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    The clear right choice
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    I thought Victoria was gonna be so happy to have a round off and she does a writeup anyway
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    1. EBONY. Ebony. ebony. E. B. O. N. Y. Eh-bow-neeeeeee [vast chasm of space] 2. Jenah 3. Heather 4. Lisa 5. Sarah 6. Kimberly - what a nice surprise to have this photo that kind of fits the shoot instead of Tootie Carparts 7. Ambreal - a little sleepy 8. Victoria 9. Janet 10. Bianca - gurl no [vast chasm of space] 11. Chantal - a SHOCKINGLY bad photo. It hurts to look at. Takes your breath away. Who did she offend that this is the photo they chose for her. #11 is too good a spot. The fact that Chantal and Saleisha were not IMMEDIATELY disqualified after this photoshoot, and instead made the TOP 2 of the cycle??????????????????????????????????????????
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    LOL kidding but had to post this gif. I'm good with this salvage pass choice though.
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    Episode 2 is still the weakest one for me but this is right behind it. I did however like Kat, Sofia, Olivia and Ren.
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    We can start nominating shows not in the rankdown... like Seinfeld.
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    True Detective S1 is AMAZING and I would've fought harder for it if we just had the first season. S2 and S3 were disappointing though.
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    Wow she killed that Tori song, impressive.
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    This guy stands no chance in Hollywood
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    MINDHUNTER This is a show I really like and I want to write a good write up for this but I'm so exhausted but I will still try my best. This show is an American crime thriller television series and is based on a true-crime book, "Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit" written by John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker. The show stars Special Agent Holden Ford, who is played by the gorgeous and very talented Jonathan Groff, who works for the FBI. He responds to cases and teaches the new agents the ins and outs of law enforcement but not everyone was welcoming of his ideas of psychology. He works with another Special agent named Bill Tench and a psychologist named Wendy Carr played by the amazing Anna Torv. Ford, however, has a burning interest in what makes a criminal, especially a murderer, tick. There is also a student named Debbie who forms a relationship with Ford. Ugh this is a good show but I'm really tired now. I'll just edit this later and hope that this is at least 100 words. SAVING: AMERICAN HORROR STORY: MURDER HOUSE
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    Glad that Angelina survives
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    I copied it from somewhere, but I don't know where.
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    Elimination #2 12 models stand before me, but I have just 11 photos in my hands. The first name I'm going to call this week is... Jenah! It was an incredibly close race between you and the other top two finisher this week. The last voter tied you two up... and the tiebreaker went in your favor (7 out of 12 preferred your picture). This shot is absolutely stunning and shows that simplicity can often be more striking than a dramatic pose. Congratulations! Your score this week was 28. Also safe are... Heather - 28 Victoria - 57 Lisa - 61 Chantal - 62 Janet - 63 Sarah - 94 Ambreal - 95 Ebony - 101 Bianca - 112 Will Kimberly and Saleisha please step forward? Only one of you will make it through. Kimberly, when the votes were being tallied, you were safe, but just like the last voter gave Jenah FCO, they also knocked you into the bottom two. You're clearly a beautiful girl, but your pictures have been underwhelming and haven't convinced us of any real model potential. Saleisha, we look at you and see decent commercial potential, but just like Kimberly, your pictures haven't impressed us. You took a risk this week, but it didn't pay off. Nonetheless, we like that you're taking risks at this stage. Based on overall scores, only one of you can continue on. And that person is... Congratulations, Kimberly. Despite a couple of efforts to save Saleisha, your overall score only just edged hers out. Moving forward, we need to see you take risks in your pictures, because this shot is boring. Saleisha, this means you are out. Like I said, I'm sure you could find success on some level in commercial modeling, but your picture this week proved to us that editorial is out of the question for you, and the winner of this competition needs to be able to succeed in all areas of modeling. We had a feeling you weren't going to be capable of that, so your journey ends here. Best of luck to you. ~Eliminated Model's Portfolio~
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    I have to decide who is who. I love and hate them so much at the same time.
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    This should be my new avatar. I am in so much trouble with these two.
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    Thank you lol yes... it sounds exactly like him. I am going to go cry now.
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    @*Chris I need clues asap, but yes it sounds just like him and I cannot breathe. He also loves to fly, so that explains the astronaut costume.
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    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT THE HECK Is this season for real?
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    @*Lily I don't appreciate you nominating three of the people that were on my list of 14 because now I have to find alternates.
