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    Honorary Write Up for Jessica Jones This won't be a novel like some write ups, but I have to give this show something. To anybody paying attention to the actors (where I saved Krysten Ritter a few times), Marvel (where I gave the character immunity) or this rankdown (me giving this show immunity), you would know I really like this show. This show is perfect for depiction vs endorsement. The main character, Jessica Jones, is a mostly functioning alcoholic. It not played for laughs. It is not a cute little character trait. It is because of various circumstances. The main villian during Season 1, Killgrave (and yes, they did mock the name) forced people to do whatever he wanted. If he said something to you, you just do it. There is no choice. They played with the idea that it could be used for good. They even played with the idea of he does not have any normal conversation. He always has to watch what he says and how he says it. Despite all this, he is mostly just a terrible human being with it. He forces women into a "relationship." He rapes them. Yes, the show does not hide away from calling it rape. The first season has a very strong theme of women being told they need to smile. I guess for some women are only around to look aesthetically pleasing. I need to get into the most infuriating and yet fascinating character Trish. In season 1, she is a do gooder. She might be a little aggressive in getting what she wants, but she always had good intentions. With having a super powered sister, she always had this helpless feeling. (that's in addition to being a recovering drug addict and having an abusive mother.) You just see the signs of what she will eventually become in Season 3. It is all there. It is more obvious in Season 2. A bunch of circumstances come together for her to completely lose control. In season 2, all she does is make absolutely terrible choices. You can make an argument that she is not likeable. Not every character exists to be liked, but that is not the point. She is under absolutely no circumstance, boring. I guess I should talk about characters besides Jessica, Trish and Killgrave. Malcom, much like Trish, makes a lot of bad decisions. Luke Cage got his start on this show before moving onto his own. (such a shame the writing for him and Jessica was awful because the actors worked damn well together). Sampson was the worst. Luckily he didn't have a large role after season 1. Jeri Hogarth is such a delightfully self serving terrible human being. They don't move away from that at all. Too bad Disney and Netflix are selfish, because this show could have done so much more.
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    People whining about having to stay home is genuinely annoying. I feel bad for people whose work is closed and they don't have paid time off. I feel bad for people who work in fields that don't close at times like this. They are being exposed to this virus. (like Pharmacy Technicians in retail. They make minimum wage)
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    #DeAngels #TeamDeAnna #CoversGirl #TeamAdam #LegsForMiles #Top10 (IMG:http://i.imgur.com/LQWq2o2.png)(IMG:http://i.imgur.com/o8I1wnU.png)(IMG:http://i.imgur.com/APOYmzk.png)(IMG:http://i.imgur.com/jWtfi3s.png) (IMG:http://i.imgur.com/8oTS3od.png) Meet DeAnna: Welcome to the DeAnna Johnson Fan Thread! She originally auditioned in the final slots of Season 5 singing "Stars" by Grace Potter and The Nocturnals, turning no chairs with only two coaches remaining (Blake and Ceelo). This time has proved to be much different, as she turned all 4 chairs and chose Adam to be her coach, singing "All I Want" by Kodaline. She advanced to the top 10 before being eliminated, but this is only the beginning of her career. You can visit her official website here for more on DeAnna. You can visit her awesome fan site, created by IndieFolkFan on IDF, here. Many of DeAnna's The Voice videos are no longer hosted by YouTube so go there for the full effect. Check out DeAnna's erstwhile Wikipedia entry HERE. