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    Secret nominations will be posted in one hour! I’m still waiting on four rankers too, but noms will be posted regardless.
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    Yeah sad Da'Vonne left right after coming back . At least she got a higher placement!
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    Of course. And of course we lose an actual icon in Da’Vonne instead. LOL.
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    I am about 45 sec away from the venue...at my hotel. Will try to get some decent photos and vids...from my fourth row seat.
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    He did Your Man as his encore. Didn’t get a vid or picture of that. Standing O brought him out for that encore. Scotty announced that it was sold out...and it sure looked it. When I was leaving the folks waiting close to the stage for him to sign things were about 5 deep across the theater. More tomorrow...but he does love this venue.
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    I remembered IDF crashed to prevent Brant from being cut. I couldn't tell you who else was involved though.
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    I would love and appreicate a Danny save.
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    Is tomorrow night a good time for random nominations to be posted for everyone?
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    I'm a fan of both, but would rather Kenan & Kel stay in the game. Thank you.
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    Save Friends Cut The League ??
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    Okay, sorry to the two rankers who missed the cut, but I'm putting together the list now. Stay tuned!
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    I finished them all! can't wait for next week! Giannina is a queen and I need all of her gifs to start appearing!
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    Victoria - Add a photo for Case Closed, Joe Millionaire, American Dad, and The IT Crowd. The IT Crowd write-up needs to be updated to 100 words, too. QK - Add a photo for The Young & The Restless. Tom - Add a photo for Deal Or No Deal and Beat Shazam. Elliott - Add a photo for Catfish: The TV Show. And thanks to Alex for posting the same reminders in his rankdowns since it made me remember there are write-ups here that need updating too.
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    Not sure if my input helps, but hoping for Taj save.
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    Cut Kathryn Dunn Save Blake & Paige
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    Also, @Elliott Jiggly needs a strike-thru on the first page.
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    FYI: Only 13 seats in the upper balcony still available -- will def sell by concert time. SOLD OUT babeee!
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    Oooh wow that is a very interesting and intriguing format there. Thanks for explaining this. Very different but i do really like that.
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    LOL I remember thinking the same thing when I watched that dance for the first time too.
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    Would I be correct in assuming that Elliott, who cared so much about sync issues with Ally Brooke, voted for Rachel to win over Kelly's messy Freestyle?
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    YES I only saw Rob's name and closed the page
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    Just in case there’s still any doubt about whether Voice winners can reject the Republic deal. They should all turn it down. ____ “I‘m proud to be a female country singer and am proud of the music the women in this format continue to create,” says Shepherd, who turned down the record deal that accompanied her Voice win so she could make a traditional country album more true to her vision. “Country is who I am. Fans are voting on TV, with the tickets they buy and by keeping records by women on their playlists. We just need radio to be more like their listeners, our fans, and show action.” https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-country/women-country-radio-airplay-crs-2020-956607/
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    @ChronOfGnarnia don't forget Sarah! as much as we might want to
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    She was nominated but didn't win. Of course Billie Eillish had to win again Not her best but still good!
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    Forget all the garbage in Bloomberg's closet. Trump would turn it into a single-issue election on Big Gulps and win handsomely based on that. Seriously.
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    I do love Kelly but...I forgot how unjustified that 30 was for her Freestyle.
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    Lizzo covering Harry! I loved that they both covered each other's songs!
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    still can't believe these people saw him for only $25!!!!
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    How has no one saved Boy Meets World yet?
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    @aliasocfan How didn't we add Raw and Smackdown?
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    It was not a fun round
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    I need prayers. the bad news keeps hitting my family and I have to go to see my heart specialist asap Monday. Please be kind if I am not as active as normal.
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