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    VOTING LINE IS NOW OFFICIALLY OPEN FOR THE VERY LAST TIME! Voting line is now open for the last time this season. Your votes matter MORE THAN EVER. If you think the artist deserves to be The Voice, then vote for her. Before voting, make sure to watch the performances of the finalists and see their song choices (especially the first and third round) so that my effort in finding song choices won't be wasted , thank you!! You can ONLY vote 3 times, more than that, all votes will be deleted. Voting line will CLOSE at 8 PM EST. https://surveyheart.com/form/5edc2d7e49b51a3dc5199cd0
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    These songs yall are slaying lol. Any of them would dominate our hearts and have all of us 6 feet under. But we'll die happy!
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    Sara McLachlan and Linda Ronstadt both have covered River but Queen it the only one, IMHO, who could actual improve on Joni's version. Damn! Did I just write that?
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    I don't where else to put this but I've been MIA the last day or so because I found out one of my family members tested positive for COVID-19. That family members son has been in a close contact with my brothers. With my mom being in a wheelchair and her immune system being weaker than all of our just know that I'm more than freaked out. I got a test yesterday because I am scheduled for surgery on Monday but tensions have been high at my house. I just want everyone to get tested and be okay. I'm really terrified if my mom gets it. If anyone in my household gets it but especially my mom.
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    My Immortal hasn't been done but Bring Me To Life was a knockout choice in Season 14. As for Maelyn singing, she could legit sing me the alphabet song and I'd probably faint. In terms of songs that I think she could crush... Big White Room, while definitely a song that gets done A LOT on shows like this, is something I can see her doing well with given it's got a good balance of power and tenderness.
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    Swing for five minutes Coulee and still get beat.
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    I need a bit of an extension Steven! Protesting today for a bit. Thank you!
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    I picked the right person to stan in S13
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    Excellent choice! That is such a beautiful song that Queen would knock out of the park. As for surviving... we're lucky we have made it this far considering all the times she's tried to stop our hearts with her amazing talent and beauty. What a great way to go tho.
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    I would pick Joni Mitchell's "River". Of all the songs I know of I can just feel her singing this. Not sure I would survive though.
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    White man with very limited empathy learns to care about a person of color only after knowing them personally for a very long time and having to literally witness the racism first-hand and then stands up to more overtly racist people. The Academy through sobs: "omggggg that is totally meeeeeee... I'm not literally a member of the KKK and that's the only level of racism I will acknowledge as bad!!! this movie shows just how wonderful we all actually are on the inside in our minds!!!!! Voting for this is the same as making institutional changes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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    Your mind tho! This was also the first song that I thought of. It would be a moment for sure "This Woman's Work" would also slay I think.
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    Kyla is a gorgeous woman with a very unique face and she has had more success in the fashion industry than the vast majority of contestants on ANTM. Google Kyla Coleman and you will see dozens of amazing shots of her post-ANTM. But IMO, she just did not know her angles AT ALL on cycle 24 and did not know how to create tension in her face. Resting on pretty. Noun not verb. Etc. She obviously improved a ton since the show. But Cycle 24 Kyla was not it. She won because she had nice hair.
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    Why is it liberal speak? It’s a socialogical term. I think you are trying to deflect. Just like it was more important to care about property than human lives. it’s an uncomfortable topic. And yeah, some people highly resist it. But they would no matter what it was called. And Liz Warren is the definition of white privilege.
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    Finally watched. Overall, the talent show was crunchy. Jujubee slayed the episode. Alexis still has it. Shea's makeup is the best in the business. Yvie was absolutely spectacular. Really really really looking forward to the rest of the season.
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    Sunday 6/7: Andy Dexterity BoNess Claudia Harrison Em Mylott Johnny Manuel Lyric McFarland Nicole Ferreira Mon 6/8: Mark Furze Ricky Muscat Likely this week (date unknown): Graeme Isaako Mason Lloyde Nathan Isaac Steve Clisby
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    We will not be a team in the next drag race rank down.
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    RT. She did alright. Nothing memorable, but it's only the first episode. Her mug was on fire though
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    The Voice never even addressed Robegate , you think they’d talk about politics?
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    You can have one, since I’m not sure how long it will take to hear back from Richard.
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    @Alex95 come get your other wildcard EDIT - OOP ninja'd by Chris. But Anna is saved!
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    THAT GIF CHOICE Save Michael Jefferson Cut Chad
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    BROOKE GOING OFF LOL, SHE KNOWS 100% I- I'm still amazed the Top 3 was the Top 3 of S13 considering its demographic lol how did that even happen?
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    Nice lengthy write-up for Robin there @Alex95. I definitely wouldn't have been able to do that.
