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    Too many runs for me, honestly, but it was good. That song doesn’t need all of those vocal tricks.
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    omg i thought your name was CaptainOrgy
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    Perhaps but compared to Maelyn's it was a dumpster fire.
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    levi AND tate cut in one night?? best episode so far imo
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    I'm so excited for Zan's performance she's going to freaking kill it.
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    Addison owned this song, and no one should attempt to do it on the show.
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    App poll 91% agree with Todd win 2% nope
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    i can't wait for Joanna and Zan to SLAY
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    Maelyn, Holly Henry and Coldplay are all offended
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    knowing where to place the runs makes such a HUGE difference in the quality of the performance. loved every choice CammWess made
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    I'm loving James Taylor constantly telling the artists to stop doing all the superfluous runs
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    Another unimpressive performance, Joei was little better than Levi but that’s not saying a lot
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    The second act to join Team Álvaro in the live shows is.... SAMANTHA JADE!
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    Agreed. I didn’t support him, but Andrew was/is very good. There can be differences in opinion in style or tone, but objectively, he’s more talented, and performed much better than Gyth in the live shows. Gyth was Minivan’s choice and the one TPTB pushed.
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    excited to see her perform that
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    Todd will be going live on his private FB group in a few so now is as good a time as any to join the party! https://www.facebook.com/groups/2304567146507957/?ref=share
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    Todd's best performance so far by a mile. He just keeps getting better each round. This performance legitimately reminded me of the iconic Josh Kaufman, it was passionate and gritty, in a good way. If he keeps choosing great songs for his voice, he'll go far on the show.
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    He's going to be a lock for the finale. Loved his performance tonight especially the rasp to his voice and his stage presence.
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    Zan is building a resume of strong performances...she stomped all over Joanna.
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    If it's a straight Top 8 vote, the entirety of Blake's team will get voted through. and i wouldn't be mad
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    Todd and Jon are team "I Love My Wife"
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    That's two great performances in a row. Might have to join Todd's fan thread! Edit: I think I like him the same way I liked Rod Stokes but Todd's tone is better
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    most singers compared to Maelyn are dumpster fires
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    Wow, really? Pleasantly surprised by that choice. Good for Roderick.
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    Tate and Levi leaving in the same night? It’s disturbing how happy that makes me. I swear, this show makes me a psychopath.
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    Ok wow, this surprised me! He actually did really good (better than Darious and Mike tbh)
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    The Scientest should have never been tried again by any contestant after Maelyn’s rendition
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    Mike has really declined since his stellar audition
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    Megan and CammWess both gave their strongest performances so far for sure. Both deserve to go through, although I lean in favor of Megan here. Well done both!
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    maybe i'd rather watch joei beat up levi
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    Toneisha, Joanna, Thunderstorm tbh.
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    Introducing my first wildcard, Melody Thornton, who appeared on Series 11 of Dancing on Ice!
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    It's easy to make this an "everyone I hated in the top 12" thread, so I'll just leave one or two for who I genuinely thought were the worst contestants of each. (If I put two it's because it took me more than 5 seconds to decide lol) S17: Shane Q (easily) S16: Celia Babini S15: Tyke James; Reagan Strange S14: Kaleb Lee; Rayshunn Lamarr (not a bad top 12... but Kaleb was the weakest and Rayshunn was mostly a mess) S13: Red Marlow; Ashland Craft (neither were absolutely dreadful... but neither deserved their top 12 spots) S12: Mark Isaiah S11: Austin Allsup; Courtney Harrell (a lot of contestants can almost tie here... but Austin was bad AND not remotely interesting and Courtney was shockingly an embarrassing mess) S10: Nick Hagelin (...AND I TYPED THAT WITHOUT ANY HESITATION) S9: Braiden Sunshine (same as Nick Hagelin) S8: Brian Johnson (so painfully forgettable) S7: Reagan James S6: Jake Worthington S5: Austin Jenckes (same as Brian Johnson) S4: VEDO S3: Adriana Louise - -
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