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    Nick: “I’m going to fight for you.” F—- you, Nick.
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    I recognized only 2 battles from the preview: -Joei Fulco vs Todd Michael Hall -Roderick Chambers vs Joanna Serenko (LMAOOOO) - when the party's over (Billie Eilish)
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    “We could beat Charla and Mirna in a foot race any day” ”Lying bi**h” Wow I guess I’ll be watching a lot of TAR in the self isolation period. (I know I’m starting at the worst time considering this rankdown is wrapping up )
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    And, there's the first mistake of the night...picking Kelly. He would've been much better with Nick.
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    And of course, it had to happen the one year Maryland were going to have their One Shining Moment again (and possibly a Dual Championship)... you, coronavirus. I know it's not Rudy Gobert's fault that he contracted it, but if he didn't test positive for coronavirus, the NCAA Tourney would still go on, albeit behind closed doors. It would be idiotic for me to blame Gobert for all of this, but he didn't do himself any favors by being a smarta$$ in the days leading up to his diagnosis, touching all the mics and ...
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    I can't even mad with the pairing, it is too absurd that it becomes so funny to me
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    Joanna better have hit the biggest and cringiest voice crack during her battle because there’s no way she lost to Roderick LMAO Also, it’s a shame that Kailey won’t make it. I loved her audition and personality.
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    He's the Adam Levine of the season.
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    He literally doesn't know how to coach someone like Joanna. That's just a terrible pairing and song choice. She shouldn't have to be defeated twice if she picked Blake as her coach.
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    What the actual **** with that song and that pairing!?
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    The one’s I caught: Joei Fulco vs. Todd Michael Hall Cam Spinks vs. Kailey Abel Darious Lyles vs. Nelson Cade Roderick Chambers vs. Joanna Serenko Tate Brusa vs. Anders Drerup Micah Iverson vs. Gigi Hess Levi Watkins vs. Jamal Corrie Doubt we get all of these in the same episode.
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    we actually got a lot out of that preview. ill need to rewatch slower to match faces
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    Both of those were great! I legit thought "the Todds" were a duo at first
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    didn't realize we had this many country singers??
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    I feel like I’m missing something here. Low expectations, I guess?
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    Charla & Mirna. A great team. Their takedown of Romber in all-stars is an iconic moment.
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    Thank you Steven! Not that known outside of Canada unless you’ve seen it on Netflix
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    Just when we thought the season couldn’t get any worse.
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    This one finished 5th....she stared on Broadway For the past 4+ years she has had this little gig on the world tour with the Rolling Stones where she gets brought out to feature on Gimme Shelter.
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    LOL They sure do. Thanks for bringing this to my attention as I would have never realized.
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    Was Kay the only one in that line that didn’t go through? SCREAMING.
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    Since this round has no direct cuts, it's much easier to avoid an accidental bloodbath. I'm open to deals.
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    Great work! I was unfamiliar with that show before this rankdown, but it seems very interesting. You did a nice job covering the series and all the themes they explored. Thanks!
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    Omg someone else likes ER, I love ER.
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    Season 2 poster
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    No the biggest issue is the likelihood that someone in production, or one of the top 17 contestants has the virus & how are you going to insure that no one is a carrier?
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    Okay, but one is a lie. Republicans backed out, and then tried to add to it. Twice. This was reported by reliable media sources. Also, McConnell is delaying a vote on it. Because reasons... Out of curiosity, do you support what Romney is saying? Truth be told, Romney and Biden are not that far apart politically. "Partisan glasses" is an interesting phrase. Am I applying my partisan glasses when I listen to scientists and health professionals? Given there is a huge partisan split in this country... At some point we need to come together and agree that science, facts, and truth are science, facts and truth..
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    All these finishing around the same time is why I started the International rankdown. And then people complained they’re in too many rankdowns to join it.
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    Here’s justification for shutting down bars/restaurants/universities/schools for at least two weeks. Younger people are carriers, but don’t know it, because they don’t have severe (or any at all) symptoms.
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    This vote has lasted more hours than Master P’s rehearsals did.
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    Great job by Natalie making it this far after winning the BB Rankdown. I thought she would have a bigger target on her back and was shocked she made it this far.
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    Alex when the deadline passes with no write-ups even though they should be done because we should be self-isolating:
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    The episode tonight was super boring, though. Bring on Hollywood Week!!!
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    I cannot believe that the new CBA passed...
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