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    I don't hate country music, I just hate the same dude with the same type of voice getting a free pass to the Finale every season.
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    Bro country's the really frustrating part of country music. I can handle some of the classics and certain male vocalists with actually great voices, but the Sam Hunts/Luke Combs/FGL/Morgan Wallens are annoying though and they're the first things that come to mind when I think of country music. Female country as a whole is a lot better for me. I wasn't raised on country (except when Dixie Chicks and Shania Twain got thrown into the mix somewhere...) but occasionally I'll find myself going through a bunch of 90s/early 2000s female country videos on Youtube and enjoying it. The singer/songwriter vibe of country music is something I can appreciate, but with the right vocalist. The only country within the past few years I think I've personally saved on Spotify is Kacey Musgraves' album (even if it does lean a lot more pop), some Chris Stapleton, and the recent Dixie Chicks singles. But to answer your question, it's more the advantage. A mediocre country performance will beat an outstanding R&B or pop vocal 75% of the time at least, and that's frustrating.
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    I've been saying essentially this for almost decade now. If the entire bro-country catalog caught on fire....I'd grab the marshmallows and a stick.
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    If loving this Queen is wrong I don't wanna be right.
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    I can't wait to write Elastigirl's Top 20 write-up and include the New Yorker's horny review of Incredibles 2.
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    Also of note, the two finalists who've made it in their forties were Red Marlow (who auditioned at 40 for S13) and the late Beverly McCllelan (who was 41 when she auditioned for S1). If either Todd or Toneisha makes it, they'd be the oldest finalists/potentially the oldest winners at 41 and 44, respectively. As for song choice, I'm not sold on Todd doing country in the Playoffs but I wouldn't be surprised if it happened either.
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    While it's true that this may have been posted on a Facebook group for Allegra fans, it's also been sent to people via email who don't follow her on social media - if it were just the Facebook group, I'd have no issue with it; the issue I have is that they're sending it out to people who aren't necessarily Allegra fans and don't keep up with her social media, and yet it's in their email inboxes.
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    Huh, I didn't realize there has been no winners over the age of 40 on this show. Also, I don't know why, but I have a feeling Todd isn't gonna sing country for the Playoffs.... just a gut feeling.
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    Team Blake + will likely sing 90s country + from the South (the part of the country where the show is the most popular) = good shot at the public vote. His biggest barrier's going to be the age factor (the oldest winner is Josh Kaufman at 38, and Todd's in his early 40s) since the public tends to go for the teenagers or artists in their late 20s/early 30s unless the contestant brings something unique to the table - ie, Katie Kadan's combo of eclectic style, deep voice, and power last go-around or Sundance's ability to flip songs and make them work for him even if they weren't necessarily country/Southern rock.
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    She could do Over The Rainbow....dye dogo brown and put him in a basket. Don't forget the ruby red shoes!
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    Queen sends a throwback! Beautiful and pure.
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    *Me reading Solaris's play by play and wanting to comment but not wanting to spoil anything*
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    Bro country isn’t even a thing in country anymore (even fgl has moved on), and we get almost none of it on the show. I don’t think the same country male every year, is really different then the male - constantly using falsetto & runs R&B singer, and we get an indie female almost every year too, plus the old soul teenager that Blake compares to Sinatra, vocal divas etc. I think the issue is a) they tend to get far and b) idf isn’t into what they do well - good country is more about the lyrics then the vocal gymnastics
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    1. Barrett Baber, Season 9, Team Blake 2. Dez Duron, Season 3, Team Christina 3. Zach Seabaugh, Season 9, Team Blake 4. Cassadee Pope, Season 3, Team Blake 5. Kimberly Nichole, Season 8, Team Christina 6. Amanda Brown, Season 3, Team Adam 7. Chloe Kohanski, Season 13, Team Blake 8. Billy Gilman, Season 11, Team Adam 9. Dylan Hartigan, Season 14, Team Kelly 10. Mitchell Lee, Season 13, Team Blake
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    1. Queen Maelyn(no surprise there) 2. Addison Agen 3. Lauren Duski 4. Christina Grimmie 5. Tessanne Chin 6. Amber Carrington 7. Ali Caldwell Rough estimate of 8 - 10: Janice Freeman Sasha Allen Makenzie Thomas HM: Matt McAndrews Hunter Plake Alisan Porter Hannah Huston Max Boyle Marybeth Byrd Vanessa Ferguson Kyla Jade Madi Davis Jeffrey Austin Great talents I could state, but this would be a Top 20 rough estimate.