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    It''s kind of what Anton deserves at this point, since his run with Emma Barton was quite inconsistent. Sure he produced some nice dances for her, but they should have been stronger. Agreed that there are plenty of male pros that are patient and can handler an older woman/duffer type. Ooh yeah I don't mind pros lasting any amount of time - as long as they bring out the best in their celebs and provided good choreography/content. It's when the pros lack their passion or creativity that they would used to have, is when they should go. Samee at all of this regarding Kevin's exit. Usually pros end their runs on a win or after a really strong partnership. So not sure why Kevin left at tis point, but guessing he's very busy with his musical theatre career. Really curious about the Pros line-up. Makes sense to have a new male Pro in there to replace Kevin. Ooh and that would be a nice inclusion to have Oti's husband in there.
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    Elliott saving Heather over Brandy?!
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    Debra Clark@DrDeb17·2h Only 26, @ScottyMcCreery has already collected A LOT of gold & platinum: ALBUMS #ClearAsDay/P #ChristmasWithScottyMcCreery/G #SeasonsChange/G SINGLES #ILoveYouThisBig/P #TheTroubleWithGirls/P #SeeYouTonight/P #FeelinIt/G #FiveMoreMinutes/2xP #ThisIsIt/P [#InBetween is T20]
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    Yeah I would have rather he retire after that win and go out on a good note.
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    The! Internationals! Still! Exist!
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    Kenan & Kel Ugh it absolutely PAINS me to cut Kenan & Kel, but as the saying goes if you really love something…. you got to let it go, so that is what I am doing with Kenan & Kel. :’( This is a show I fought and protected safety for sooo long and throughout the portion of the game, which I know a lot of your rankers KNOW that I have. So I thank you all for not cutting it - although it doesn’t make it easy for me to do so. There’s that and a number of other reasons I am making this cut. I also don’t want to cut one of the shows Denise really loves - although I am doing so Kenan & Kel with cutting right now. So ugh. But yeah I love this show too. Also between the two, I think SNL would have better longevity being targeted and nominated less than Kenan & Kel, and I think SNL has a better chance of going further over Kenan & Kel. Then you could also make the argument of how Kenan & Kel wasn’t around much in the 2000s and is predominately more of a 90s show. So that all factors into my decision. Kenan & Kel is an American teen sitcom that was created by Kim Bass. aired for four seasons with episodes on Nickeloden from August 17 1996 through July 15, 2000. The show stars Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell as its leads of course. And I am sure some people knows this, and if you didn’t, I have been a huge fan of Kenan and Kel, since all the way back from their days on All That. I love them and find them absolutely hilarious - and they are likable good guys and always managed to put a smile on my face and would always have me crack up. So I thought it was genius for whoever decided to let them have their spin off show. Kenan & Kel is was such a huge childhood favorite of mine that I absolutely loved, and if i’m able to watch reruns of it, of course i would tune in and watch and still find it hilarious - 20+ years later. I need to post about their iconic song, which you can watch right here. LOL Coolio raps on the song, and lmao just from that you can tell this is pure 90s greatness. ‘90s music and hip-hop is where it’s at, y’all. But yeah this song was THE JAM and I will not hear anything else. AH HERE IT GOES. Gets me soo pumped! So Kenan & Kel is set in Chicago Illinois. The show tells the story of two best friends, Kenan Rockmore and Kel Kimble, who always finds themselves getting into a lot of mischief and misadventures and doing a lot of crazy outrageous things - which makes us all crack up with their ridiculousness. Kenan is usually the plot schemer type who always devises some over the top crazy plan for him and Kel to do and Kel, has no choice but to go along with what Kenan wants to do. Even though it often gets Kel is most danger. But Kel plays the happy-go-lucky fun guy. And let’s not also forget Kel’s love for orange soda. I COULD NOT do this write-up without mentioning Kel’s love for orange soda. WHO LOVES ORANGE SODA? KEL LOVES ORANGE SODA. IS IT TRRUUEEE? I DO I DO I DOO-OOOOOOH! Let’s do it in gif form! And I also absolutely LOVE orange soda and that’s my favorite kind of soda, sooo I don’t know if Kel influenced me on loving orange soda or what. I will say that he did. Kenan’s family also plays a big prominent part o the show - there’s Roger (Kenan’s father, played by Ken Foree), Sheryl (Kenan’s mother, played by Teal Marchande) and Kyra (Kenan’s younger sister). Roger plays the short fused father that gets easily mad while Sheryl plays the loving wife that tries to calm him down and is the much more level headed one of the two. Then yeah there’s little Kyra who has the biggest crush on Kel, even though Kel is oblivious to it all. He has his eyes on another woman….. his orange soda. Then there is also Chris Potter (played by Dan Frischman), who Kenan’s boss who is also hilarious. Chris is the dorky boss, who tries his hardest to be cool and hip and of course fails at it. I’ll prove a few examples. And I am glad Kenan and Kel are doing really well in their careers. Kenan Thompson, having been on Saturday Night Live for 16 seasons and becoming the longest running SNL cast member ever. Kenan is also a judge on Bring the Funny and has a new comedy show, The Kenan Show, coming out on NBC this year which I will surely be watching. Kel Mitchell has been producing the new reboot of All That, alongside having playing some of his iconic characters on there. He also starred on Game Shakers from 2015-2019. And as many of us know, he killed it on the latest season of Dancing with the Stars, placing as the runner-up. So I am happy both guys are doing well and keeping busy, after all of these years. I feel like I’ve grown up with them and feel like their younger brother….. oh how I wish that was true. Ultimately, yeahhh maybe Kenan & Kel. isn’t a show that deserves to make it much further in this game or maybe shouldn’t have made it this far in the game, but Rankdowns are not meant to be objective. It’s all about getting your favorites to go as far as possible. I absolutely LOVE this show and I do believe this is a Top 20/25 favorite of mine. I’m not exactly true but it was a show I did request and ask safety for many times. I hope you all enjoyed this write-up as it was fun to produce. Saving: Saturday Night Live
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    For those who don't want to see REDACTED in Jaida's winning lip sync, I did a thing.
