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    this is amazing maelynmusic Circles Sending love from living room to yours (anyone else have sync probs with insta? )
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    That cover of Circles is incredible, there's nothing like her voice.
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    I’m so glad Jackie’s doing Lisa. That WWHL segment is hysterical
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    It literally is just you, Elliott.
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    Loving the timezone specificity I stan!
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    The vote if 5-6. About an hour and a half for @miss denise @*Chris @~*8Kay8*~. If Firefly gets one more vote it's a tie, two more votes and it's eliminated. If Cable gets the rest of the votes it is eliminated. BoJack Horseman - Las chicas del cable - Elliott, Tom , Sola, Alex, Anne Firefly - Nico, Victoria, QK, Vee, Rei, Wallace Me: *is a backseat host because I can't help myself*
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    https://uncancelledmusicfestival.com/about A Huge Multiple day music steaming festival. There is very little info on the website at the moment of this post. It Start April 2nd. I recongnise Alisan Porter S10, Ari Tibi S18, Jessica Childress S4, Sawyer Fredericks S8 Also Sam DeRosa (Songland S1) Zealyn(Angie Miller Idol S12)
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    Queen now has her own doll . So cute! Queen Maelyn did a live yesterday with TheVoiceCasting. She performed some covers and mentioned adding more songs to her next project, thanks to the quarantine.
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    Working on them right now!
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    This is legit one of my favorite PMJ covers, Adanna did That.
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    This is pure gold! I love that the Republicans are not only in same-sex partnerships but also with the pros who frequently give overtly-sexy choreography and gimmicks. I love Aliona but omg poor and horrible dancer Michael would NOT survive with her. I don't know who in the Master P & Allison partnership would annoy me more with their below-the-bare-minimum Latin and ballroom dancing and don't forget the invisible fish hooks pulling Allison's face in a million directions. Oh dear lord, another three months with Man-Child & Sh**na's combined egos and tweeting/whining/trash-talking about their competition instead of actually rehearsing their dances? How long before Alizee gets jealous of Gregoire dancing with another woman or Wendy annoys Gregoire enough that he leaves? If Artem was visibly frustrated with Mischa, imagine James with her Kate Gosselin & Maks, thank goodness we dodged that bullet in Season 10, Erin Andrews said in her first meeting with Maks that she asked for Tony! This made my day, great job on the lineup!
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    Agreed! Kind of like season 7 without all the bad acting challenges.
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    The Instagram shows don't play on my PC, only my iPhone. Ugh.... I think they will also play on an iPad.
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    GIANNA ISABELLA Brenda K. Starr's daughter Gianna Isabella, daughter of Brianna K. Starr, was a finalist in the fifteenth season of American Idol. Gianna Isabella, daughter of Brianna K. Starr, had a backstory that her mother, Brenda K. Starr, was a pop singer in the 80s and had a couple of hits. Jennifer Lopez allegedly remembered who Brenda K. Starr was, but she could've just been reading the script the producers put in front of her that day. Anyway, Gianna Isabella, daughter of Brianna K. Starr, put that connection to Jennifer Lopez, sailing through Hollywood Week after not really delivering anything memorable. (No, really. I can't remember a damn thing Gianna Isabella, daughter of Brianna K. Starr, did during Hollywood week.) For the Top 24 round, Gianna Isabella, daughter of Brianna K. Starr, sang I Put a Spell on You and wasn't fast passed by the judges. Gianna Isabella, daughter of Brianna K. Starr, then pulled a Tatiana del Toro and reprised that very performance for her wildcard performance, which somehow earned enough votes to put her into the Top 10. (Then again, only four people got eliminated that round.) In the Top 10, Gianna Isabella, daughter of Brianna K. Starr, sang Listen by Beyoncé and was dreadful. The following week, she was in the bottom three against Olivia Rox, who I already cut, and Avalon Young, who should've lasted longer that season. The judges randomly had the decision to save one of the three of them; the conspiracy theorist in me thinks it's because Gianna Isabella, daughter of Brianna K. Starr, had more votes than Olivia and Avalon, which would've been a disaster for the show. In the end, she sang If I Ain't Got You and was eliminated in 10th/9th place alongside Olivia. No idea what she's done in the years since, but apparently she kind of looks like a younger Alexa PenaVega nowadays judging by my very quick DuckDuckGo image search. SAVE: Ben Briley
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    Just wanna say that the source that gave John’s 10 names reached out to me again yesterday. They said Nick’s pairings are actually Arei/Jon and Tate/Roderick. (Didn’t specify a winner) I had the same reaction you have on your face right now.
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    Welcome to the top 14
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    Sanders does hate women - and does not have a great track record there. I think it's hilarious that people think this would be a big deal if Trump or Sanders did it. Trump has 20+ allegations of sexual assault against him. And he admitted to doing it. Sanders 2016 campaign had sexual harassment lawsuits filed against it - and he rehired the people in the lawsuit. Most people don't know about either. Accusers credibility is actually questionable here. Apparently she took her story to both Warren and Harris and neither took the bait. But this is wait and see..I've always been someone who truly thinks that sexual assualters sexually assault. If Biden did this to her..he did it to other women as well. And it'll come out. (The reason I give..say..Kobe Bryant the benefit of the doubt..who had one allegation against him - and a history of active feminism...vs..say...Bill Cosby..who was another 20+..) On another note, I really don't like Biden's wife. (For more reasons than this) Regardless of whether the accusers claims are credible - not okay. If her husband didn't do it then there is no reason to walk back on the idea that women should be believed. As in..they're allegations shouldn't be dismissed because they are women, and allegations should be investigated.
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    If she sang Landslide as her audition song, I bet you would have made her fan thread back then. *** Added! Welcome to #teamJoei (Better late than never ) *** I am looking forward to her KO performance too. She improved a lot from Blinds to Battles, I bet she will gain more fans after KO. *** I thought about that but anyone with an EGA avi has extra points in my book, so ATX gets a pass (this time). *** Thanks! The interviewer talks a lot. But Joei sounded good.
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    @Deeee @aliasocfan @totes4totes @Elliott @~Tom~ GET HIM.
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    -Me to the people who ranked her low.
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    Radio interview https://www.spreaker.com/user/arroe/joei-fulco-from-nbcs-the-voice EDIT: Joei is great in the interview. I'm not so sure about the interviewer. I'm not sure how to put it in word and can pin point anything bad maybe just not my type of interviewer.
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    LMAO I feel offended tbh (JK) Every season is a different story. Kelly is the second best coach in the show, but most people overestimate her power. During season 16, she completely flopped, and I think we're about to see a similar story this season. 4th place at best. Btw, Who do you think will be the frontrunner on Team Kelly this season?
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    Because for some strange reason John thinks he's got a winner in Mandi...I don't know what he sees in her, but she is nowhere near as good as he thinks she is, and TBH one of the weakest 4 chair turns.
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    They cut the CammWess and Mandi performance on Hulu too. Why did they show the full thing on TV but cut it when posting online? I’m confused, because that was one of the better performances IMO (I said MY OPINION ) of the night.
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    lowkey Anaya should win, but I wouldn't be mad if Mandi won the KO since she seems to be good vocalist. Anaya though... so good.
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    If she picks the right songs she could win the whole show she is 100 percent nicks best shot at winning
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    A couple more songs. She sounds amazing "Meaning of It All" "Fly Away"
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    This thread slipped through the cracks on me! Add me please.
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    I think Joei's the stealth assassin to watch out for. Excited for her KO later!
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    There are just no words to describe her voice or it's effect on me. I guess "Bliss" comes close.
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