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    I mean... The following day, Erica says, a co-worker took her to a local hospital to have a rape kit completed. "The following week is a blur," she recounts, but writes about a "controlled call" between herself and Wakefield, during which police listened and recorded the conversation. "He repeatedly said, 'I'm sorry I f--ked up,' while I cried and asked why he raped me," Erica says. "The following day the police went to his apartment and he told them he thought I was awake." The day after police visited Wakefield's apartment, Erica says, the assistant district attorney threw out her case. "My rape kit showed trauma, they had recordings of him saying he 'f--ked up,' but it wasn't enough since he 'thought I was awake,'" she writes via Twitter. Following the alleged assault, Erica says she sought therapy via the Nashville's Sexual Assault Center. She says she's stayed quiet about the incident "because I'm terrified of him, the power he has and the repercussions of speaking out." In a statement provided to Taste of Country, Wakefield says that Erica's accusation "was in connection with a relationship that took place three years ago." At the time, he says, he "gave a statement to detectives and fully cooperated with the investigating authorities." Assuming that all of this is true, then yeah... that's rape. Adam's statement doesn't deny any of this happening, so I see no reason why we shouldn't believe her. I understand the hesitancy to simply accept every accusation of sexual assault/misconduct/etc, but I find it important that each victim's voice is heard and acknowledged. If it didn't actually happen the way Erica said, then Adam's done an awful job defending himself and it seems that Erica's taken every proper route to address the situation and seek justice.
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    Can we just skip straight to a CRJ round plz
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    This was so hard. Dee & I wanted to advance like 18 songs. But since nothing has been represented from the Beyonce album.... We have decided..... Advancing: Yonce/Partition
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    Tune in tomorrow night at 8:30 PM EST as @IAN27TAY and the Final 8 of The Groups category faces the Judges House round. Goodnight IDF!
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    For me it is one of those really bad movies that I still love
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    So Matt and Janie dud became a duo. They surprisingly sound good together, hope they go far
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    I’m gonna pick the masterpiece that is Pray you catch me from the masterpiece that is the album Lemonade if @Elliott agrees
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    Little mix is gone? Please cancel this travesty.
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    More previews of the music video:
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    Now, it is agin down to TWO. Last 2 artists knowing their fate tonight are Daniel Shaw and Hunter Plake. Only one spot remains for these guys. Both artists are singer-songwriter type of artist, both have almost the same path that they'll take on as an artist, both are original. Daniel showed so much heart on his performance tonight. While Hunter, showed artistry and creativity tonight on his take on a classic. Who will get the final spot? Who did enough than the other? A-Kid: Daniel, there's something about you that is so appealing, not just because of your gorgeous looks, but also your beautiful heart and soul, that is shining when you sing. Tonight though, I think that was the wrong song choice at this level of the competition, it did not showcase that much your beautiful tone, what you can more as an artist. But you've got so much potential in you. A-Kid: Hunter, what I admire the most about you is your originality and your artistry as an artist. It really looks like you were experienced, like you've been doing this for a long time. Tonight though, was another great performance BUT in terms of connection to the viewers, I think that lacked on your part tonight, sometimes you just gotta let go of being technical and connect more to the audience.
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    Next to know his fate is an artist that is a comeback artist from two seasons of the show that he previously joined. Sheldon Riley improved a lot when he re-joined on The Voice Australia, however that was not enough for him to be in the Grand Finale. In this show, he continuously gave us consistent emotional and beautiful performances. He did keep things simple tonight, just letting his heart and voice shine through, but is keeping things simple enough for him to be progressing on this show? A-Kid: Sheldon, darling, you are beautiful inside and out, always remember that. You've also got beautiful and powerful voice, with that colorful heart you have that shines when you perform. It's just that, I've noticed that you, yourself have some kind of walls around you, that limits you to show connection to the audience sometimes. Moving forward, I want you to break that walls, and just give in to the emotions you have, give it your all, this time, all of it, leave no regrets, leave all of the insecurities behind. You are born to be a star, honey, no matter what happens.