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    Really nasal voices and bro-country are two things I can't stand. That said, really smooth, warm/clear voices or really gritty ones are ones I like better even if I prefer other genres over country.
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    all we can do is vote as hard as we can let’s get her as far as we can
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    I think we found the sender of the email
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    1. Madi Davis (season 9) - Not a single performance I didn't like from her. A Case of You is the best performance of any version of The Voice IMO. Fantastic performer who deserved to win Season 9. 2. Maelyn Jarmon (season 16) - One of the very few times America got it right. Flawless performances all season. Her version of The Scientist is still in heavy rotation for me. 3. Addison Agen (season 13) - Unique tone, fantastic song choices all season, and very tasteful stylistic choices. What's not to love? 4. Lauren Duski (season 12) - The fact that she lost to a generic r&b singer still gets upsets me to this day. America's biggest mistake. My favorite country singer to ever go on The Voice. 5. Christina Grimmie (season 6) - RIP. Really pretty voice. Hold On, We're Going Home is one of, if not the best live performance on the show. 6. Kimberly Nichole (season 8 ) - Objectively the best singer on the show. Can't say enough about her. So robbed. 7. Jeffrey Austin (season 9) - Loved him since his audition. How was he a one chair turn? His tone is so unique, in a good way. 8. Brynn Cartelli (season 14) - Can't believe people don't like her here.I don't want to be one of the "ShE's OnLy 14" crowd, but the amount of emotion she conveyed at her young age was insane. 9. Amber Carrington (season 4) - Ugh, I loved her so much! So many all time great performances from her. Her duet with Holly Tucker is an all time fav. 10. Kyla Jade (season 14) - The full package. Amazing tone, crazy range, and one of the most powerful singers I've ever heard. HM to Ali Caldwell, Vanessa Fergusson, and Kaleigh Glanton
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    Allegra fans are gonna vote for her, non-Allegra fans aren't going to vote for her. No drama here. Also, I'm not a fan of speculation, since we don't know how many people got that email and who sent it. Spurrious is a lifelong Voice fan so him getting that message it's not that weird. I think we should stop overthinking this.
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    Ally has great management . she was not nominated or performing on the KCA's but All Night her song with Afrojack was played during the closing credits and the slime of the host at the end. edit better video of it.
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    I am very excited to see her performance this week
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    That's awesome, so much support and love for Todd. Hopefully all this amount of support will translate well into votes.
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    I dont even like country but its so utterly obvious that some people are just salty that their favorites lost to country
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    Sola do you like Roxxxy? I can't tell based on your comments...
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    I'm like 99% sure Sherry's DQ is to blame. It seems like she was going to play a huge role in the season, performance and drama wise, and they just kind of swept it all to the side. In hindsight part of me wishes they would have left the edit the way it was, because it's a TV show created for entertainment purposes, but I know that wouldn't have been fair to the victims. Oh well. Bring on AS5! (And bring back Crystal for AS6 if she doesn't win)
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    I think this episode was my favorite of the season so far; I'm glad I stuck with it because man there have been some sh*tty episodes this season...
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    I'm pretty apathetic on country music, but there are some acts I like. I've noticed most of my favourites on The Voice lately are country-inspired, so there's that. Generally, I tend to like the "country" singers that are more Southern Rock/Southern Blues inspired, or more of a country-pop. Bro country needs to die a quick death, though.
