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    You can downplay it all you want, but that doesn't change the fact that he got huge help from TPTB last night. And it doesn't matter how talented he is, this is supposed to be a competition so, if he made a mistake, he had to take the consequences.
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    this is her covering it, from today cause it wasn't aired
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    Ah thanks for letting me know, I'm not from the USA myself and lost interest in that season when Kyndal and Alex where eliminated during the live playoffs. As a 'foreigner' I didn't know exactly how big the impact of Blake as a coach was, although I know he's loved by many. With the Wildcard Instant Save being held via The Voice Official App, I'm more optimistic. I just hope Joanna pulls through
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    And it proves that TPTB is pulling for a Nick win
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    Sam wins the 4-way. Trying to be objective, I, really, feel she was the best of the 4. Best sounding & best stage presence. Que sera, sera, but, IMO, she deserves it the most. Already, posted a picture here, long ago I'll grab one of her winning Post a picture of Samantha if you want to be added Oh, that is SO funny
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    I think some of you all (& this might include tptb) are overestimating the impact a “3 second” pause would have had on the audience & future voting. I’m thinking a lot of people would have still been in the thunderstorm is better camp regardless. And while it might have made some more accepting of Jon’s choice, it wouldn’t have caused them to change how they feel over the artist.
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    Find this comment in the Micah vs Tayler KO on youtube. I think it's pretty accurate and it's really how I think too. "To me Kelly made the best Decision , if Micah deliver well even in not his comfort zone, this guy can get to the finals, on the other hand, tayler is good and sing in her comfortable zone, if Micah had had this opportunity, he's gonna turn on the stage ."
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    Unpopular opinion: I loved Will Breman from last season, I thought he brought a lot of fun to what I thought was kind of a dull season. His duet with Ricky in the T8 still remains one of my favorites.
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    You know who would be perfect for this? @*Wallace
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    "Ugh, can't wait until Rankdown 3.0 to eliminate Jujubee, Bianca, Jinkx, Katya, and Shangela. I've actually never seen drag race though" Next Rankdown application: 1. Have you seen All Stars 3? Yes or No.
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    Looks awesome! Speaking of awesome, in my pilot-watching journey, I checked out Elite yesterday afternoon and wound up staying up until 4am to finish the first season Watching these shows is going to make the ranking harder, because I’ve liked them all so far!
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    They may have montaged Jeffrey’s battle because it wasn’t good, but he wasn’t TCO. The motives are not remotely similar.
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    Roderick performed way better than Tate though.
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    Top 17 Ranking 1. Todd Tilghman 2. Joanna Serenko 3. Toneisha Harris 4. Joei Fulco 5. Allegra Miles 6. Thunderstorm Artis 7. Zan Fiskum 8. Cedrice 9. CammWess 10. Megan Danielle 11. Mandi Castillo 12. Mandi Thomas 13. Arei Moon 14. Micah Iverson 15. Roderick Chambers 16. Whoever wins the 4-way Knockout 17. Mike Jerel * All of Team Blake are my Top 4, post-Knockouts.
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    She was robbed! And Anaya would have gotten them votes more than flopandi Thomas. Her Blind and Battle all gorgeous, this is AMAZING TOO!
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    Toneisha? If she identifies as an 18 year old.
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    This gif is SO iconic! Lol yeah John had a press conference from withdrawing from the competition. Lily would probably know how big it was in the media better but here was video of that....
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    Thanks, I'll try that
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    Yes. I've been doing it since season 11. I suggest you go to google and search for an "apk file" of The Voice Official App Season 18. Install it then use VPN. This only works for Android phones.
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    Kelly PV: Megan CS: Micah WC: Cedrice Nick PV: Allegra CS: Thunderstorm WC: Michael John PV: Cammwess CS: Zan WC: Mandi Blake PV: Todd CS: Toneisha WC: Joanna (wins)
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    Okay this girl is insanely talented and has grown so much! I hope she wins the 4-way KO for sure!
