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    The only one going out of order is you... repeatedly. If you keep it up, I'll take Sunday from Laine and give it to Bobby Bones, instead. You wouldn't want to be responsible for that, would you?
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    @ your crossed out text. Haven't seen this but gotta watch this soon. You could have saved a much better Sailor over Mischa. Tell it, Lily. Mary is a LEGEND but she really needs to go now.
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    Wow I’ve been watching AJ and the Queen and I’m joining @Elliott in the Tia Carrere fandom.
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    Yes! The cycle information was literally at the top of this page! All you had to do is scroll up.
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    For the record, 10/13 weeks of this season will be pre-taped. That's about 77% of the entire season. So yeah, over 3/4ths of this entire season has already been recorded.
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    Mary Wilson outlasting another S28 contestant (even if it's Sailor) (even if Mary is 100% going in this round anyway)
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    And the easiest cut being quickly saved.
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    You saved Mischa, literally trhe worst dancere of them all..... so you can't judge. You could have saved them over Mischa. And side eyeing you for cutting Vanessa like that after saving Nick multiple times.
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    @Alex95. Helen Glover is still under Thailand as in
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    While you're here to shade Lily's cut/save, how about you make your own?
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    Your comments on the French version being "the shameless plagiarists." Lol I saw some dances therer and how they rip off other shows versions, which is really odd to me. But ok as long as the dances are uploaded, I can try to follow.
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    I can't really imagine a past contestant being a harsh judge..... and Laura doesn't have the proper ballroom experience as Camila and Julz, but we'll seee. Anywho I usually follow this series through wiki, but haven't properly watched. Hoping the new NZ season starts after Ireland's finishes because it will be really hard watching so many seasons at once. And I would actually like to watch this.
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    LOL this is what you get for being so anti-male.
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    just give each of the coach a talk show, damn
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    @*Wallace (I have yet to watch the show, but I did see on Twitter that Olivia Newton-John was in the audience and there was a really sweet moment between her & Chloe after Chloe danced. )
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    And some of y''all were rushing me. SMH.
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    As someone who’s actually seen it... it’s just... bad. it’s really cringey and I just don’t find it funny at all. I gave it one episode and that was it
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    Genuinely wanna sit down with people who enthusiastically watch that Ellen garbage. Just wanna talk...
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    saving money/schedules whatever is they need to go back too 1 a year
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    enough with the live actions FFS Disney needs to be stopped
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    I missed this in December, but apparently the first single? It sounds so good!
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    Jeremiah was a shock elimination and deserves to be farther. Laci was boring and I didn't care for her. Madison was very good, but missing something. She had no star quality or anything that made her "special" like Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson had for example. Evelyn was one of the worst, and will never understand how she made it. Logan Johnson is still robbed (Sorry had to say it again for the people in the back )
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    Wow... so it's basically gonna be impossible to get invested in anyone over the course of the season, because by the time the taped portions are done the entire season will be nearly over!
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    Yeah this format is really lame.
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    https://parade.com/991899/paulettecohn/the-voice-season-18/ So the first of only 3 weeks of lives is essencially the playoffs. Morrissey said it. She the executive producer, the showrunner. So there you have it. Direcly from the Playoffs to the semi-finals
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    Yeah I kinda agree. Having a much tougher time getting excited about this season. Probably more to do with the format rather than the talent tho.
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    Same, the cast seems very talented and I have a couple of favorites left, but not stan-worthy people for me so far (mainly due to genre). Hope to change my mind later .
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    Considering Witney's one of the most photogenic pros and looks off in that photo, I think it's just terrible lighting.
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    Totally expected to see a picture of her wearing a MAGA hat or something based on that comment lmao.
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    thanks @*Lily for letting me cut/save!
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