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    Gonna list 11 because there's like three that my last two slots alternate between depending on my day. Amanda Brown (S3, 5th/6th) 01. Barrett Baber (S9, 3rd) 02. Zach Seabaugh (S9, 5th) 03. Cassadee Pope (S3, 1st) 04. Chloe MK / Chloe Kohanski (S13, 1st) 05. Dia Frampton (S1, 2nd) 06. Dez Duron (S3, 7th/8th) 07. Amanda Brown (S3, 5th/6th) 08. Kimberly Nichole (S8, 6th) 09. Juliet Simms (S2, 2nd) 10. Mitchell Lee (S13, Play-Offs) 11. Billy Gilman (S11, 2nd)
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    She just posted a video on her story, with her mom and dog. If she’s doing it at home, I think the dog should be part of the show, like in this video.
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    Normani performing at this event tomorrow.
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    Blake better stick by that "Indie-Folk-Country" soft spot for Joanna if she needs his Save! We know he does well with ladies like you stated, even Chloe who was Rock he stuck by, so come on Blake! Have her be your TCO lmao.
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    RoxXxy Andrews, apparently a diet with nothing but hatred for Jinkx Monsoon does a body good. LMAO
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    yeah that is her mom - thats a yikes from me
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    Alright Season 8 is done. It was a short season, why was that? As a whole I preferred it to season 7, even though I think I like a bulk of the queens from 7 more. The Top 3 was perfect, second best so far after Season 6's. 1. Kim Chi - loved her personality, runway looks and humor. Going on her personal journey and hearing about her family was great to watch. 2. Naomi Smalls - I really enjoyed watching her become much more then just a pair of legs. Although those legs are something else. Very likable, second favorite. 3. Bob the Drag Queen - Probably the right winner, although not the winner i wanted. I liked his Uzo in Snatch game. I loved his Chocolatechip Cookie in the Ru-empire skits. Had some solid looks. I just didn't connect with him like I did the other 2. 4. Derrick Berry - Improved a lot throughout the season. Also Tatianna did Britney better. 5. Chi Chi DeVayne - I also liked her improvement over the season. Killer lip sync performances. 6. Robbie Turner - I enjoyed his efforts. 7. Thorgy Thor - she was good. A little too competitive. 8. Cynthia Lee Fontaine - Puerto Rican Tammy Brown? I am surprised she won Miss Congeniality. 9. Acid Betty - MEH 10. Naysha Lopez - Don't really understand why Ru brought her back, only to be mediocre again. 11. Laila McQueen - double boot fodder. She seemed like she could have been interesting. 12. Dax! - Didn't like the colored contacts, mostly forgettable Favorite Lip Syncs: 1. And I am Telling You 2. You make Me Feel Other thoughts: I loved the first challenge when 7/8 queens came back and the clown. Bianca interupting the second last episode only to run away. Also the clown getting called up in the finale. I liked seeing all the winners on the runway again. No "Hey Porkchop" in this finale. Kim chis answer about not wanting to catch something for sleeping with the pit crew had me rolling. Rumer Willis spotting in the finale <3.
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    A fellow Kaleigh Glanton stan
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    Joanna is a huge underdog, but if Blake believes in her she has a shot! In the video below, he noted that she’s the type of artist he’s had a lot of success with on the show. She’s quite different than Chloe, but hopefully, that’s who he has in mind. Maybe he’s referring to age, which would include Cassadee.
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    https://www.nbcumv.com/news/nbc-media-alert-‘-voice’-broadcast-first-ever-remote-live-shows-carson-daly-hosting-stage?network=33129 See....and ya'll were thinking...he's like our crazy uncle we tolerate. Hope they bought a bar with great acoustics and a nice stage.
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    Maybe, it's the IT Pro voice in me but is there any chance it's some sort of spam? 'Smells' like it to me, actually, but
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    Cracker Barrel @CrackerBarrel · We honored to help @MaddieandTae @EliYoungBand @PatGreen and @ScottyMcCreery give back to #healthcareheroes by providing meals to hospitals through our 'There's Comfort in Giving' program! Visit http://crackerbarrel.com/comfort to support!
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    They were probably told to make a video to hide who won as well. Just imagine the 3 who lost and don't even get their's on air, TPTB can go cancel themselves.