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    White people co-opting the Black Lives Matter movement for their own agenda, for the most part. and of course, the police turned their aggression against the real protestors. teamAudra, I wasn’t talking about you specifically when I said property was being valued more than human lives. My point was, the same group (generally speaking) who would have a problem with the term “white privilege” are having a bigger problem with the rioting than the oppression black people face from the criminal justice system. and I get that a lot of that is because their news sources are framing things that way. And trust me, I have spent a lot of time explaining systemic oppression and privilege to a lot of white poor and working class people. (Again - I’m a high school teacher...). And I know you can’t explain it to someone like you are in a masters sociological class. But the resistance isn’t there because of the term. The resistance is there because many of those people have had their own trauma or hardships, and explaining to them that they have had advantages in life - when they pride themselves on being independent blue color workers - “pulling themselves up by their bootstraps” ... and they have been taught their whole lives to respect and honor police and military..causes resistance. And I’m sympathetic to that. So, there are times where I make sure to frame it as “this is a different perspective..” But that also doesn’t erase that this same group has been raised their whole lives to uphold that same racist system - and they haven’t had the education or opportunity to counter these views. So I have to counter them. Again, I know it is not helpful to make them feel like bad people. But In truth, sometimes it’s hard not to feel that way. anyway, my whole point is that..O get what you are saying about the term “white privilege” but I think the resistance to the term goes way deeper - and there would be resistance to any term used.
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    I am not necessarily a liberal by any means, and I believe that Black Lives Matter as well acknowledging that I have privileges - I've noticed my privilege while going to university, or while moving into my apartment, they did not do a credit check on me or my partner - I do know for a fact if we were not white, the landlord would not have made us sign the lease on the spot after visiting the unit (e.g.: this happened to me, twice, actually).
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    Why should I pick only one song if we all know for a fact that #AllSongsMatter.
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    Imagine thinking Khrystyana is terrible. One of the few ANTM alums that I still follow on Instagram - I love seeing her continuous support for body positivity among other things.
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    looks like My Oh My will be going recurrent at Pop tomorrow afternoon. still gaining at Hot AC. POP: 9 12 CAMILA CABELLO My Oh My f/DaBaby 8675 10051 -1376 40.163 -216 Spins -29 Bullet -1.176 Audience HOT AC: 6 6 CAMILA CABELLO My Oh My f/DaBaby 4731 4575 156 23.434 +8 Spins -6 Bullet +0.061 Audience
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    OMG!!!! we have the same top 4 of s14 really love them all.
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    Verdict so far: Comfort not making at least Top 10 in the rankdown is absolute highway robbery
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    With season 11 its easy tbh, Ali is such a slayer, but yes at the overall season being a drag ugh. Season 14 my squad of Queens: Kyla, Sharane, Christiana, Spensha would be the Top 4 if it was up to me.
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    Property vs human lives. Of course not, but many humans are going to be suffering in that part of town for a long time. It’s personal for me, because I’ve met so many of those people through my job. I think I explained that before. Yeah, they’re all liberals, and they’ll still vote for the idiot mayor, but I’m not all politics all the time. The people who were legitimately there to protest George Floyd’s death were not causing the problems, and we’re seeing the same thing all over the country. The destruction disproportionately affects minorities, the elderly who live in these areas, and poor people. Does anyone dispute that?
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    Shawn will be there as well. he is not listed as part of that cover though. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8392989/YouTube-graduation-ceremony-featuring-Beyonce-postponed-respect-George-Floyds-memorial.html
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    I've said in these forum I worried she was spreading herself too thin. There almost has to be a toll for all those hours she puts in. OTOH, she seems very happy so who knows. Anyway, glad she is getting some serious ME time but not so much for the circumstances that require it. Question though: Is the world ready for a Kelly with a built up reserve of energy cause the Kelly who was burning the candle at both ends was a dynamo.
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    Yeah, sometimes it's sad to realize that our favorites are human beings and some of them just follow their hive mind instead of addressing an obvious issue. On the other hand we have people like Jordan Smith and Todd Tilghman who, despite their fanbases, have shown support for the BLM movement. Props to them .
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    Agreed on both counts! Thankfully most of my snowflakes have shown support, but yes its those few ones that makes you disappointed and shows their true colors in situations like these Won't be calling names out(thankfully only 1 or 2 so far have been found to show ignorance) but I'm just glad The Queen herself has spoken on this!
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    So happy to see her and many of my other favorite alums using their platforms to support this movement. It truly does hurt seeing people you used to support not even take a small amount of initiative to speak out on this, so Maelyn doing this really is touching.
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    QUEEN SHOWING LOVE! WE STAN AN EQUALITY GODDESS! This is why we stan her, beautiful vocal to slay our souls, and an outstanding personality!
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    SandyRedd picking Kelly in the blinds comes to mind.
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