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    Recent IG post. Also if it already hasn't been posted: Beauty at its finest.
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    Thanks everyone! with all the adrenaline kicking, I couldn’t sleep Hope to rejoin you all soonish!
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    So @Steven_ if someone wants to take my cut/save this round it’s totally ok with me (or see about an alternate) I think I told you in the application I was pregnant (Not supposed to be due til March, but surprise!) and I actually gave birth today Hopefully I’ll be back this weekend! As of now, we are all recovering nicely!
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    I agree with this. I think she was moderately interesting to watch. Mostly because Level 6 was boring, and trainwreck Kaitlyn was gone by then. I just find her overrated.
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    I agree with that writeup. I of course like Haleigh. I think every single BB fan likes Haleigh no matter what side of the house you rooted for. But a top 100 CBS character? I don't think so.
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    Cara Maria flopping in her first season? You hate to see that
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    Robert was great though and didn't deserved to leave against the likes of Sydney, Taylor and Lex tbh
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    Robert Green I didn't realize people liked him enough for him to still be here but I guess so this is a problem I will solve by cutting him now. Although it's not going to help my reputation by cutting yet another hip hop dancer but he wasn't a good contestant so this cut is justified. Like I said he's from season 14. He placed in the top ten along with Sydney which tells me all I need to know about the voters that season. Welp I guess the judges then He wasn't great nothing he did was memorable so I am going to cut him right now and save us the torture of more folder being around Saving: Emily James again
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    Sarah's game is spectacular, but come on. It's Cirie Fields. Robbed so close to the end so many times before and an actual legend going into the game unlike Sarah. Her winning GC would've been perfect for her legacy.
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    just so you can see how amazing is she @*Wallace also something to convince @*Diana
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    Kimora Blac is still in.
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    I know, I almost added you by default . As an elite member of Team Waffle, it is well known that your taste is impeccable Welcome! I love her originals too, definitely worth following post season career
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    Yes Sir I'm in. She was near the top of my list before last season. Really impressed with her originals...she's quite the writer.
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    I was just about to! But okay, maybe I'll pick and choose. But I'm reading it all.
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    This. The musical talent isn't there but he is soooo entertaining and having the time of his life, exactlyy like Gronk. Lol that would be wayyy too obvious. I WAS SO SHOCKED. I couldn't tell who Llama was at all. Wow well done to guessing Drew Carey. I don't thinkk many people got that.
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    This format meaning I will have to wait six episodes before getting Turtle back again....
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    Didn't see this posted yet:
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    Trump had a good night. He’ll get a nice bump from that
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    Trump and the GOP are about to hammer the Dems hard over this and they're absolutely justified in doing so. What an embarrassing display of incompetence from the Democratic party. The only positive of this is that I will most likely be pretty happy with the results as it seems (per some internally released counts by Mayor Pete and Bernie's campaign) that Bernie will most likely come away the winner in Iowa, but is it really a win if he is to come out ahead with this fiasco accompanying it? Hopefully the latest New Hampshire polls are accurate and he dominates that state and can gain momentum that way. Either way, this was an absolute trainwreck and everyone involved should be insanely embarrassed.
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    Disgraceful: - Pete declaring victory before any results are out. - Biden encouraging people to distrust the results when they come out. Trump is right to make fun of the Dems for this. The Iowa caucuses are an anti-democratic disgrace. There's no way this Mickey Mouse state should be going first at all.
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    Alejandro is the most overrated Idol ever. He is nothing special.
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    Didn't expect to see her go home yet......but not mad about it. I mean it's almost comical looking at her last two pictures in a row like that, she did the same thing! And with the car picture, floating picture, and kinda the baby picture...it's just absurd. Her next two pictures are stunning though so sucks for her we won't get to judge them
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    Sierra telling Sarah about the legacy advantage is responsible for the bottom 1 Survivor moment because then Sarah doesn’t have it, she leaves at 6, and Cirie wins.
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