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    S18: Joei Fulco vs. Todd Michael Hall - The Best From flipping the expected who takes which harmony (given Joey's stronger lower register and TMH's ridiculous range) to the fact both of them looked like they were genuinely enjoying themselves during the performance, this is the one I rank as my favorite this season - of the 1.8M views it currently has on YouTube, I'm probably personally responsible for ~1000. Todd Tilghman vs. Jon Mullins - Ghost in this House Things I was not expecting to do during the battle rounds - start tearing up. Things this battle made me do - start tearing up. Jon's power + Todd's emoting = I felt things I wasn't expecting. Both of them deserved to move on and thank goodness for the steal. S17: James Violet vs. Kyndal Inskeep - I Could Use a Love Song Kyndal's vibrato and tone both fit the song really well, James got to show off the top part of his range, and the on-stage chemistry was fantastic. Katie Kadan vs. Destiny Rayne - Tiny Dancer Destiny had the delicacy and Katie brought the power, and their voices blended well when they needed to. S16: Beth Griffith-Manley vs. Jej Vinson - Jealous. *chef's kiss* - need I say more? Maelyn Jarmon vs. Savannah Brister - When We Were Young This was beautiful in terms of literally everything; Savannah held her own against Maelyn, which is especially impressive given the hindsight about how the season would play out and how the latter had ~a decade of experience on her. S15: SandyRedd vs. Cody Ray Raymond - Cry to Me Legend has it shoes are still flying at this battle to this day. SandyRedd earned that triple steal (even if she should've won, JHud was better suited for her as a coach). Dave Fenley vs. Keith Paluso - I'm a One-Woman Man Dave's bass notes dipped into the basement while Keith soared to the rafters, both guys had a blast on stage, and as a "picky about my country music" fan I really enjoyed this. S14: Jackie Foster vs. D.R. King - Sign of the Times Those harmonies were gorgeous, the chemistry on stage was great, the song choice suited both singers, and Jackie earned that triple steal. Terrence Cunningham vs. Livia Faith - Stars If they could've stolen Livia, they should have; Terrence's piano playing was the icing on top of a beautiful performance - rewatching it makes me get emotional all over again. S13: Karli Webster vs. Addison Agen - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun A moodier take on a Cyndi Lauper song everyone knows, it's hard to believe both singers were just 20 & 16, respectively. I agree with Miley picking Karli; Addison was really, really good before Adam's mentoring but he helped her blossom to her fullest potential in a way I don't know if would've happened to the same extent with Miley. Keisha Renee vs. Noah Mac - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry A pairing that looked odd on paper worked beautifully in practice - finding a song that suited someone happiest with alt-rock and a singer who was a country/soft-rock fusion couldn't have been an easy task, and Blake/TPTB nailed it. Also, bless JHud and her last-second steal. S12: Chris Blue vs. RJ Collins - Adorn There should've been a ban on using this as a battle song after this; this season's version didn't even come close to topping this. Vanessa Ferguson vs. Autumn Turner - Killing Me Softly With His Song. Things Vanessa did: THAT. Autumn was also really solid, and for a season where I don't remember much of the pre-lives this sticks out pretty clearly. S11: Aaron Gibson vs. Sa'Rayah - I'll Take Care of You Say what you will about Miley as a coach, but this song choice was genius. Jason Warrior vs. Christian Cuevas - Hello Dudes singing Adele and nailing the runs at the end? Yes, please. S10: Alisan Porter vs. Lacy Mandigo - California Dreamin' Alisan was a force to be reckoned with, but Lacy showed she was a worthy opponent. Bryan Bautista vs. Malik Heard - It's a Man's Man's Man's World If any battle in the history of the show was triple steal-worthy, this was it 100%. S9: Regina Love vs. Jordan Smith - Like I Can Jordan's little run/vocal embellishment in the middle of the song was incredible, and I'm a sucker for powerful female voices taking lower harmonies while the man gets the falsetto. Andi & Alex vs. Chance Peña - Wherever You Will Go A four-chair turning duo vs. a one-chair turn solo artist should've resulted in Chance's annihilation - instead, they created a moment so beautiful