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    Team Blake: PV: Todd Tilghman CS: Toneshia Harris WC: Joana Seranko (Though this does depend on song choice. If Joana picks an less known song and Joei does a country song well, she could snag) Team John- I don't want this at all, but I fear this is what will happen PV: CammWess CS: Mandi Castillo WC: Zan Fiskum Team Nick- PV: Thunderstorm Artis CS: Allegra Miles WC: Arei Moon Team Kelly- PV: Megan Danielle CS: Micah Iverson WC: Cedrice
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    Are these predictions? If not, then I totally agree that this is what should happen (Joanna/Zan/Allegra/Megan getting PVs would be sooo good, and I'd enjoy this season a lot more than what we're gonna get) but if this is an actual prediction, well...you are NOT going to enjoy the next few weeks
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    I loved Micah's Knockout performance of Graveyard. His tone was totally incredible. I believe that he deserved that win.
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    I guess we stil waiting for info on what The Voice will do, I read that Idol has send iPhones https://www.wdtvpress.com/abc/pressrelease/american-idol-313-on-with-the-show-top-20-sing-for-your-vote-4-26/ EDIT: Ok, ok it's not nearly as bad as the press release make it seem. USA Today has more info https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/tv/2020/04/20/american-idol-how-singers-compete-remotely-next-star/5145542002/ So it's not as if they are streaming on an iPhone with a selfie stick. 3 camera angle pro mic and lights but they do have to installed it all by themself and the producer will montage all the camera angle and sound so they look good but still on iPhones
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    I'm hoping Joanna and her peeps are constructing a stage in their living room....or better yet....maybe they could buy a nice closed down bar (Covid-19 ya know) for cheap and move in temporary....you know....for a month or so. A few cots here and there....I have a air mattress I could lend them....maybe they could use the dishwasher for laundry....who knows, it might work. #NachosForDinner
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    They also loved Violet and season 7, so clearly.
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    Added. I hope you're right about Megan being Kelly's frontrunner and she gets the public vote next week.
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    It will be interesting to see how they do the instant save with the home studio format.
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    Crash. This is probably my least favorite of the first four games, but glad to see he's represented in the finals. Love this: "All of Crash Bandicoot's quirky mannerisms add so much charm and character to the game." And this: "Overall, I think the original is a classic title, but the wrong entry from the series to advance to the finals. The sequels are far better and more innovative. In fact, a lot of critics complained that Crash Bandicoot did not do nearly enough to change the side-scrolling platform genre whatsoever. Still one of my favorite video game icons ever and I have so many fond memories of the OG." Oh, and I don't think I ever knew of that hidden Stormy Ascent level Tom posted. Slippery Climb is one of my favorites.
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    I have to admit, Megan is so raw and powerful, her improvement since her audition has been OUTSTANDING! please add me, she's Kelly frontrunner 100%
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    Serious question: how is editing Thunderstorm's "flub" out of his KO any worse than the show selectively montaging certain battle performances to mask bad/awkward performances by certain artists? Jeffery Austin's supposedly terrible battle round comes to mind. Bottom line: The show has done worst things than editing out mistakes. Remember that clause in the Voice contract that says they can throw out votes as they see fit? This is a reality show first and foremost, and TPTB will do everything in their power to follow the agenda they set for the season, which for this season apparently is: Thunderstorm is TCO, and he must be protected at all costs.
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    Isn't Carson a producer as well? Didn't he say that Mandi Castillo was his favorite? Maybe that could explain her getting this far lol.
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    This is very helpful, thank you!
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    Anaya deserved airtime. Praying Kool song choice.
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    My favorite voices this season 1. Todd T 2. Joanna 3. Thunderstorm Really great singers 4. Allegra 5. Camwess 6. Toneisha 7. Cedrice Great singers that don't excite me 8. Zan 9. Megan 10. Arei 11. Joei 12. Mandi T Average 13. Roderick 14. Mandi C Not bad, but I prefer someone else to be here 15. Micah 16. Mike
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    Blake PV: Todd CS: Toneisha WC: Joanna John PV: Zan CS: CammWess WC: Mandi C Nick PV: Thunderstorm CS: Allegra WC: Arei Blake PV: Megan CC: Micah WC: Cedrice Joanna wins the Wildcard Vote Also, John is probably likelier to save Mandi C but no way am I believing that. CammWess deserves it more.
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    CammWess' knockout was better than Toneisha's, Thunderstorm's, Joanna's, and Zan's
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    The other coaches think Kelly is crazy, even Micah thought he lost
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    Lol not sure why Kennedy is there. I kind of feel like that is objectively false... Also SandyRedd's battle was pretty incredible so acting like she just fell off the face of the earth after her BA is kind of interesting. I would include Jej in that category too.
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