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    Ah yes, my favorite Voice coach, Jake Hoot.
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    This change in the rules almost certainly means TPTB knows who is getting votes and they didn't like the results. I suspect it was shaping up to be a Blake Vs Nick finale and that was not going to work for them.
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    Taste is taste so, as long as people post "unpopular opinions" IN this "unpopular opinions thread", I usually don’t care. I'd say that IDF is in a pretty good shape rn. Almost everyone here is respectful and most people don't take the show as serious as in the past. There's always that one person though (which could be me, in fact ). So, personally, I ignore posts that don't add anything productive to the discussion. Here's an accurate representation of me ignoring that type of post:
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    I'd rather have four Gyths in the finale the usual way then this clown fest but whatever
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    I think John is worse tbh. Pharrell usually chose the loser of the battle/KO to ensure the other contestant would get stolen, because he cared about the contestants. John genuinely wants to win, and he seems to choose who he legitimately thought was better, and in many cases, it has ended bad for him. A rookie coach is on the process of winning with an artist that John let go in the KOs. (PD: I don´t think they will cut to him if that happens, since he might be throwing stuff in anger lol)
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    Just what I needed during these unprecedented times...another Kane Brown performance on The Voice. Said no one ever.
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    doja?? team minivan will literally crash themselves into the nearby river and i'm readyyy
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    Yes for example that beautiful mini clip of Blowin in the Wind. Without this quarantine, we wouldn't see Zan dancing in the middle of forest
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    Kelly has already invited Mandi and Cedrice to sing with her sometime during her Vegas residency. Kelly cancelled all her dates scheduled for this year, but new dates are going to be scheduled for 2021.
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    Cat People Just no. It’s brings back memories of Carole Baskin. Killed her husband, wacked him. Can’t convince me that it didn’t happen. Fed him to Tigers, they snackin. What’s happening. Carole Baskin.
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    Lmao, I'm enjoying the Reddit celebrity season more than this garbage season format. But anyway, Megan for PV best female's chance to do it tbh.
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    I misread this and now I'm picturing Todd doing The Thong Song and I'm not sure how to feel about that.
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    Joanna or Allegra will miss the finale because they didn't want to exclude John and/or Kelly from the finale. We stan FAIRNESS We should've learned by now though
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    At least everyone gets to sing for a final chance. Zan was prob B3 in a usual bloodbath format.
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    There was way too much positivity about this season´s Top 9 lol. The hammer was gonna fall down either way. We got our shock even before results night
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    Kane Brown should just audition at this point
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    Isn't the point of the Unpop Thread being able to give out unpopular opinions without others actively discrediting you or shaming you for having them? I know some of the comments here can be eye-roll inducing, but this place is supposed to be a safe space for stuff like that. Just let people believe what they want to believe. No need to laugh and point. JMO.
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    That’s because they feel like they’ve been given new life! (Just kidding...none of us know sh*t about who’s getting votes, and who isn’t (except for Thunderstorm), we all just think we do).
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    I mean..at this point they should just air his no-chair audition.
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    Yeah....I guess that could be possible...If not for Queen Maelyn....we would have had exactly that last Fall. There are no Mealyns this season so who knows. Having the new coach needing an instant save to make the finals would not go down too well. It would certainly provoke enough TPTB angst to warrant a rule change. Still, I don't think that was the likely mix this season. I think 2 Blake and 1 Nick with some serious threats remaining from teams Nick and Blake for the 4th spot. I'd also like to think that TPTB lost sleep and wet the bed Tuesday night before evoking the Grimmie rule. Which of course is: If TPTB doesn't like the potential outcome, change the rules. No..."we" don't know that. Some may think that but "we" don't know that.
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    Levi getting no turns when actual no chair turners make it Excited to see how this redux plays out!
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    Y’all be underestimating Megan. She’ll prob be winning the IS with the right song choice.
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    DAMMIT, I just wrote a voting instruction post for the FB group and this s*** happened..... TPTB is really desperate for equal coach presentation in the finale it seems....they probably saw that Team Blake in general is leading the votes and changed the rules so he won't have 3 people in the finale. That's my take anyway. Not gonna assume anything, I still think Todd needs to earn that PV, so y'all better vote!!!
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    I saw a comment on Mj´s blog that I agree with: Winning the voice doesn´t matter, exposure does. So it is cool that one extra artist gets another week to perform, especially in a season as short as this one.
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    people here acting like Zan has a chance lol give it up I can see Megan beating Micah depending on the song tho
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    Or Will’s own talent (and some of Legend’s support)
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    If that's the case, it's either going to go super-well or be a total disaster; for her sake, I hope it's the former.
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    She said in her live last night that she is doing a really popular song but with a twist. I think she might to a famous pop song and do it with a country twist. That could land really well with the audience so I agree!
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    Kelly 100% has at least one artist in the final, and I wouldn't be surprised if Megan passes over Cammwess choosing a good song... It'll almost certainly be Micah, but it could happen to Megan if her performance is in a good spot and with a good song.
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    TPTB saw this thread and then trolled us all
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    I think Joana is slightly overrated. I don’t see her as finale material, but she deserved a Top 9 spot. I want Allegra or Megan to take the final spot
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    I have a feeling they will pimp Megan
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    Which coach(s) was on track to miss the finale? Probably John AND Kelly. I may not even watch this garbage.
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    SHE’S JUST HAD SURGERY! Cyst-er is recovering!
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    They actually put together a good group of contestants this season, and they all got shafted by both COVID-19 and the super short season. No iTunes recordings, no live performances on TV, no interaction with a crowd or crew. If they get a celebrity or coach duet, it won't be the same since they're not sharing the same stage. Winner will celebrate with his or her immediate household, and then go to sleep.
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    If they'd shared this as the official video, it'd be a guaranteed finale lock - vocal power, rawness but still polished, and an adorable child to top it off.
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    Yes, the biggest problem is we don’t get to find out who can sing live on TV, overcome the crazy schedule, stress, etc. Trainwrecks are a necessary part of the show.
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    Silent Hill Revelation I chose this gif because it’s reminiscent of me making my way through this list. SOMEONE MAKE THIS STOP!
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    omg thank you for quoting my write up I put so much work in it
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    It doesn’t seem like the audience cares about repeat songs, so might as well!
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    john really went from being an alicia-level coach to a gwen-level coach, i'm dead
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    Someone posted on IG a video of Todd singing his Playoffs song when he first got it. Love the rawness of his voice here. Winnie is the cherry on top.
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    Not sure why everyone's so down on Toneisha's chances. She's doing really good on every social media platform. Could definitely see her getting into the Finale. Am I missing something?
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    Maybe they knew Cedrice wouldn’t be on the show much longer, and didn’t need many outfits. LOL
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