it earned its rightful spot atop the battles in terms of song sales this season. S8: Paul Pfau vs. Meghan Linsey - Don't Let Me Down Meghan earned that triple steal; it's not a song I would've chosen for a crooner-type and a country-rocker, but it worked out beautifully. India Carney vs. Clinton Washington - Stay Yes, the song is overdone, but this battle was fantastic. Hannah Kirby vs. Sarah Potenza - Gimme Shelter I tried to just pick two per season, but this battle between the first and last contestants that we met in the season was a revelation in terms of how good Hannah was. Sawyer Fredericks vs. Noelle Bybee - Have You Ever Seen The Rain? It's my favorite Sawyer performance from the show, and Noelle was just as impactful here as he was. Sadly, Pharrell was the only one with a steal left, but if they had it, I'm sure a coach would've used it for her. S7: DaNica Shirey vs. Toia Jones - Halo Y'all. This is how you do a Beyoncé song as a battle song. Amanda Lee Peers vs. Taylor John Williams - Jolene I know TJW is a bit divisive around here, but this was a battle I thoroughly enjoyed. S6: Biff Gore vs. Sisaundra Lewis - It's a Man's Man's Man's World Sisaundra's voice is not from this planet/galaxy. I'm still a little upset she didn't make it past the top 8; if that was the topic of this thread, I could go for hours. Since it's not, let's swing the focus back to Biff; his voice was just as strong. If he'd been pitted against literally anyone else, he would've been just fine. Madilyn Paige vs. Tanner James - Everything Has Changed Is this the best vocals of the season? Maybe not. Is this the most cavity-inducing adorable thing I've seen on this show? Absolutely. For that alone, it goes here. Delvin Choice vs. Josh Kaufman - Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours Also known as the time Adam handed Usher the winner, their voices came together and worked better than I expected; you have to have the right amount of control, funk/passion, and power to pull this off, and did they ever pull this off. S5: James Wolpert vs. Will Champlin - Radioactive This was really great; as the show has proven, Imagine Dragons songs are not easy to pull off, but this was incredible and suited both singers well. Matthew Schuler vs. Jacob Poole - My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up) Fall Out Boy is tricky to pull off for a number of reasons (the way Patrick Stump uses his range, the wordiness of the songs, and more) but both singers handled this with ease. S4: Judith Hill vs. Karina Iglesias - It's a Man's Man's Man's World Judith = amazing, Karina = just as good. Amber Carrington vs. Sasha Allen - Try Shakira stealing Sasha is one of the smartest steals I've seen someone make; the pairing was unexpected but both women deserved better than they got with the rest of the show. Hard to believe Amber was a one-chair turn. S3: Trevin Hunte vs. Amanda Brown - Vision of Love The first triple-steal in the show's history and Amanda was absolutely worthy of that honor. This is one of the best battles in the history of battles. S2: Anthony Evans vs. Jesse Campbell - If I Ain't Got You I mean, it's basically scientific fact this is the reason we got steals in the battle rounds. Top 5 of All Time (as of Season 18): Sisaundra & Biff - It's a Man's Man's Man's World Bryan & Malik - It's a Man's Man's Man's World Trevin & Amanda - Vision of Love Delvin & Josh - Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours Maelyn & Savannah - When We Were Young
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    someone at Pulse updated Pop numbers below the top 50 . no add date so far . POP 71 70 AFROJACK All Night f/Ally Brooke 117 102 15 0.235 81 94 BROOKE, ALLY Fabulous 60 78 -18 0 edit still #1 on Dance radio. DANCE 2 1 AFROJACK All Night f/Ally Brooke 403 355 48 0.204 4 2 LODATO Good 391 333 58 0.184 5 3 TOPIC & A7S Breaking Me 377 308 69 0.182 10 4 ANABEL ENGLUND So Hot 321 238 83 0.067
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    https://www.nbcumv.com/news/nbc-media-alert-‘-voice’-broadcast-first-ever-remote-live-shows-carson-daly-hosting-stage?network=33129 Official Press Release
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    Listen to this from Gigi: I'm just saying, why didn't she show those high notes she can do, because wow. Minute 2:05 if I'm not mistaken. (I found this cover before the season started but don't know why I never shared it)
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