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Website Bio: Deanna is no stranger to The Voice stage. Devastated after no chairs turned for her in Season 5, she returned home to Georgia and took some time off from singing. It wasn't until her biggest supporter, her father, asked her to sing at church services that she realized how much she missed it. After a lot of hard work, Deanna is giving The Voice another shot. DeAnna's Music: DeAnna Video Montage: Other Voice Performances: | Battle Rounds Montage | Knockouts | Live Playoffs | | Top 12 | Top 12 Instant Save | Top 10 | Top 10 Instant Save | Voice Studio Recordings: | All I Want | Love Me Like You Do (feat. Nicolette Maré) | Listen to Your Heart | | Down to the River to Pray | Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) | Somebody To Love | DeAnna's YouTube Covers: | Like I Can | Live Performances & Other Covers: | | | | | | | | | | | | (IMG:http://i.imgur.com/8oTS3od.png) DeAnna's Fans: Post below if you would like to be added! --------------------------------------- 1] Ryan. 2] mjdolorico 3] abouttoexplode 4] istersay 5] cosem 6] Naira 7] dfn2603 8] Survivor 9] kclarkson1323 10] iamacetig 11] Soreneraya 12] LeAnne2149 13] Drew1903 14] BlueSkittle 15] guitarman8484 16] Shuriken 17] fitzcarldo 18] starkguy 19] Redenator 20] lizz 21] mockinge 22] Alessa 23] Javier_Montero 24] cookiecatcher 25] nursekris 26] JeremyxD 27] Milkitaaa 28] Spurrious 29] monkshood 30] Lillie48 31] nco 32] Jwhite0316 33] tebanpotato 34] TennisMenace 35] silversauce 36] SimplyAlex 37] yummycandy 38] Jamesr256 39] BrokenHearted 40] Stacey. 41] WastedinMemphis 42] sw5110 43] Vinyl 44] iRAHFAN 45] hazuki 46] MissM 47] rhorick 48] AngelOfMusic8908 49] season1 50] Walker359718 51] Kert 52] soundofarrows 53] h01m08k93 54] Carny29 55] corsair 56] ElleMusic78 57] IndieFolkFan 58] Weirdoo 59] Kaito 60] Sharkman 61] thevoice47 62] thevoicefan45 63] TeamB 64] dmd152 65] Starman1 This post has been edited by IndieFolkFan: May 18th 2019, 1:23 PM --------------------
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    The episode tonight was super boring, though. Bring on Hollywood Week!!!
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    Congrats to our top 10 Survivors: This is the group I'm the least enthused about personally, but congrats to them!
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    OK I think it's best for neither of @Solaris and @QueenKalie to talk to or about each other.... cause this is seeming to get quite deep. I know both ends are annoyed soo I don't want things to get worse. I apologize on my end if i brought up anything to make this happen, (regarding the Parvati question). Definitely wasn't meaning to. >.<
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    I’ll update later but @Solaris has Teresa Cooper vs. Charla & Mirna. Pray that he makes the right choice everyone.
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    She was so good tho. And what a powerful backstory.
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    And we get the pre-requisite medics scene.
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    Save Natalie & Nadiya Cut Ethan
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    luke beating katy with the baloon sword lmfaoooooooooooooooooooooooooo
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    Save Tiffany Cut Jordan
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    Love Grace - if she makes it through the live shows, I’ll be rooting to her.
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    Legit forgot American Juniors was a thing.
