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    Australia: Me reading all the whining from social media:
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    I’m going to do two more of my picks. My third pick is... Some Hearts (a guilty pleasure of mine) My fourth pick is... Temporary Home
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    Well all my top picks have advanced so I’m advancing this ICONIC anthem: Waiting All Day For Sunday Night. I’m a diehard football fan so it only makes sense
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    I’ll stick to another single advancing in my top 5 here. As I don’t want it to get cut just yet Advancing “Smoke Break”!
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    there are a million write ups I could have imagined for the fairy godmother, but I gotta say that wasn't one of them lol
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    Still thinking about my last two choices, but my third pick to advance is Don't Forget to Remember Me.
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    For my 2nd pick to advance, I am choosing Look At Me.
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    For my fourth choice, I am moving on a song that was well known from the Olympics just a few years ago. This encouraging and inspiring song also features one of my favorite rappers so it’s fitting I would advance this song. Advancing: “The Champion”
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    There are still so many songs I want to advance that nobody is picking, but I guess I'll make my second choice now. This is an amazing song that I fear being overlooked, but it shouldn't be because it is one of the most meaningful and powerful. Advancing: Change
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    think you did a typo.
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    Temporary Home advancing. My fourth pick goes to another of my favorites on Cry Pretty, Ghosts On the Stereo!
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    Can't say I did not think of that when Chris won lmao. It's like, "IN YOUR FACE, GUY" Also, Chris is not the worst winner for me ever, Ellie Drenan for me is, IDK but she's not my cup of tea. Chris had been way more interesting than Ellie, for me. Chris won NOT bc of his brother, we can't just deny that he have a good voice. Just please don't over react . I am still fumed that Chris won, but he isn't the worst
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    Very disappointed, tbh. Chris was my last pick. Interesting that another all star won
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    With 18 seasons, and it being off season..I thought it might be fun to take a look back at some of the best Voice performances..and in a March Madness format (since we didn't get that tournament either..) Hopefully there is a lot of participation. Couple of notes Instead of "North" "South" "East" and "West" regions, The coaches with the most performances will be the bracket side. They are: Adam, Blake, Xtina, Usher I put a limit of 3 performances per contestant for a few reasons. Biggest one is I'm hoping to get performances that represented the show..not just a few contestants. These are all LIVE performances. This type of thing might be fun to do with Blinds as well - but it's not fair to compare blinds to live. One original made the cut It took a little time for me to come up with this - and I tried my best to include the best performances based on sales/reviews/viewer response (IE..what did this performance lead to on the show). And since I've been watching the show since season 3 (regularly since season 4)..I've got a lot of knowledge of the performances. But like March Madness - I'm sure people will disagree. I probably left out performances I shouldn't have..and I'm sure there will be disagreement over seed placement too. (That being said, there were a few performances I intended to put in, but were no longer available anywhere online. So..if one of your favorite performances is missing - that might be the reason) On this...it was hard. There were so many amazing performances, once I started thinking of them all I was way over 64..so..don't take offense if your favorite is a lower seed. It was very difficult to place all of these performances. Like what is supposed to happen in the March Madness tournament, I created the seeds by first ranking all of the performances. So, the four #1s were the top 4 performances. And like the tournament, I placed seeds like an S curve. So in the same bracket, of what I ranked as the best #1, will have the worst #2 (and best #3, and worst #4 etc..) Adam had the most performances, so his bracket will have the overall #1, Usher had the least amount of the four, so he got the weakest #1. Interestingly, my #1 seeds were easy. I'll post the seeds before creating the bracket to begin. My plan is to post "verses" videos (#1 faces #16..etc) and have people vote, so we have a group decision over the best performance of all time. Hopefully this is fun for everyone. In my next post, I'll reveal the Performances and seeds.
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    It’s an IDF rankdown, it’s not real if it’s not #extra
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    This feels like Cross Battles but 99% of the performances aren't hot garbage, lmao.
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    These were difficult, but I came up with some ideas! Will fully catch up tonight. Thanks for tagging me. -What’s wrong with the Golden State?: Maddie - she has a song called "Nothing Good Comes Out of California" -Wonder if this finalist used the Cornell Method: Trent.... maybe referring to him "taking notes" for his competition game plan you mention? -A rather deadly necessity: Trenyce - the iconic singing of "I need you like murder" -Came back into the light after four years: Mandisa - I see she had an album called "Out of the Dark" which came out four years after she hadn't released anything -Not sad hands: Syesha because she notoriously was given a song from Happy Feet (not sad hands) prior to her elimination.
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    yay! I was hoping someone would advance Change
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    My fourth choice is another album track from Some Hearts. It's one of the more pop-sounding songs, but it's still an album gem. The lyrics detail two people going through a rough patch in their relationship. Despite any hardships, true feelings still remain and it would be a mistake to give up and walk away. It's a well-written song, and I'm sure many people can find this situation relatable. I really like the piano arrangement in the verses and how the instrumentation picks up in the chorus. Carrie's delivery is excellent. I especially love how her voice soars in the chorus. I'm unsure if anyone else here will advance it, so I'll make it one of my last two picks. ADVANCING: I Just Can't Live A Lie Favorite lyric: I know I could say we're through / And tell myself I'm over you But even if I made a vow / A promise not to miss you now And try to hide the truth inside/ I'd fail 'cause I I just can't live a lie
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    I mean production is clearly pushing that storyline. It’s been obvious, other than her Carrie look, that she didn’t want to talk about it.
