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    Me @ this rankdown if Jersey Shore survives this list of nominations:
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    This was something that the Team Blake members came up by themselves. The show did not push them to do this. Besides. zoomers don't even vote on the show.
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    Saving When They See Us
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    I agree with what you said, except I am a zoomer lmao
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    The past 3 spring seasons, the second battles episode leak has been a non-steal/save S12: Chris Blue/RJ Collins S14: Reid Umstattd/Davison S16: Presley Tennant/Rizzi Myers I'm pretty confident that's just a coincidence, but I'd love to see them continue a pattern that they already have set lol. Plus I can definitely wait on hearing Mandi/Cammwess if they did get Señorita
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    You can stop complaining now - this is a fan thread, looks, music, all of it pertains to an artist. Stop Hijacking this thread and trying to start something, your posts were deleted. If you have a problem with images she puts out there of herself, take that up with her on sm.
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    Save American Horror Story: Asylum
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    John says....as far as he knows.... they haven't made a decision yet on the fate of the Live Shows. https://apnews.com/7f45968b0a7988e2cb2492ad26f5ec0b NEW YORK (AP) — One program the coronavirus hasn’t forced a screeching halt to is NBC’s “The Voice.” John Legend, one of the four coaches on the Emmy-winning music series, says he and the others have pre-taped the show until the end of April. “There were only three weeks of live shows planned and those were for May. So who knows what we’ll do? I don’t know if we’ll be able to do them without an audience. I haven’t spoken to the producers about what the plans are,” he told The Associated Press in an interview this week. “And I think everybody’s playing things by ear because we don’t know where the world’s going to be in May. But if we can do those shows in May, that’d be great. Possibly without an audience, that would be understandable,” he added. “But, you know, if we can pull it off, then that would be great. We’ll see if that’s doable.”
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    This is a very real thing...there is no denying it. But a little perspective: about 3700 people die worldwide everyday in car accidents. Do you think twice about driving?
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    Where is my Moesha write-up, Wally?
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    No she's not. They said elimination order stays the same no matter if you leave EOE or not. You only move up if you make it back in the game. So Reem is still 18th place in EOE. And she's never gonna win a challenge to return lol, why stick it out to not win when you were just on IOI for 35 day?
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    I certainly agree. And Frankie's AT deserves wildcard spot too. 2 Jake Wood & Janette Manrara - “Boogie Shoes” (Cha-Cha): 8 Frankie Bridge & Kevin Clifton - “Somewhere Only We Know” (Rumba): 10 Mark Wright & Karen Hauer - “I Got You Babe" (Viennese Waltz): 10 Simon Webbe & Kristina Rihanoff - “I Like to Move It” (Samba): 10 Caroline Flack & Pasha Kovalev - “Diamonds” (Foxtrot): 10 Jake Wood & Janette Manrara - “When a Man Loves a Woman” (Viennese Waltz): 9 Frankie Bridge & Kevin Clifton - “The 5th” (Argentine Tango): 11 Mark Wright & Karen Hauer - “Fields of Gold" (Rumba): 10 Simon Webbe & Kristina Rihanoff - “My Guy” (Foxtrot): 11 Caroline Flack & Pasha Kovalev - “María” (Salsa): 11 + Frankie & Kevin Argentine Tango - Jake & Janette Cha-Cha
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    Obama declared H1N1 a public emergency when only 20 cases had been confirmed. He then made a request for funding from congress. He declared it a public emergency six weeks before H1N1 was considered a pandemic. He didn't call for a shelter in place because his preventative actions led to no need for it. H1N1 did not overwhelm the healthcare system. Trump still hasn't used his executive powers to help. LOL, and just no at blaming Obama for lack of ventilators.
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    I'm still sad about Bianca robbage . We needed Saleisha in Week 3 as a buffer for Bianca to survive! I guess I'm glad Kimberly beat Saleisha in Week 2 now for her lolzy underdog story
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    wally saving a Netflix show?????????