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    01. Angelina Keeley 02. Michele Fitzgerald 03. Cydney Gillon 04. Hali Ford 05. Natalie Anderson 06. Jeremy Collins 07. Denise Stapley 08. Kim Spradlin 09. Andrea Boehlke 10. Helen Kim 11. Kandi Burruss 12. Nicole Anthony
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    TINASHE Tinashe was a competitor in the 27th season of Dancing With the Stars and was an early frontrunner. Initially partnered with Brandon Armstrong in his debut season, the pair excelled in the competition every week in their journey to the finale. The first week saw Tinash-slay & Brandon dance a jive to M*ghan Train*r that scored a 23, tying for the highest of the night alongside some dude named DeMarcus. WHOMST? Week 2's NYC night saw Tinash-slay & Brandon receive a 26 for their Tango to New Dorp, New York, which was enough to tie them at first alongside Kings Milo & Juan Pablo. The second evening, LA Night, saw Tinash-slay & Brandon score another 26 for their Cha-Cha-Cha to Circus by The Holy Spearit. She once again tied Juan Pablo & Milo. Funny how the top three of the season tied each other both nights this early in the season, but it was setting up the true fight to the finish this season would have. For the third week, Tinash-slay earned all 9s with her Rumba to her own song 2 On, which can be streamed on Spotify here. Though she tied Milo & Evanna, her other finale mate, it was Juan Pablo who took top honours this week for an incredible Samba. Ugh, what a legendary Top 4. Tinashe was also put in jeopardy for some bogus reasoning this evening, but it's fine since it clearly motivated her fanbase to vote for her. Week 4 was trio week, which gave us the iconic I'm Too Sexy routine. But this is a write-up on Tinash-slay, and though her and Brandon were stuck with Amy Purdy (WHOMST?), she still earned a solid 26 for her Tango to Pat Benatar. Disney week was on board, and this was a magical week for Tinash-slay & Brandon. The two of them danced a stunning contemporary routine to When She Loved Me and it brought the tears out in all of us. Though there was no elimination this week for whatever reason, it still goes without saying that Tinash-slay earned a perfect 30 for this week and cemented her status as the frontrunner. Halloween night followed, and Tinash-slay & Brandon continued their slayage with a paso doble to Little Mix's Black Magic. Another 30 followed, making her the first contestant to earn two perfect scores this season. Queen. Everyone's favourite theme, Country Night, followed. It's weird how B*bby B*nes was eliminated just before Country Night, but what can you do, amirite? Anyway, Tinash-slay & Brandon came out with a powerful routine to Dixie Chicks' Not Ready to Make Nice, earning them... you guessed it, another 30, and giving them their third consecutive one of the season. After a double elimination, Tinash-slay & Brandon obviously advanced to the Top 6 alongside Milo, Evanna, Juan Pablo, Alexis and Joe. Two more perfect 30s followed, tying her with Juan Pablo at the top of the leaderboard with a 60/60, and she easily advanced to the final four with Milo, Evanna and Juan Pablo. In the finale, Tinash-slay & Brandon chose to reprise her rumba to 2 On because she wants the streaming money. The judges awarded her a 30 for this routine, and then it was time for her freestyle. Her & Brandon did a hip-hop style freestyle to her song Throw a Fit (also on Spotify), earning herself a standing ovation. Though Carrie Ann and Bruno awarded her 10s, Len went on about how he just didn't understand it for whatever reason and awarded her a 9. Funny. Nonetheless, with a score of 59/60, Tinash-slay found herself placing third behind Milo & Juan Pablo after an incredibly solid season-long run. SAVE: Heather Morris
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