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    I mean... good on Chris for winning but I bloody hope that Siala is getting signed!!! From the sounds of it EMI Australia (record company which is obligated to sign the winner) really wanted Siala to win
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    But YAY for Kelly getting the last laugh! Imagine defeating Guy and his bias for Johnny with Guy's OWN BROTHER. I have to STAN, QUEEN TINGZ! GO OFF KELLY!
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    Can't say Chris is the worst winner, he really have a good voice, and amazing runs. But, the thing is, he is the worst winner FOR THIS SEASON, as I've felt the other 3 finalists had been more deserving than him
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    I thought Jordan Smith was an interesting combination of a great singer - but also one of the most overrated contestants we have had on the show. Which is why I put him at "meh"
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    And I’m advancing “Low” to the penultimate round.
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    For my final song, I am going with an underrated song from her best-selling album, Storyteller. CLOCK DON'T STOP
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    How has everyone not posted all five songs? It’s been over a day.
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    I’m looking forward to the next set! Time to get a head start on the clues!
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    Yeah, you're right Gabby shouldn't be held accountable for her sister's actions, and yes her sister didn't say Caleb or Maddie weren't going to be successful. However, it can be perceived that way, and it wouldn't surprise me if Maddie and/or Caleb looked at it that way and took offense to it. I personally thought it was in bad taste; her sister could've tweeted her support of Gabby without mentioning Maddie or Caleb, but as mentioned, that's on her (the sister) and not Gabby. It is what it is. Unfortunately, 2/5 are correct this time. I kind of gave one of them away in one of my write-ups; you just have to pay really close attention to it. As for the explanations, I know @miss denise likes to provide her explanations while guessing the clues, so I'll wait and see if she'll come in and does so. If she doesn't by tomorrow evening and if no one gets them all right, I'll explain them then. Based on everything said, I would have never expected you to be a Brooke fan. Of course you wouldn't have minded a MacKenzie win. I'm putting the finishing touches on the next set and should have it up some time tonight.
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    The leaders list wasn't displaying correctly earlier today. It now has 6 stations listed (I will post the chart later today).
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    The duets were mostly incredible, The Veronicas, Delta Goodrem and even Guy really can SING! Whoever chose MHWGO for Johnny is the brainless sinner of the century. Stellar sounded heartfelt singing Anyone, even though some of the last high notes were imperfect. Congrats to Chris anyway.
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    Please go choose your mentor rep in Cyber Idol
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    Also @*Chris it's spelled right here, but the fact that Marcus's last name has been spelled wrong all season on the front page has been bothering me but I kept forgetting to tell you
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    Johnny was one of my fun guilty pleasure types of XFAU3. Yeah he wasn't that great of a vocalist but he was a really fun performer. And I do feel he showed some growth towards the end of his run. Well done to him making it this far.
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    Advanced songs list so far: All-American Girl Backsliding Before He Cheats Blown Away Church Bells Choctaw County Affair Cowboy Casanova Crazy Dreams Cry Pretty Dirty Laundry Drinking Alone Flat on the Floor Good Girl Heartbeat I Just Can’t Live A Lie I Know You Won’t I Told You So (Duet) It Had To Be You (duet) Jesus Take The Wheel Last Name Little Toy Guns Love Wins Low Remind Me Renegade Runaway See You Again So Small Some Hearts Somethin’ Bad Something in the Water Songs Like This Southbound Spinning Bottles Temporary Home That Song That We Used To Make Love To That’s Where It Is The Fighter Two Black Cadillacs Undo It Wasted Wheel of the World Whenever You Remember Wine After Whiskey
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    OMG I thought I'm the only one who preferred La'Porsha over Trent on that season lol. It would've been nice to see an African-American female to win on the (supposedly) last season of American Idol. Her Diamonds performance is ugh, one of my guilty pleasures
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    Hahah it's already started!! But honestly it never even crossed my mind that Chris would win - I was definitely thinking it was a toss-up between Johnny and Siala (though Stellar was my fave)
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    Congrats Chris! He's not my favorite but I'm not too bothered with him winning. Now the meltdown will be fun to watch
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    What the hell?! Chris won??? I thought for sure he'll be 4th lmao. I SMELL A RIOT IN SOCIAL MEDIAS
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    And NHIE is now listed on "Taking Off" chart too. It's the 2nd day for NHIE on this "chart". On Day 1, it had 1 station with 9 spins. The 2 stations listed here are the starters that are also leaders, WPOR and WXCY.
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    I think this is what the rankers have advanced so far: Complete: Kaley - 5 Sola - 5 Derek - 5 Andy - 5 Need 1 more: Chris - 4 Need 2 more: Lily - 3 Steven - 3 Tom - 3 Wallace - 3 Need 3 more: Andrew - 2 Need 4 more: Amanda - 1 Denise - 1 Need 5: Victoria - 0 If something is wrong here please correct me.
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    Closing the vote tomorrow where I'll announce the final 2 of Season 1! Waiting on votes from @*Chris @Deeee @Kier @JC @jarmon!
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    I didn't see anyone saying, but NHIE has now more than 1 million plays on Spotify.
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    Yeah, I am very hopefull about this single, but not naive, of course. I will, probably, att this number everyday for the next few days. 18/07: at least 19 stations (+4) are playing NHIE this week (leaders and starters), with 110 (+17) spins and an audience in 0,281M (+0,043).
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    Should I join? On one hand I'm in 9 rankdowns already. One the other hand I do miss reduxes and I wouldn't need to do write-ups or comments or anything. And lastly, I love my girl bestie @Zoey.
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    I haven't done one of these games in forever, so I might as well give it a go! I'll be signing up as... Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon!
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    @*Chris @miss denise I just finished S1 of Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist. I really enjoyed it! Mo
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