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    Winner AnnouncementTwo beautiful, talented, and inspiring women stand before me, but only one of you can win. Both of you have made very compelling cases for yourselves. Heather, we were a little unsure about you at the beginning. While you are stunningly beautiful, we weren't sure if your Asperger's would be a hindrance. Although there were weeks where you definitely did struggle, you ended up with quite a strong, beautiful, and elegant portfolio. You've shown us that you can model, you can act, and you even have spokesmodel potential. On top of all that, your journey has inspired us all, and we don't doubt that win or lose, you'll continue to inspire. Jenah, you came into this competition with a sort of plain look, but from the beginning, you turned it out in your pictures. From week to week, you excelled in almost every task you were given, and it became pretty clear that you were a force to be reckoned with. The big question with you has been your attitude. We've liked your passionate personality and individualistic outlook, but there were definitely times in this competition where you lacked professionalism. Nonetheless, just like Heather, your journey has been inspiring. Overall, both of you have performed excellently throughout the cycle. However, there is a clear winner. By a score of 13-5, the winner of cycle 9... is... Jenah!!! Congratulations, Jenah! Ultimately, we couldn't deny that you were hands down the strongest model of the cycle. While we definitely did call your professionalism into question, we believe that it's something you can work on. As a whole, though, we love your personality and the fact that you're a fighter. You truly are a role model even though you don't "spew rainbows," and you're also a very worthy winner. Heather, you've truly had a compelling journey, and even though you didn't win, I don't think that diminishes any of your accomplishments here. Like I said before, I think wherever you end up in life, you'll never stop being an inspiration. Now it's time for both of you to get out of here and go make your marks on the industry!~Winner's Portfolio~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3L2j2jz9wiE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5gfIl_38yo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Ygoui5OFDE&feature=emb_title https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mulTvIxw5UQ - Here are the results of the portfolio battle: Week 1: Heather - 7 / Jenah - 6 Week 2: Heather - 3 / Jenah - 10 Week 3: Heather - 1 / Jenah - 12 Week 4: Heather - 7 / Jenah - 6 Week 5: Heather - 4 / Jenah - 9 Week 6: Heather - 9 / Jenah - 4 Week 7: Heather - 3 / Jenah - 10 Week 8.1: Heather - 13 / Jenah - 0 Week 8.2: Heather - 1 / Jenah - 12 Week 9: Heather - 8 / Jenah - 5 Week 10.1: Heather - 4 / Jenah - 9 Week 10.2: Heather - 2 / Jenah - 11 Week 11.1: Heather - 0 / Jenah - 13 Week 11.2: Heather - 1 / Jenah - 12 Final Runway: Heather - 2 / Jenah - 11 Winner Pick: Heather - 1 / Jenah - 12 And here are the end of cycle stats -Most FCOs: Jenah (5)Most Bottom 2 Appearances: Ebony (4)Biggest Rise in Placement: Kimberly (+7 spots)Biggest Fall in Placement: Saleisha (-11 spots) Best COO Average: Jenah (2.18)Best Overall Score: Jenah (This is calculated differently from COO Average). - Overall, I thought this cycle went really well. We definitely changed up a lot of placements, and some changes were definitely for the better (*coughs* Saleisha *coughs*). We lost Bianca early on, which was unfortunate, but we also had filler goddess Kimberly who had an oddly compelling climb to 5th place. In the end, I thought we 100% had the correct final 4 as well as the correct winner. Cycle 1 will kick off a little later on!
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    DrDeb, I haven't said this for awhile...even though I check here pretty much daily...thank you!!
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    VIEWS are up to 75.381 this morning....
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    Add me I think he is amazing he reminds me of. Nick Jonas
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    lmao its all good - to be fair, whenever I tell friends that I watch the voice, they exclaim something like, "People actually watch the Voice?!"
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    I don't know. But Todd T mentioned that Team Blake has been in close contact with each other on social media ever since the lockdown. They probably came up with the idea collectively on their GC or something.
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    That's nice of them. This Team Blake seems to be close. I wonder who put together the video?
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    ^ Here's a new soothing cover of "Vincent" from Kat
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    I’m glad she’s releasing music I miss the queen definitely one of my all time favorites
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    He actually might be sick. He doesn’t sound well at all here. Another...slurring his speech badly, while reading off a script.
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    I understand what you're saying. Some of us don't need the reminder but some others have to be constantly reminded. I think they're trying to be helpful and maybe one way to help is to spread the message of "stay safe, stay home."
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    Fauci is concerned because people are fleeing New York and heading elsewhere. He specifically mentioned Florida. He wants anyone who leaves NY to quarantine for 14 days once they reach their destination. I’m not really sure why you’re questioning whether other parts of the country will do their part to “flatten the curve,” when the problem is primarily in your back yard. I can assure you, we are doing our part in MN. Perhaps we should ban flights from NY to Minneapolis for a while too.
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    John has pulled out due to an illness in the family and Loiza has been brought back for another chance. Poor Regina - after the godawful Kerstin last year and and a disappointing series with John this year, she's more than earned a Tijan or Luca next year!
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    Everyone is bored as hell and stuck at home right now
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    Yes BBCAN really deserved *checks notes* Coronavirus. You literally brag in the CBS and TV Rankdowns about not watching BBCAN and now you're trying to come for it? Mess!
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    My heart breaks for them. I can't imagine getting on the show and then this happening to you. Especially the big fans like Brooke, Sue, Sheldon (who I don't even like), etc. Just so heartbreaking.
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    Looking forward watching it.
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    I was listening 1000 Hands and Big Bad Wolf in the car today when I was driving to work, no work from home for me, our office is still open. 7/27 is still my fave 5h album
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    He just finished the live YouTube concert. Love that he did this. Even with no audience, he gives his heart and soul. Love the prayer at the start of the video. I kept track of the set list... Still Madness One Shot Wild Blue Night and Day One Good Reason Everybody's Got Somebody but Me Dear God Wanted (with stripped down Heartbreak intro ) Tattoo I Want Crazy Not sure why he didn't sing Heartbreak in full, but loved that slowed down snippet. Love everything. Thank you, Hunter.
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    I’ve known Todd for 30+ years. Great guy! I will add some links to some songs that he has done. I’ve got video of him dating back to the very very early 90s! I’ve worked with him on a professional level for a long time. Matter of fact he was one of a couple people that got me into the music business. Like I said, that was 30+ years ago.
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    Jej Vinson from S16 singing "The Prayer" wtih Morisette.
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