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    Lots of good, but forgettable singers tonight. Nick, Arthur, and Louis are the only ones who have done something for me tonight.
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    So you’re admitting to being a troll basically?
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    Kim Fields going from being the sweetest woman in Week 1 to being the delusional contestant who was disgusted at getting anything under a 9 and then being shocked at her elimination because apparently she was convinced she’d be in the final...an iconic arc really.
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    Must be nice to do the bare minimum for a write-up with the majority of it not being about the show... And that woman's voice annoying? It's her trademark. And you will never reach her level of iconic
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    Uh, no. He made the save because you’d already made a new cut. Stop deflecting.
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    In my non troll decision though I'm saving The Great British Baking Show
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    Yeah too bad they’re not straight blonde girls or else they’d make a real threat for top 20 of this whole game .
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    I don't mind 2 shows a week when it's the live shows portion, but with auditions it is really draining.
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    Louis: There’s something special about him - no words to describe his audition when it’s so personal like that. Looking forward to hearing more from him!
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    "You Say" is the new most used song on singing shows now! Good for Lauren Daigle!
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    I’m always going to go for the British guy. Good luck to Louis
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    There's ways to compliment your wife without comparing or dissing others. He could have just said "I'm proud of my wife & all she's accomplished." He didn't need to say she will be bigger than Carrie, the biggest success from their season, etc. Everyone involved in this was wrong at some point. Cade could have praised his wife without comparing others. Also, he could have apologized after it started to gain some negative attention. Maddie was too quick to jump to post her thoughts. Same with the others that chimed in. They didn't need to post all this on social media. Gabby's dad also needs to stop talking & not get as involved in everything with his daughter. This isn't that big of a deal because it's just between Idol contestants. But he can't keep saying negative things about people especially if she continues to be successful. This isn't the first time either. What happens if he disses other country artists, industry people, etc.? It doesn't seem like he'll stop either unless someone tells him to. Gabby isn't really saying anything, but I think she does at some point have to stop her father from posting all this stuff before a bigger issue or story happens in the future.
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    That was before you confessed to messing with others. Now, I mess with you.
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    It was Laine Hardy Day. It’s been re-named. Keep up.
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    Back to #22 ... 23 21 BLAKE SHELTON Nobody But You w/Gwe... 2811 2542 269 16.002 22 22 SCOTTY MCCREERY In Between 2869 2868 1 14.773 28 23 LUKE COMBS Does To Me f/Eric Ch... 2502 1700 802 15.721 24 24 ERIC CHURCH Monsters 2552 2536 16 11.941 25 25 MICHAEL RAY Her World Or Mine 2074 2056 18 11.182 26 26 FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE Blessings 2147 2123 24 9.944 27 27 LOCASH One Big Country Song 2044 2080 -36 10.628 29 28 CAYLEE HAMMACK Family Tree 1850 1915 -65 7.641 32 29 CARRIE UNDERWOOD Drinking Alone 1577 1447 130 6.777 30 30 CHASE RICE Lonely If You Are 1353 1331 22 6.980
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    Ooof. Hey try being a real fan of Alejandro on this board. Then tell me what it's like to be critical or have hatred for an alumni you do not like... Wondering WHY Laine hasn't had a new single out does not make one a hater, but keep believing that! In other news this thread needs saving so...
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    I was just about to post that I was able to continue.
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    I literally said my ranking lol. And no, my ranking is not fake. I personally really like Evelyn, even if you think she is very screechy and pitchy. She has a very unique tone and contralto register that was very beautiful. And no, I don't just "hate talented teenage guy contestants"...lol.
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    Yeah, it was cool to hear her music in a store
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    When I got bored and randomly dragged Kim's Jungle Book Quickstep to the end of one of those +/- games for no reason in particular to everyone's ire . One of my prouder moments on this site.
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    Ugh i missed the drama. damn my work!
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    Happy to see this one survive!
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    Thank you. I thought the cut was legit. I should have cut the other show but the move still would have been cemented. I do apologize for my involvement in it, as I didn't want W&G (or FF) to go, although one was going to. >.<
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    Oh I knew there was a reason no one liked him.
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    Lol stop blaming others for things you do. You cut Will & Grace initially even if it was a troll move.
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    QK tried to cut Queer as Folk and then cut Will & Grace.
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    Me waiting for @*Chris to post his second write-up so I can save Will & Grace.
