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    I absolutely loved JHud. I think in S15 she finally toned it down to the appropriate level where she was still loud and extra but it didn't come off as obnoxious (didn't stop the hate that she received but oh well). I genuinely want JHud to come back at some point. I joke about the shoe throwing a lot but I do love it lol. The fact that people still comment "JHud would've thrown her shoe" to this day shows her impact on the show.
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    May I say that the plot of your date was more interesting than the plot of Man of Steel? im also very drunk
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    Zan!! I would love this to be real!!
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    Add on:Toneisha just verified tooBut I'm curious tho as whether the other 4 from the top 9 will be verified on insta since they are all verified on twitter
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    I´m a Todd fan , but all throughout the season I was expecting him to be part of the classic Team Blake runner ups, a la Gyth, Adam W, Chris K, Jake W, etc, and mainly because TPTB wants the new coach to win with TStorm, another one that I´m a fan of. But given his journey, song choices, FB support, and overall hyping, I now genuienly think Todd could win this, the Team Blake runners up I just mentioned weren´t near as threatening as Todd is, and he hasn´t even pulled a gospel song out. Monday and Tuesday´s gonna be very interesting.
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    Top 9 contestants got verified on Twitter
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    Queen serving up news of possible new music, and serving up the looks, is exactly what I needed in my life. Thank you.
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    Season 5 is the only season in which all finalists were deserving and had multiple moments during their run on the show.
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    Can we get the other guy for the voice?
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    her trumpet solo remains iconicccc!!
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    I really do have the mind of the majority. Michael Lee was something else.
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    Out of all of them, Mandi´s probably the best technical vocalist, but Johnny´s my favorite. Still listen to his performances of "Preciosa" and "Alive" to this day. Shame that he went from a frontunner to straight out fodder in the blink of an eye, but Alicia´s team was monstrous that season.
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    yo if he sings run by snow patrol or you found me by the fray i'd throw all my votes to him
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    Season 5 and Season 13 PERIODT.
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    That would be cool, bring upon all our old favorites to compete in a farewell season.
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    Yeah I have seen some screenshots of people voting all team Blake members equally during the top 17 and top 9 He seems so strategic, I hope he did some research about the past voice winners and know what to do next if he wins.
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    True, that’s the only way I see it going. If another singing competition show comes to NBC. But other than that it would only end if producers are ready to quit. do you think the final season will be an All Star Season??
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    She has 6 CMA awards and 3 ACM awards. It’s country radio that doesn’t support her, but that applies to almost all females. She’s more country than most of the trash you’ll hear on country radio.
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    Same. I need something to watch/do with my life outside of classes and work that isn't spending six hours a day playing The Sims, so if the show ends I've gotta find other hobbies.
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    country songwriter and member of The Highwomen, Natalie Hemby apparently reached out to Camm and suggested that they write a song together someday.
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    Hannah, choosing anything else would be wrong.
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    I sent in my app! Now JC has 3 people capable of running his final!
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    Yeah, timing is everything and every season is a completely different story. Isabel is kinda folk pop-rock, but she's been heavily influenced by mainstream pop music lately, so she's gonna need a smart coach to guide her journey. She's fairly unique so I can see her going far as well.
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    You're welcome, it was fun.
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    Here's hoping! She has such a gorgeous vocal!
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    Got scared for a minute lol. I was thinking Brendon Urie's "High Hopes"
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    I believe she´ll make it far since Mckenzie Thomas came back and got to the semi-finals. I think Isabel will take an extra step and be in the finale and possibly win.
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    I will be angry if they cancel bc I did not just make an account for them to cancel lol.
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    Wikepdia:"BitChute is a video hosting service founded in 2017. It was created to allow video uploaders to avoid content rules enforced on other platforms, such as YouTube. The platform accommodates far-right individuals and conspiracy theorists; with the Southern Poverty Law Center saying the site hosts "hate-fueled material". Starting to think maybe you are a Russian agent. And I dont even believe in that stuff usually but werent you the most far left here and now you're far right? Though I do agree Gates is a shady individual.
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    @totes4totes as your soulmate, if I hear one more story in 2020 of you dating men and not women, I will have to make a trip to Wisconsin and intervene. im also very drunk right now. I found a bottle of Absolute mandarin in the house and I sm drinking the quarantine awY
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    I remembered her from season 17. She is amazing and seasoned. I thought she deserved a fan thread for herself . I hope she comes back next season to slay!
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    I never found Stefano hot. Ever.
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    Not I wish it was eligible so we could have given it the win
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    LMAO, if it was actually a way of saying "coming back to my roots" but idk he prob means from his Blind Audition.
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    Ikr? We're so not worthy The Queen...
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    Day was great on the challenge.
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    I had to double check when it was released when I did my application. Love that movie so much and the soundtrack
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    so IDF decides who the finalists are, Todd is part of it, and Thunderstorm isn't? Did @mjdolorico vote on 15 different gadgets or something?
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    I LOVE HIM AND I AGREE. It's not cool to compare to past Idols because their current crop of contestants is what the focus should be on. Not living in the past! IMO
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