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    Again, proof that Trump and Sanders supporters are close politically. Keep repeating those lies. Do you remember what happened with Ebola? H1N1? Hint, there wasn't a global crisis because the world behaved competently. Unlike Donald Trump, A President Hillary Clinton wouldn't refuse testing kits from WHO. She wouldn't refuse to test in general. She would have allowed the CDC to warn seniors a month ago, like the CDC wanted to. She wouldn't have put in place a travel ban with no federal organization - leaving travelers stranded in huge crowds. She would have been screening those individuals coming into the country with more than just outdated questions. She wouldn't have dissolved Obama's Pandemic response team. She wouldn't have tried to bribe Germany into giving the vaccine to the US only. She wouldn't be ignoring (and discrediting) science and health specialists - leading to 70 percent of her party thinking big gatherings are okay when it is imperative to practice social distancing at the moment. She wouldn't be calling it a “Foreign” virus because it plays well to her base. Oh, and she definitely wouldn’t be golfing and tweeting about Donald Trump. She would be involved in ensuring hospitals are prepared to deal with a huge influx of patients (Using FEMA and resources from the Department of Defense). She would be fast tracking clinical trials for vaccines. She'd be working with the rest of the world on this global crisis - as Obama did. Providing the leadership the rest of the world is used to America providing. How do I know this? It's what Obama did. It is what Biden will do. Again, elections have significant consequences. They aren't some vanity project where you don't have to participate in order to practice your form of purity. Don't vote blue no matter who. Vote competent if there is only one competent candidate. It matters, and this is only the most recent example. Learn something from the last time. I don't want to vote for Joe Biden either. But it's where we are at. Our country likely can't survive four more years of incompetence and crazy. Admittedly, I had a moment of "would I vote for Sanders" if he won. TeamAudra even asked me so. It was a tentative yes, only because I knew Sanders wouldn't be locking up children seeking Asylum. (As Joe wouldn't either.) - but then something like this happens, and I realize the above that is true for Clinton and Biden, is also true of Sanders. As awful as I think he is, he isn't incompetent. We have someone who has no business making decisions for anyone, making life or death decisions for a country. A return to normalcy is vast improvement. BTW, Clinton and Sanders voted the same 93% of the time, and believe it or not, on many policy issues - she voted to the left of him. And now we're all stuck with Biden, and I would wager the percent is certainly lower than 93% similarity. But, if you are truly someone who believes in Sanders policy ideals - Biden is a hell of a lot closer to that than Trump.
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    Crossover appeal is key. Thunderstorm is the frontrunner so far, and he even sings country so he's gonna be a tough competition for everyone else. I wanna see Joanna's next song choices/performances to have a better idea of what she's capable of. BTW, I wouldn't be mad if she cried a little bit during those future steals. It worked out well for Chloe.
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    @Alex95 I’ve been watching clips of Nathan For You after reading your write-up. That show is hilarious.
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    Loving the videos...thanks so much Angela. Just listening to "Twice A Child" again on YouTube. Already has over 1300 views....sure hope this is Scotty's next single. Can't stop listening to it!!! What an amazing song...maybe his best ever!!
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    Alanis really do understand me til to this day
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    IN MEMORIAM Dexter Shameless (US) The Good Wife Chernobyl Dear White People Jessica Jones Daredevil The Killing
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    Bill was doing it from the Oval Office. Of course it was front page news! I’m not really surprised that you downplayed it. He’s been mentioned as a potential VP pick for Bernie. I’m assuming you voted for him too. As for Trump, if we had a police report and alleged body cam of a sex party with a naked male prostitute who OD’d on meth, that would have pretty big news (even before he ran for President), don’t you think?
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    There was going to be a crisis either way, because of people traveling to the countries affected the most, and returning home, in addition to people from those countries traveling here. The cruise ship is another example. Nothing could have prevented that. Trump’s biggest problem is his mouth. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about most of the time. He also has a tendency to contradict his own experts. The good news is, the people on the task force do know what they’re talking about. Ignore Trump, and listen to them. Implementing travel restrictions from China, back in January, was clearly the right call. Let’s not ignore the fact that Biden called the action “Xenophobic.“
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    Yeah, this season looks like a soul/R&B oriented season. If she had gotten a chair she would've been bussed and maybe even montaged tbh. I agree. She has a very interesting personality and speaks really fast . Definitely not the average Instagram singer. We'll see if she's crazy enough to become famous.
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    My condolences to Todd, his family, friends, and other who he’s touched. I’ll pray for him and reach out on Instagram or something later today.
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    Doing the Lord's work during these uncertain times Thank you DeAnna and medical professionals for your dedication.
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    Todd Michael Hall‘s brother, Jon, sadly passed away at the age of 54 this past week. Jon played bass in bands with Todd for years and years. Really really sad. Best wishes to Todd and his family. I’ve already expressed my condolences directly to him, and I know he appreciates everyone’s well wishes.
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