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    His tour sold out most of the dates, and he's waiting for Hollywood Records to release his single He's already been performing it
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    Happy Premier Day Luvs!!! Cant wait to see what this season has in store for us
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    Was very hard to get anything to post during the show, but it was anything but dead in the theatre.The crowd loved Scotty and he in turn rewarded us with one fantastic show. Those going to the Ryman next month Scotty said he may tease us with some new music. . Scotty also said he and crew watched 2 or 3 parades today and went to one of our famous seafood restaurants on the Bay. Was fun to see so many MCCreerians from around the region there tonight....Regina Espy, Theresa Crabtree, TenorTrish, Mike Gibbs. I have posted some photos now on Facebook, and Instagram.
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    hahahaha this made my night, thank you
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    Can't believe that @Deeee and @Elliott didn't tell me that Yorelis was marrying a woman. I can't believe on the same day I learn that I have to stan both Yorelis and Mariah. asdfjaklsdfasdfahso;idfjlkanjbhlfdsuiojlkmsdnjladfh;ijlksjlasfdjidkljlgafh;oijdklanfjb;ahgiosfjpdk;lnjkb;uhfoisgdfjal; None will compare to Tony Award nominee and about to appear in three major movie musicals lesbian Ariana. JK. There is room in my heart for all. Even if Mariah's instagram post made me glad that I'm no longer 19.
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    With the Dunk Contest wrapped up, here is my annual Scorecard: First Round: 1st Dunk: Dwight Howard: Statue of Liberty. Solid dunk with some difficulty, but he missed the first attempt. 7.5/38 Derrick Jones: Love the setup (“Happy Birthday to You”), but again, he missed the first attempt. If you want to be generous, I’d give it an 8.5, but as it is… 8/40 Pat Connaughton: Jumps over Yelich, takes the ball from him, and sends it in. Gotta give him credit for getting it on the first try. 10/50 Aaron Gordon: Under-the-legs crossover, and then the reverse jam. Very difficult dunk, but he missed his first attempt. 9/45 2nd Dunk: Dwight Howard: Took his jersey off to become Superman, honors Kobe with the #24 and the snakeskin ball, receives the ball and then jams it in the first time. Love the theatrics, but it’s a bit too easy 9.5/48 Pat Connaughton: The same thing as his first dunk, but with Giannis. Credit for difficulty due to height. Missed his first two attempts though. 9/44 Derrick Jones: 360, under-the-legs, one-handed jam. Made it on the first try. Job well done. If I could bring out an “11” paddle, I could. 10/50 Aaron Gordon: Jumped over Chance the Rapper, snatched the ball from him, did a pump axe-handle slam – all on the first try. That should be an “11” dunk. 10/50 Finals: 1st Dunk: Derrick Jones: Not only did he jump over TWO people, he put the ball under the legs before slamming it through the hoop – all on the first try. Well done. 10/50 Aaron Gordon: The tik-tok girls did nothing for me. This was a repeat of his first-round dunk, but from the top of the three-point line in front of the basket. 9.5/47 2nd Dunk: Derrick Jones: Varied his dunk by having the person he was jumping over bounce it off the backboard to him – and the ball was way out behind his legs. Degree of difficulty was a 5+ CAN WE GET A “15” PADDLE IN HERE?!?!? 10/50 Aaron Gordon: Pretty much ended any chance of winning the Dunk Contest by missing his first attempt – which is a shame, because he caught the pass one-handed and slammed it home all in one motion. 9.5/49. Dunk-off, Round One: Derrick Jones: Took the pass off the backboard, before going under-the-legs and threading it in. Of course he made it on the first try. 10/50 Aaron Gordon: This was the same dunk as his two others that took off from the three-point line, but from a different angle. 9/45. Dunk-off, Round Two: Derrick Jones: Attempted to recreate the Jordan Dunk – but it was just a bit in front of the free-throw line. 9.5/47 Aaron Gordon: A two-hand dunk over the seven-foot tall Tacko Fall. *In Alessia voice* Okay, okay, okay… 9.5/47 ---------- The Final round was close, but a missed attempt by Gordon and more difficult dunks by Jones were the difference. Derrick Jones it is.
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    Maybe it's one of those "dead zones".
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    Also of course RIP Ken & Gerard. Probably my favorite male team ever...? Definitely my favorite male team to only race once. God what an ugly round this is we need to move off this round quickly and burn it from my skull. (And the other tribe nominations had pretty much only east cuts can't keep thinking about it............)
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    The only one going out of order is you... repeatedly. If you keep it up, I'll take Sunday from Laine and give it to Bobby Bones, instead. You wouldn't want to be responsible for that, would you?
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    Awesome! I heard it months ago in a local grocery store!
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