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    While I, @anonymouskid_35, is still deciding about the fate of my Final 8 Boys, here is a performance from my co-mentor that I brought with me on this round, the Diva herself, Christina Aguilera!
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    I, @anonymouskid_35, brought the Final 8 of The Boys category to a beautiful place in a country where I was born. Everybody, welcome to Hyams Beach on New South Wales, Australia. Here, they and I will stay at a beachfront house just near the Hyams Beach, where it is known as one of the whitest sands in the world. The boys can bond inside a really huge beach house, and can go for a swim at the beach. The mentor that I, @anonymouskid_35 brought in is none other than... Christina Aguilera!
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    Hi and welcome back to The Voice: Idol Factor Part 1! Last night, we've witnessed as the Final 8 of The Girls category went to one of their mentor @QueenMae16's beach house in the desert. QueenMae bonded the girls for a few days and went shopping and have bonding. But last night, we've witnessed how the Final 8 Girls gave it their all and their very best in this round to advance to the Live Playoffs. QueenMae had brought Celine Dion and Faith Hill to co-mentor this category and to help her out in the decisions. In the end, only the Final 6 Girls made it to the Live Playoffs. Tonight, the Judges House round continues, this time, my, @anonymouskid_35's, category will be the ones that'll be facing this round, The Boys . The Final 8 Boys will need to step it up and prove to me that they do deserve one of the slots of the Final 6 that will be going on the Live Playoffs. Two of these 6 will be eliminated tonight. We will know also where I brought these boys to have a bonding time with them before the performances tonight. Also, we'll know on who I brought as my co-mentor(s) for this round. Let the Judges House round for tonight BEGIN!
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    Remaining: The Magic Carpet (ALADDIN) Chip (BEAUTY AND THE BEAST) Cinderella (CINDERELLA) Copper (THE FOX AND THE HOUND) Sven (FROZEN) ** Prince Eric (THE LITTLE MERMAID) Mickey Mouse (MICKEY & FRIENDS) Minnie Mouse (MICKEY & FRIENDS) Dodger (OLIVER & COMPANY) Oliver (OLIVER & COMPANY) Peter Pan (PETER PAN) Tinker Bell (PETER PAN) **
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    I thought long and hard giggity about my final immunity. And while I don’t necessarily think this next act needs it, I want to keep my immunity theme of “underdog females + hot men” going strong and most of my other favourites have already been eliminated. That said.... Immunity #5 The Queen of pissing off the middle aged Facebook moms, probably having the lowest number of votes in the first week, landing in the bottom two three times, confusing all of our sexualities and still going on to become X Factor Australia’s biggest star... Samantha Jade.
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    Remaining: The Magic Carpet (ALADDIN) Chip (BEAUTY AND THE BEAST) Cinderella (CINDERELLA) Copper (THE FOX AND THE HOUND) Sven (FROZEN) Prince Eric (THE LITTLE MERMAID) Mickey Mouse (MICKEY & FRIENDS) Minnie Mouse (MICKEY & FRIENDS) Dodger (OLIVER & COMPANY) Oliver (OLIVER & COMPANY) ** Mr. Smee (PETER PAN) ** Peter Pan (PETER PAN) Tinker Bell (PETER PAN) ** Aurora (SLEEPING BEAUTY) **
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    Those are just my observations of the situation. I said I believe her story, but there are still some lessons to be learned from this. Putting aside the bad decisions she made that night, she probably shouldn’t be tweeting like a 12 year old, including 4 letter words, if she wants to be taken seriously, after making an accusation like that. But, yes, he probably raped her, and if he did, he should have faced charges.
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    Immunity #3 Lesbian icon Saara “Sharon doesn’t remember my name” Aalto
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    If Not Ready to Make Nice isn’t #1, none of us can claim to be homosexual anymore.
