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    And with that, that's another Rankdown for the books! Congratulations Kristi Yamaguchi and her fans on winning again! And congrats to Mel B and her fans on being runner-up! Thank you to all my rankers! @1234567890 @Solaris @aliasocfan @*Chris @*Amanda @Elliott @Deeee @*Lily @Stephhyy (who joined us later) and @Ariel1989 (who unfortunately had to leave us early). You all remained kind and graceful during the game and gave us, quite possibly, the greatest endgame in Rankdown History full of many legends. And thank you to my wildcards @*Diana @*Wallace @Steven_ @rpryor03 and @totes4totes. I'm glad you were all still able to play along to an extent and contribute. It's unfortunate I can't put everyone in the main game without it being too crazy, but I think this was a really fun way to still include as many people as possible. And thanks to everyone for following along and commenting! #NoShade but the DWTS Rankdowns are always my favorite to host. Once again, this was a lot of fun!
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    The Sandra Diaz-Twine of Rankdowns
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    I have absolutely no idea who Ella Mae is.
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    We played another year of this rankdown just to get the same winner from last year.
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    Can we all just take this moment to appreciate the perfection that is Dua Lipa?
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    send zan's stylist to the electric chair
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    Why is Ella Mae even there...she isn't offering too much in the way of help
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    MY MAN THROUGH TO THE NEXT ROUND!!! Todd's living room and the 400+ viewers of the stream goes wild!!!!
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    Sucks for them. Lauren retired this one.
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    Just tuning in...miss anything remarkable? Ah who am I kidding...
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    Neither are very good, tbh. I’d pick Samantha.
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    I've slept thru 4 nominations now...
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    so good!! Thunderstorm blows me away
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    Accurate, but that's actually true for about 75% of the blinds for me so
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    Sara is very confident for someone who is getting destroyed on that stage.
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    Oh boy, Sara sounds awful in rehearsal.
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    stop John. Zan was good but not near Maelyn.
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    They’re doing well, but they took all of the country out of it.
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    Todd and Toneisha are Blake’s top 2!
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    Literally watching a livestream from Todd's living room right now so y'all know who I lean to.
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    Todd still reminds me of Josh Kaufman
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    Lauren’s version will be tough to live up to.
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    Ok Kelly just declared her winner. The other teams can step aside now...
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    He'll be the only saving grace for this episode.
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    As long as Kelly's Battles are skipped should be better.
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    I cannot believe that Kristi actually won a second time in a row! GAGGING. She is without a single doubt, the greatest DWTS contestant of all-time, so I am totally here for her repeat win. I love her so much that I could never possibly tank her. I voted her #1 last year & #3 this year, so Kristi has really brought me much success in this Rankdown. LOL. The novelty of Mel B winning would be iconic, but Kristi winning again is something else. Thank you to @Alex95 for once again hosting an amazing Rankdown. DWTS Rankdowns always hold a special place in my heart, and you are the best host. Thank you for always choosing me to play and for running such a smooth, yet exciting game.
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    Elyse the model? Some really good photos, but portfolio is whatever (mostly due to ratchet season 1). Elyse the reality show contestant? ICONIC. Trailblazer.
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    I think I'm gonna start Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist today @miss denise! (I think it was you who told me about it lol). I'll let you know what I think.
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    Great job hosting the rankdown @Alex95!
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    Alexandra winning at one point? Wow What A Moment
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    After three out in a row, a TAR team is not out next. Both will be making the top 10!
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    adioTraks National Country Survey - Week of April 5, 2020 Do you have friends who LOVE Country music? Like, Share and Invite friends to sign up for RadioTraks surveys: http://bit.ly/1T6n0XX Scotty was #1 for last week. Top 5 Songs 1. Scotty McCreery - In Between 2. Luke Combs f. Eric Church - Does To Me 3. Riley Green - I Wish Grandpa's Never Died 4. Jake Owen - Homemade 5. Kane Brown - Homesick
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    If we're taking the gloves off then....Go big or go home! Covers are for losers.
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    You know it's bad when the Walmart workers are better singers than many from this season of The Voice.
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    I personally liked it. Megan started stronger than Samantha imo, but Samantha as a whole did better throughout the end. I'd lean Samantha, but Megan definitely did better here than her audition.
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    Congrats to Kristi! This was a fun rankdown to follow and be a small part of. Thanks, Alex, for adding the wildcard twist and letting me participate despite by little DWTS knowledge.
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    It’s still my firm belief that Ali was one of the best singers The Voice ever had (and THE best on The Four, although Candice, James, VINCINT, and Evvie are close). In almost every song she impressed me with both her low notes and high notes, it’s extremely rare for a female singer to have both an extensive lower and high vocal range.
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    I said this about Chris still having #18 & #19 still in this earlier today and it ended up being true.
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    Makes sense. For a variety of reasons they don't really want to disrupt the season if they can avoid it. and no way they could bring everyone to LA and film with a crew. So Chrissy as Jon's camera person? I wonder how thye will do coach commenting
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