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    Don’t sing John’s songs on the show. He’s too nitpicky and arrogant.
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    Did Kelly just compare Samantha to Ashley Monroe? 100% not voting for Samantha now. Insulting to Ashley Monroe
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    When Carson said, The Voice will be back in 30 seconds, he really meant 5 minutes.
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    Samanth was horrible, that was a zero emotion performance of the song.
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    lol it's real: "Tayler should have won. I think we all know that. I knew that from the moment I found out what I was singing. But Kelly chose me for some reason and I can’t help but be grateful. Thanks for your kind words and support. I definitely have something to prove in the lives."
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    I had to throw my votes to Michael, he was the best out of all of them.
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    I’m not voting for any of them, but I think Michael deserves it (and I don’t even like him).
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    Since when was Trump a country singer?
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    Cedrice's reactions to getting stolen are so genuine
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    Someone of y'all need to go and reread the source's opinions again because some of y'all are either exaggerating what they thought or saying the complete opposite of what was said. It is okay to admit your favorite might have messed up a bit. Everything checks out if try to be unbiased. Especially when you take the performances with the judges comments.
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    I wish people would stop singing this song...
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    I'm gonna stick with Tayler. Even though it wasn't an exciting version, it was vocally superior to Micah - who I didn't think was interesting either.
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    Micah is a bit pitchy or is it just me ?
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    micah's only here bc kelly doesn't wanna look sexist by having an all-female team
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    jon really picked this song because his wife lost motor functions one day...i --
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    She's not as powerful as she thinks she is.
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    Now he is with a coach who is better for him.
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    Mandi has a pleasant voice but she just bores me to tears. It's a no for me.
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    Alrighty then! If Blake wants to put up an actual fight, Joanna is her best shot. If not, this is gonna be an easy win for Nick.
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    i'm gonna need kelly to pull an alicia and save cedrice over micah a la christiana/terrence
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    Just realized that they put 'Team Legend' as the thumbnail for Cedrice vs Toneisha video
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    Objectively Michael was better but im still voting for Samantha.
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    Liked Michael the best.. Voted for him
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    Yay!!! Samantha with the pimp spot!!!
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    Samantha's going to take it on the run
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    best part of tonight's show will be when it ends, and Songland starts
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    Cedrice is great, but going against a vocalist like Toneisha, tough..
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    Ready for these two to slay my existence
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    It was definitely edited out. I remember there was like a 3 second pause where he was trying to get it together. For a second I thought they were going to cut the cameras and let him start all over again.
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    Pretty even, but it was Mandi's best performance and Thunderstorm's worst... Still gotta talk to rhapsody to see if they edited out Thunderstorm messing up his performance or not lol.
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    Honestly...Mandi was better. She has a rich tone. It was the first performance from her I have bothered to watch Thunderstorm was fine but even with John's suggestions, the performance went nowhere. Something about it felt awkward as well so I suspect they did their best to edit out the mistake.
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    Thunderstorm and Mandi are pretty even to me.... y'all be over hyping him so much eh..
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    Actually, I wasn't complimenting Facebook....I was shading IDF.
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    Why does everyone hate this format if it's the usual one? I mean, instead of two per team + 1 CS, as it is top 17, 1 per team + CS and Wildcard, I think it is the best. I prefer this to the fact that they all advance from the same team as they did in season 16, at least each coach has a better chance of reaching the final.
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    Roundtable Rival is one of my favourite songs from her, and she had one of her stand-out routines to it. Her other DWTS highlights were her tango and freestyle (easily the best freestyle across all seasons, tbh) But if we're talking about her musical highlights, I love her songs with Lzzy Hale and her cover of My Immortal that led to her going on tour with Evanescence.
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    So I suggested 'Vincent' for her in the song suggestion thread, today I found her cover of it on her insta. Idk if this song is suitable for a competition or not, but I just love this side of her, it's simple but beautiful.
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