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    Roberta Christine “RC” Saint-Amour (Philippines) RC placed 11th on Survivor Philippines, becoming the first boot after the merge and the first jury member. To be fair, she had the good fortune of being on the Tadang tribe for the entire pre-merge, so she never went to tribal because they won immunity every week. In the beginning, she was aligned with Abi-Maria Gomez, Pete Yurkowski and Redacted. Eventually RC grew to distrust Pete and Pete and Abi split from RC and Redacted. Going into the merge, RC had the numbers on her side but Pete and Abi combined Kalabaw to split the votes between her a Penner and, when Penner played his Idol, RC was ousted. In her Ponderosa videos she later compared Pete and Abi’s blindside of her to the holocaust so. She’s clearly problematic and she can go. In the end, she was the only person to vote for Lisa, probably because she had been aligned with her for most of the time before she was voted out but, as we all know, Denise won so it didn’t matter. save: Erik solely because of his speech defending Natalie White
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    Thank Lily. Oooh awwww your comments there. I was luckily able to get through it in abotu a day and a half's time or so? So not too bad at all. Glad it gets better though! So glad we'e on the same page once again. Yeah I was shocked HOW much I liked Raven more this time around. Funny how that can happen. 100% agree with everything you said on Pandora. I felt bad for her getting stuck with Mimi too - but I wish she could have sucked it up and had a better attitude about it.
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    Looking through this woman’s twitter account, she doesn’t come off as bright individual, and she put herself in a bad situation that night, but I tend to believe her story. There was in fact a police report filed, so I don’t think it has anything to do with “cancel culture,” or whatever. Adam was still with his girlfriend, Jenny, at the time, according to his Instagram photos. The last post she appeared in was from June, 2019.
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    I am so taking part In the Shakira round. And while I’m not sure there’d be enough interest for a Reba round would there be for a Dixie Chicks round?
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    so essentially you never would believe her because its practically impossible to prove that this happened. I dont really understand when people have a viewpoint like this, because if they were the one who was raped, and no one believed them, it would feel absolutely horrible.
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    ISaidWhatISaid.gif But awwww I do love Sandcastles and it is amongst one of my faves.
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    That makes me think, in the playoffs one of the pairings will be Janie&Matt vs Graeme
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    There probably would be. Me, Solaris, Andy, Chris, Megan, and I’d get Andrew to sign up. I used to skip Sandcastles when I first got into Lemonade. Not that it was bad, but I just didn’t care for it and I just wanted to get to All Night/Formation.
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    honestly how do they offer a battle pair to become a duo almost every year and pretend like its a new concept every time lmao
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    Carly Rae Jepsen's EMOTION and Beyoncé's Lemonade being released within a year of each other was truly when pop music peaked.
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    I do hope so for it! Making this duo a controversial one won't make sense if Delta would just eliminate them the next round lmao
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    Yeah but considering how Matt stepped it up on the battles? I think Delta would've picked Matt, eliminating Janie, which Delta did not want to happened, that's why she picked them up as a duo
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    I noticed the pitch of the instrumentals for "I Can Only Imagine" were a bit lower than the version we got. The arrangement was strange at first because of the saxophones but it sounded really nice. Todd sounded amazing nonetheless on both performances. Btw, happy birthday @mjdolorico !!!
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    Great write-up on Matt Cardle, @Elliott.
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    Amazing performance And Happy Birthday mj
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    Cut phantom menace attack of the clones your highness pride and prejudice and zombies
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    While @QueenMae16 is still deciding, here is a back-to-back performances from her co-mentors, Faith Hill and Celine Dion with their own singles. Let's give them a round of applause!
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    1 for Delta, 2 for George. I believe spoiler-wise, we know Adam makes it to the next round, but not sure about anything from Elyse.
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    Was about to say... Would have been fantastic taste if Andy, Tavis and Antonio were added to her list! Why not have 6 least favourites out of 12 partners?
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    Casssadee Pope is releasing a new album on August 7th! And is releasing 2 singles from the album this Friday!
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