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    as much as I agree with some of the comments, I hope that anonymous kid doesn't change his/her results because of them. its your redux, let it be the way it was intended to be! if it went the way we wanted, then what's the point? we already know what's going to happen and it won't be exciting.
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    I mean..at this point they should just air his no-chair audition.
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    It's even more ironic because whoever gets to face Joanna in the IS is pretty much dead in the water. JK
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    It's a bit ironic that Joanna used to work as a lifeguard saving peeps when they had trouble in the water. Now, she's the the one who can save The Voice from drowning in a self built pool of stupid. JMHO.
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    Happy John didn't get Zan, he doesn't deserve her
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    Levi getting no turns when actual no chair turners make it Excited to see how this redux plays out!
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    they're probably not gonna be able to record it (like live studios in general) but they'll probably be sent "originals" and still sing them for the finale
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    Seconded! The point of dragging personal favorites this far is to introduce people to them/write about them. Rankdowns were never meant to be objective.
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    The point of a rankdown is to have a diverse mix of favorites of 10+ people at times. What a thought.
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    This entire season has been less content!
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    Me on YouTube normally: screw watching a 20+ minute video Maelyn's video compilation: appears in recommendations Me: well that was a fast 20 minutes
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    Reptilian confirm that what happened reptilian has taken over TPTB
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    thank you for giving Kailey Abel 4 chair turns!!
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    I suspect we all need Queen and dare I say....MORE of Queen. They say money can't buy you happiness but I'm not sure that is completely true because buying a new music from Queen would make me very happy....and then...THEN I'd get to listen to it....unbridled happiness. Added. Hi to you and welcome!
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    Add me please! Love his voice.
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    Hi guys, I am not exactly new here because I have been reading the forum since Season 13. Just created my account today!
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    Honestly my female ginger cat is such a petty bitch that she'd make my gameplay look like @*Amanda's.
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    You, Modern Family, Modern Family, was number third in the vote?
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    Somehow I missed this....added! Welcome Added. Welcome!
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    Cast Announcement I said eff it on the banner, too hard. So if someone would like to make me one, I would appreciate it. Ranker #1: Alex From host to ranker. I am excited to see how Alex plays now that he isn't in charge of twists! He is the OG, and the one that is responsible for Rankdown forums. Ranker #2: Amanda Amanda is not new to rankdowns. She's made her mark as both a ranker and a host. She's ready to take her turn as ranking the survivors. Will she stand by her deals, or stab someone in the back? Ranker #3: Andrelliott Yes, you read that right. Andrew and Elliott both participated as rankers in the first Survivor Rankdown. This time around, they will be playing together. Welcome to our first twist of the season. Each cycle they will be trading off who participates in the game, and who sits on the sideline. Ranker #4: Andy Andy is a returning ranker from Survivor Rankdown 1.0. He was a large part in what brought Jerri Manthey the win last time. Who will he back and what moves will he make? I can't wait to see! Ranker #5 Hayden Hayden has been a long time Idolforums poster. He has now decided it is his turn to make an attempt at ranking. Welcome this seasons wildcard! Ranker #6: JC JC is a newcomer to rankdowns. He is also a long-time fan of Survivor. He is armed with sass and an affinity for hot guys. Welcome to the rankdown JC! Ranker #7: Steven Like me, Stevens first appearance in a rankdown was Survivor 1.0. He is coming in this time an experienced ranker and host. Steven is the picture definition of nice guy, but in rankdowns nice guys don't always finish last! Ranker #8: Zoey Zoey has recently returned to Idolforums after a brief(?) hiatus. This will be her first attempt at a Survivor Rankdown. Will we have a new Queen Bee? There you have it, 8 rankers who will take on a task of eliminating 589 of these 590 survivors. Which ranker has what it takes to Outwit, Outplay and Outlast their competitors? Its time to find out. Each ranker has 24 hours to sign in here in this thread. Failure to do so, will give up their spot to one of the other 5 applicants. Sorry to everyone not cast. Once everyone has checked in, I will announce the second twist! @Alex95 @*Amanda @sublymonal @Elliott @#jeah @hayden98 @JC @Steven_ @Zoey0069
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    I don't really mind having more finalists, but the team quota though, it is just so unfair , imo.
