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    A few of my favorite Courtney routines.
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    All of us reading @FrogLenzen post:
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    You mean you didn't love his amazing routine about his amazing love with amazing Taylor amazingly choreographed by the amazing Mia Michaels in her amazing return to SYTYCD that ended with an amazing kiss between them?
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    This is how they’ll transport the coaches to LA for the live shows, to keep them safe. They’ll also have some sort of bubble around their chairs to protect them from floating droplets of saliva.
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    Why did we repost the top 20 from last rankdown? Some things are better left forgotten.
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    I mean Sandra still is the queen no matter what shade anyone tries to throw
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    Elliott’s pettiness just gave Tiffany the win for season 9.
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    Live footage of Lauren Froderman
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    Everyone except you. Lol you know i tease.
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    So you want another Trump presidency?
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    Wow I can't believe Miss Jaida Essence Hall Pinkett Smith done already won Miss Congeniality for 2020. @*Lily
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    Me trying to recover from the Jeanine loss and then Derek walks in:
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    The Garden is amazing wtf (altho that's the only dance i remember from her. Mark >>>>>)
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    Wally. Courtney making Top 25 despite being a previous winner just goes to show how incredibly loved she is on here, and deservingly so. Her run on season 4 is amazing, and produced standout routines like Lost, Wishing On a Star, Don't Stop the Music, and of course, The Garden.
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    You knew it was coming, right? chris Mann sings “My Corona”
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    Save Schitt’s Creek in spite of how this season has gone
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    I started watching Schitts Creek three weeks ago because my gf was and fell in love. It instantly jumped to one of my favorite shows of all time.
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    I will save Pretty Little Liars
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    Todd will be doing an Instagram Live with his son tonight at 8PM CST. Tune in y'all!
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    EDIT: wait I don't vote lmao
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    Someone* send me a vote to pass off as my own. *only accepting suggestions from people who rank Tiffany first and didn't target Parvati at some point in the game
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    I just got "Be more petty in the next rankdown" from it.
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    LOL of course we both love Bon Aptetit. Truly my favorite online content. I watched the video, and loved it. But I also love Trixie Mattel.
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    -Me deciding to cut Witney out of pettiness
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    Still bitter y'all wasted your DWTS final cuts on, like, Nyle DiMarco, Erin Andrews, and Monique Coleman when I can now see what y'all can truly pull off
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    @ me confused reacting to your post and then realizing you changed what I wrote.
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    Well Andrew’s the only one left to cut so say hi to Top 20 Contestant Neil Haskell.
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    How I feel having to fight COVID-19, Unemployment, and Petty Rankdown Players all at the same time:
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    *talking to myself tonight after these cuts*
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    Ah okay, thanks. I still want to read it, but... very carefully.
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    Diana & Derek vs. me today:
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    Yaassss Wally can't watch it tho. He may get a heart attack from getting flustered with all the sex topics But tbh it's a really great show. It tackled sexual identity crisis, sexual harrassment, real life sex issues (and bogus ones too that'll make you laugh), etc.
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    I'm a simple man with simple values: God, family and Team Waffle!
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    Y’all could’ve saved Jeanine with your judges picks.
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    I wont believe this till an official producer or executive speaks out on this. Almost ALL of the Top 20 are STILL in LA.
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    I bought some like 2-3 days before everyone went into full panic mode and bought out everything. We still have 3-4 rolls (only bought a 6 pack the day I got some) but my wife did pick up a few small packs today at Walgreens while they were restocking everything just to avoid us being short if we do run out. Most places around here have a limit of 2 per item such as TP, cleaning products, and hand sanitizer. Not sure if it's enforced or not though.
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