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    you cut Zendaya with a Kardashian right there, we have beef already.
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    Scotty and In Between finally appeared in 3/6/2020 Mediabase Callout Research this morning. Very good scores for the first week. 2nd lowest negative score for Current songs with 8.3 (Jake Owen has 8.0). Also is one of the top Net Positive . Way to go Scotty. Also In Between has 1 add for next Monday on the Mediabase Add Board.
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    I love OTH too! Happy to see Dexter got saved though! I’ll be doing my cut and save a little later tonight. We’re having a little 1 month celebration for my little lady
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    finally and i mean finally, kellie is out lol.
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    One Tree Hill. I didn't have to put in as much work for this one, thanks to @*Diana constantly gifting it immunity. But it really is one of my all-time favorites. I don't really feel up to doing tributes, but it deserves better.
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    Everyone stream Nicholas Hoult’s new show The Great on Hulu in May, created by the writer of The Favourite!!!
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    Robert Herjavec being cut in DWTS and Shark Tank here. Bad day for him on this site lol
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    Save dexter cut Arrow
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    I think this show is on Central time.
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    THE VIXEN Wooh. I actually have nothing against The Vixen unlike most people. Like i got her shtick as soon as she walked in. She did say she came there to fight so she just gave us what we expected from her. Remember when she called out Aquaria and she was actually right that Aquaria created a narrative of an angry black woman scaring off the poor scared little white girl? Also her fights with Eureka where she was absolutely right too? People just hated that someone finally spoke up. Although The Vixen did come across as very unnecessary at a point then moving forward but I can't blame her. When you're a minority and has experience oppression, you can come @ me because then you would know how it feels like to have so much anger inside you explode at those privileged people. Her performance on the show though was not good but not bad either. She won a challenge which was the Rusical and then she got eliminated at the other Rusical. DYING. The Vixen also served some good looks like the Denim one, the Peacock one, the black and white one, and the glitter one. The Denim one is probably my favourite from hers. SAVING: THE OTHER TYRA
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    Shocked and sad at this. She seemed one of the queens who had their sh*t together and I had high expectations for her.
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    Does this even need to be asked?
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    I was rooting for Naomi on AS4 and after she cut Manila I was like "IT DO TAKE NERVE" but then she kind of bombed the Sex & the Kitty Gurl challenge and I was super disappointed because that was her chance to build momentum and it fizzled. Then I decided to root for Monet to win and then she came out in the pink cow monstrosity that was supposed to be a panther so I cancelled her too and was just grumpy for the rest of the season.
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    I’ve tried to block out that Latrice/Trinity lip sync and it’s just come flooding back
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    how fitting that the gif Elliott posted is my reaction to any Trinity lip sync.
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    You evil people putting Naomi in fifth. I’d have her in the top two.
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    I finally went on the ride, so I’m going offline again. Sorry if I can’t update the front page again today.
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    She also sucked every other week of AS4 except for Jersey Justice and Snatch Game.
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    This is why Chad, Blu and Monique should've returned, smh.
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    We got robbed of a Cirie and Candice duo in HvV.
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    For as much as Candice has been on Survivor, I am really surprised she hasn't ever gotten a higher placement than 8th.
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    Robert Herjavec (Season 20) Robert has lasted way too long in this game. Too long. Far too long. Was Robert better than one would expect? Sure. Is Robert good enough to warrant this high of a ranking? No. Not even close. Robert Herjavec is a Canadian businessman and investor that hails from Croatia. Most notably, Herjavec is known for his role as an investor on Shark Tank. Hence, he made an easy casting choice for Season 20 of DWTS. Robert found himself on a very weak season, which helped him immensely in my opinion. By being better than most of the competitors on his season, Robert seems on the surface a very good contestant. However, he was up against Chris Soules, Noah Galloway, Redfoo, Michael Sam, Suzanne Somers, etc. Robert partnered with Kym Johnson for the season, and the two formed a partnership that was definitely full of chemistry. This chemistry would lead them to an eventual marriage and two children! Very cool. The two of them seem to be a wonderful partnership, and that love seemed evident even in their time together on the show. That did add a special touch to their dances, but none of these dances were outstanding. Robert danced the following routines during his time on the show: Cha-Cha, Foxtrot, Rumba, Waltz, Quickstep, Jive, Team YOLO Freestyle, Argentine Tango, Cha-Cha Dance Off, Contemporary, and Samba. Robert fell at the bottom of the leaderboard for four consecutive weeks, though I will say that Chris and Noah were being way overscored. Robert never scored higher than a 34, and his lowest score of the competition is a 24. His final average for the season is a 30.3 out of 40. Robert is an average contestant with a beautiful story on the show, but that is not enough to keep him around any longer. THIS ELIMINATION IS WAY OVERDUE. SAVING: Lil' Kim
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    I might need to wait for the front page to be updated. I would absolutely accidentally nominate a show that's been cut the last couple rounds.
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    They haven't released a statement yet. I'd wager we'll probably get something tonight when the episode airs, whether a press released timed with it, or a disclaimer before the show starts. Vh1 and WOW probably have to go through several PR teams before they can release anything. Wonder how they'll edit the rest of the season. If they can edit Shuga out of S11 for no good reason, they can edit Sherry out of S12.
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    Agree. She's unique in a lot of ways, and not only for The Voice standards, I'd say she's unique for the music industry in general. Imo, she just needs to figure out her charm as a public person plus a little bit of exposure. From the little I've seen, she's the kind of person who makes everything sound interesting and amusing. So, that's a promising start.
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    Mike Jerel was leaked, sang It’s a Man’s World, 4 chairs. So much for Mandi Castillo lol
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    I appreciate the statement from Arisa and the houseguests. I hope Nico did what was best for his mental health and is in a good state of mind!
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    Katy is pregnant and released a new song!!!
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    Alejandro is the only Idol from the reboot that is making any real money. He had SOLD-OUT summer and fall tours and was booked to tour overseas. His Lollapalooza performance was mentioned by the Grammys. Stevie Nicks is a big fan.
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    Ola and James’ daughter arrived today!
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    Eureka (S10) In light of recent events, Eureka is by no means the most problematic queen from this show, but she’s still problematic and I do not like her. The Vixen was definitely a s**t-stirrer and a villain on Season 10, but who can blame her having to spend all season around Eureka. She annoyed me on Season 9 with her attitude and her eating disorder joke, even after she apologised I did not care to see her back. I can justify one of her wins but the Bossy Rossy was IMO unjustified. She was a good lip syncer I guess but next to Kameron should have gone home. She should have then been automatically disqualified in the makeover challenge for being paired with Frankie Grande and using the same outfit she had already used a few weeks back. I was very much team Aquaria/Asia for season 10 so obviously was disappointed when Asia had her butterfly mishap, and then Eureka was able to get a double shantay to make top 3. I liked her Honey Boo Boo snatch game though so there’s that I guess. Otherwise I’m not a fan and she can go again. Saving Alyssa Edwards
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