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    America and PraiseJesus Artis would be perfect. They already had the perfect names to attract the votes.
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    I've been trying to find a way to summarize this journey we had supporting Todd, and I think the best way to put it is: I am grateful. I am grateful that Todd took the plunge and went for the open call to audition for this show. I am grateful for the producers for greenlighting Todd for the show, and for treating him the best way they can throughout this whole process. I am grateful for everyone behind the scenes for taking such good care of Todd when he was still in Hollywood, and even when he's filming his own live shows. I am grateful to the four coaches for giving Todd that four-chair turn and for boosting his confidence in himself as an artist. I am grateful for Blake for believing in Todd's talent and for bringing him all the way to the finale. I am grateful to every single one of the artists Todd met while on the show, for rekindling his passion for music, and for challenging him to be a better artist. I am grateful for the state of Mississippi for showing up for one of their own, and for supporting Todd's family however way they can as they went through this challenging phase of their lives. I am grateful for the Team Todd FB group for being such a badass support system for Todd and for his family. I am grateful to the critics and the haters, because they gave Todd a reason to push even harder and be better. I am grateful to this fan thread and all the IDF people who showed love and support for Todd, y'all made IDF a much more bearable place to be amidst all the negativity. I am grateful to Todd's entire family for helping Todd throughout this bizarre at-home live shows, and for encouraging him to just be himself and reach for the stars. And most of all, thank you Todd, for showing us your talent and passion, for being unapologetically you, for giving us a reason to endure this trial of a Voice season, and for making it all worthwhile! I can't wait to see the next phase of your musical journey!
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    Either way, she is the first AA female to actually be onscreen when Carson announced the winner.
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    A friendly reminder that may or may not be the anger in me over the last two seasons talking to all: We didn't deserve Maelyn. The show didn't deserve Maelyn. But I thank her anyway for auditioning, because of the fact that she singlehandedly proved there's always a chance, albeit a very SLIGHT chance but still a chance nonetheless, that the truly best contestant can actually win.
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    Blake Shelton Gwen Stefani Miranda Lambert Gavin Rossdale
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    Probably because Todd and Maelyn are not Team Kelly
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    Maelyn's MasterCard commercial, Kelly Clarkson's "I Dare You"
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    If I had a dollar for every IG comment melting down over Todd’s win, I’d have enough to pay my tuition for the rest of my undergrad career. Congratulations to Todd and I hope this is the start of a successful independent career (if he takes the label deal I fully expect him to get screwed over and he doesn’t deserve that).
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    Plot twist: They're actually related
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    The worst prediction ever! I got every placement wrong!
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    Would it make you feel better if I pointed out that Kelly was Todd's second choice for a coach?
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    Between Idol, The Voice and this... so many great results for black women this week
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    If I was that girl this would have been my reaction.
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    Uh, I can't read. I didn't mean to save him. Can I switch? I thought it was James from James and the Giant Peach.
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    Queen would have shattered everyone lmao.
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    Record labels aren't exactly reaching out to talent show contestants in general. I think very few contestants at this point, if any, go into the show expecting to come out the next Kelly or Carrie after the show ends (we all know that time is long gone...) For a lot of them, it's just a launchpad for their career - and for the younger ones, an opportunity to get a view at the industry and improve their skills. I don't think any of them can deny that the show did something at least a little good for them. At the very least, they can get "FROM NBC's 'THE VOICE'" added to their name outside their local coffee shop gig and get some streams. For a winner on the show, it's at least a lot of temporary exposure. I don't recall if Todd said what his ultimate end goal was before his blind aired, but I doubt that the father of 8 children was fully expecting to go on a bunch of nationwide tours and release a bunch of albums and try to climb the Billboard Hot 100 or whatever. I'm assuming his goal was to make a name for himself and get a start on releasing some of his own music. It's correct to say that he's probably too old to break into the industry and that being "the next big thing" or whatever as a preacher isn't compatible - but that's only a problem if his goal was to be huge. I hope he doesn't take the record deal so he can independently release things and gather at least a strong regional fanbase in Mississippi and the surrounding states plus one very dedicated Filipino. Todd was probably always going to go down the Christian music path in the first place. He was never a full-on country singer.
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    This finale wasn't worthy of Queen's presence
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    Andy choosing my game first we love to see it
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    I will not tolerate Finding Nemo slander! The dentist's office scenes are all peak Pixar.
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    Post-finale press conference with Blake. It's a little concerning how Blake assumed Todd will take the record deal with Universal here. I hope this is not something that Blake gleaned from his conversations with Todd, and that he stays away as far as possible from that damn label. #indielife
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    This came from a member of The Voice casting team.
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    Josh can sing, so comparing him with Todd Is ridiculous.
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    Josh is Usher's only winning artist.
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    This was meant to be from the very beginning!! We helped Todd beat so many odds to have this victory of this win. Thank you all for supporting our Mississippi guy!!
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    This is when it all first started i know i said i won't visit IG,, but I can't help it. Todd rehearsing for his blinds. Autotunes who?
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    MARYBETH ENDED JAKE I- Oh yeah and Brooke and Lauren staying
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    Change you username to be honest.
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    Why wait with bated breath for TVS19 to materialize when TVAUS9 is just right around the corner?
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    I received some info that made me feel a WHOLE LOT BETTER about Todd and the record deal, but imma keep this source secret.
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    So happy that my first favorite ended up winning. Hopefully the other 2 will be in the next season. Thank you for the spoilers, and goodbye S18
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    Maelyn's MasterCard commercial appearance was enough to redeem the night!!! (honestly we went from an incredible T9 to a great T5 [although not what I in particular wanted], yet had a particularly weak showing from those talented T5)
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    They didn't invite Maelyn last night bc they knew she would have blown everyone out of the water in that group performance.
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    Blake needs to go... he has overstayed his welcome. It would be a nice change to see a Blake-free finale, and have the actual best artist of the season win (Might have to get rid of Kelly too.)
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    Todd gave Jermaine and CWB some real competition for that last spot lmao
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    He is indeed special. His energy during his Blind Audition was highly infectious. You can see he was excited the moment the coaches turned for him.
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    It's actually nice to see that most people who disagreed with the result were still being respectful in here
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    Queen Megan giving the diss this show deserves lmao.
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    Actual footage of Todd and his family getting out of the church after his huge win!
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    She´s great, she just had the misfortune of being on the wrong season.
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