That's okay, I still have more strikes to hand out @aliasocfan @Elliott @*Chris @Steven_
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    About 5 more hours! So many strikes I'll get to hand out
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    It is White Guys With Guitars, referring to the stretch of similar male winners between AI S7 and S11.
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    IDF, especially the Voice section of the forum, has always leaned towards females ever since I've been here. My guess is it's a response to the glut of WGWG winners that AI had during the years leading up to The Voice's premiere. It also doesn't hurt that the majority of the users of this forum are male. If I had to point to a specific example of the ideal "IDF It Girl", it would be Danielle Bradbery. Did you know Danielle's fan thread contained 1000+ pages before the Great IDF Purge of 2019 happened?
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    TOP 20 - FINAL RANKING SHAYNE WARD (UK SEASON 2) LEONA LEWIS (UK SEASON 3) ALEXANDRA BURKE (UK SEASON 5) DIANA VICKERS (UK SEASON 5) RUTH LORENZO (UK SEASON 5) STACEY SOLOMON (UK SEASON 6) CHER LLOYD (UK SEASON 7) LITTLE MIX (UK SEASON 8 ) AMELIA LILY (UK SEASON 8 ) JAMES ARTHUR (UK SEASON 9) ELLA HENDERSON (UK SEASON 9) FLEUR EAST (UK SEASON 11) -------- CECE FREY (US SEASON 2) ALEX & SIERRA (US SEASON 3) -------- SALLY CHATFIELD (AUS SEASON 2) SAMANTHA JADE (AUS SEASON 4) DAMI IM (AUS SEASON 5) REIGAN DERRY (AUS SEASON 6) CYRUS VILLANUEVA (AUS SEASON 7) NATALIE CONWAY (AUS SEASON 7) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now that we have our Top 20, you will be submitting your ranking of the Top 20. I ask that you all submit a write-up of a minimum of 100 words for each contestant. And as a reminder, these are the restrictions for the ranking: + @NGM must rank Little Mix outside of his Top 10. + @Elliott must rank Amelia Lily outside of his Top 10. + @~Tom~ must rank Dami Im outside of his Top 10. + @Solaris must rank Reigan Derry outside of his Top 15. + @Steven_ must rank Leona Lewis outside of his Top 10. + @Zoey must rank Little Mix & Ruth Lorenzo outside of her Top 10. + @*Wallace must rank Leona Lewis & Ella Henderson outside of his Top 10. + @JC must rank Shayne Ward outside of his Top 10, and Alex & Sierra in his Top 10. + @1234567890 must rank Shayne Ward & Alexandra Burke outside of her Top 10. The public is also recommended to submit ranking! The deadline to submit the ranking will be on August 14th. If you have any questions, let me know but everything should be self-explanatory by now.
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    Lady First off….. this is sooo incredibly weird for me to be writing Disney character write-ups. I love Disney and some characters of course but i have no idea what the heck I am doing with this. Lol I fill in for Victoria for the first time and Nico posts the most cutthroat and biggest names of noms ever. Let’s discuss Lady. Lady is the female lead protagonist of Disney’s 1955 film classic, Lady and the Tramp. She is really adorable and so precious. She is a Cocker Spaniel and is the pet belonging to Jim Dear and Darlng. She falls in love with a stray mutt named…..well you guessed it Tramp. I’m guessing and assuming Lady comes from a wealthy background? I just know that Lady is classy. I have watched this movie and found it really cute and adorable but it has been ages since i last watched it. So I can’t remember any specifics. BUT I do remember the ICONIC spaghetti kissing scene because who doesn’t remember that? Apologies to Denise for this cut as I know she loves Lady and the Tramp. Definitely NOT the first cut i’d want to make in my replacement of this game - but again I don't know who I would cut. And heck I can't even save Aladdin.... but Victoria's choices does come first over mine in this game since she is an actual ranker. Saving: Belle
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    I can't name one from each season, but... S4: Amber Carrington S7: Troy Ritchie S9: Jeffery Austin S11: Michael Sanchez S15: Makenzie Thomas S17: Steve Knill
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    S18 Kailey Abel S17 Steve Knill S16 Cecily H S15 Makenzie Thomas
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