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    Still crazy to me that the top 20 shows and Sopranos, The Wire and Six Feet Under aren't in the conversation.
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    I love Toy Story 4. The hate for Bonnie is stupid. She's a little girl who wants to play with her toys her own way. The audience is emotionally attached to Andy and the way he likes his toys. Bonnie is a feminist legend though who makes Jessie the star and Woody just has to get over it. Woody needed to grow up and realize the world doesn't revolve around him and I'm glad Bonnie was there to give him that reality check
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    There have been seasons where almost half the finale results show was pre-taped anyway. I don't think people realize that doing that is often necessary from a logistical perspective, not just accommodating the schedules of the guest performers, but also being able have enough time to load in and break down all the big sets that they use. Last season I don't think they had as many special tapings to get that stuff done, but I know they've also taped things before or after a regular taping for that stuff as well. Thinking about it, the taping schedule for the results show probably is going to be stressful because it's usually much more spread out than the time they have available now. I noticed Meghan installed a green screen at her house, it was behind her during her IG Live. I wonder if any of the other contestants have them as well, it would give them more options visually for backdrops during the performances.
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    Welcome! And good luck on your redux! I never finished one of these, so here's to hoping you see this through the end! And you know what to do if you want me invested.
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    my battle pairings predictions Team Kelly Megan Danielle vs Gigi Hess Tayler Green vs Arei Moon Tracey Preston vs Cedrice Micah Iverson vs Michael Williams Allegra Miles vs Mandi Castillo Mandi Thomas vs Todd Tilghman Team Nick Tate Brusa vs Anders Dreup Jacob Miller vs Kevin Farris Chelle vs JULES Emily Bass vs Jamal Corrie Jared Harper vs Zach Day Anaya Cheyenne vs Samuel Wilco Team John Allison Grace vs Brittney Allen Hawk McIntyre vs Toneisha Harris Thunderstorm Artis vs Chrissy Joly Nelson Cade III vs Darious Lyles Mike Jerel vs Roderick Chambers CammWess vs Jacob Daniel Murphy Team Blake Zan Fiskum vs Ari Tibi Kailey Abel vs Samantha Howell Cassidy Lee vs Todd Michael Hall Ashley Plath vs Joei Fulco Joanna Serenko vs Sara Collins Jon Mullins vs Cam Spinks
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    I was rooting for Levi to win it all Hopefully Tate Brusa and Jamal Corrie will avenge Levi Team Kelly is the strongest team so far
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    idk, I'm feeling really down on this new format change and the current S18 queens about to be destroyed by flops so I'm here appreciating THE Queen to make me feel better
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    So now the blinds have ended.. THE BATTLES BEGIN! Hope you liked the results of the Blind Auditions! I've been really invested in making this redux since it's my first time. Any thoughts guys? feedback would be great
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    That’s because they feel like they’ve been given new life! (Just kidding...none of us know sh*t about who’s getting votes, and who isn’t (except for Thunderstorm), we all just think we do).
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    This new rule change is literally awful. PV: Todd, Thunderstorm, CammWess, Micah IS: Toneisha
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    Did we say something about PLL's theme music?
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    Y’all be underestimating Megan. She’ll prob be winning the IS with the right song choice.
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    Ah yes, my favorite Voice coach, Jake Hoot.
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    idk it's nice to have a male dominated season especially after we got 4 female winners in a row in s13-s16
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    Imagine comparing Tatianna to Rebecca Glasscock. Imagine saying Tatianna sucked. Imagine liking Tyra Sanchez...
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    My choices are always Top notch. I have a crush on the Cracker. (and Bryce from the pit crew)
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    God Ongina looked so fierce. She was stuck in traffique!!
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    Ready to root for Shea, Blair, Ongina and Cracker. Derrick Barry for first boot.
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    About time. #SheaCoulée
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    Correct! They all faced someone in knockouts who had a technical incident or stumbled during one of their performances -Emily B faced Kristen Merlin, whose microphone went out during her performance of "Stay" -Summer Schappell faced Korin Bukowski, who stumbled and forgot the words to "Try" -Kirk Jay faced Colton Smith, whose earpiece went out during "Lady Marmalade," which affected his performance -Mandi Castillo faced Thunderstorm Artis, who stumbled and messed up his performance of "Preach" (this was not aired)
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